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Spain for Ron Paul



"SPAIN FOR RON PAUL" ORIGINAL VIDEO (THEY SAY THEY HAVE TO BE OUR MEDIA, THAT DELIBERATELY IGNORES RON PAUL, and it gets even better, in subtitles of course, a full blown Ron Paul Rally in Spain. Greece and France maybe next !) Pass it on.

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Hola Amigos!!

I visit dailypaul almost every day. From south Spain, Granada! Love watching the revolution play out in the US. Keep it up. Ron Paul inspires the world and will change the entire world! Even if if TIME doesn't have him at the most influential person, he is quickly becoming the most influential person in the world.

Global Awakening

Liberty was forced to go viral on the net and therefore it has spread worldwide.

Great International News Story!

I don't recall the media reporting the story of how people in Spain are helping to spread Ron Paul's message on account of the media blackout in America. Heck, I think it would make a great international news story!

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