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Dear Michigan Patriots-An email from the Campaign

They're trying to draw you out...

Dear Michigan Patriots,

Earlier this evening, delegates and alternates to the state convention received a rather gruff e-mail from the state party, asserting the following:

"We have heard rumors of folks wanting to attend Convention for the purposes of disrupting the proceedings in both the District Caucuses & the General Session. While we welcome healthy and open debates among our delegates, we will not tolerate outbursts designed to create chaos and cause a disruption. Please carefully review the following language regarding access to the Convention..."

OK, before proceeding, let's notice that they're admitting to be acting upon rumors.

Care to guess where those "rumors" came from?

Actually, let's not proceed further in analysing the e-mail word-for-word.

It goes on to make ludicrous claims, that the state party may "refuse admission to, or eject, any credential holder without consideration who is deemed [by whom, unstated] to be disorderly."

In other words, anyone they want.

It's clear where they are going with this: they are attempting to deny duly elected delegates their seats at the convention, and will concoct any pretext possible to do so.

I cannot emphasize this more strongly: DO NOT REACT.

This is bait. They want to draw you out.

They WANT you to react.

They want you to take action that identifies you as a Ron Paul supporter.

Since obviously, anyone who wouldn't put up with this lunacy must be a Ron Paul supporter.

As I mentioned in the web conferences last night and the night before: they are scared to death of us.

Why? For being honest, sincere, serious conservatives?

No--because we're a threat to their pre-scripted program. Nothing more.

They want you to fit their stereotype. They want you to be outraged.

But if you REFUSE to fit their stereotype, their whole plan will backfire.

You know what? Most state delegates, outside of our group, are good people; good, honest conservatives.

They aren't necessarily Ron Paul supporters.

But they know when they're being pushed around.

Any self-respecting human being will gasp in horror at the message the state party just sent out.

Once again, they've unwittingly driven people toward our cause.

But it's critical that we DO NOT PLAY INTO THEIR GAME.

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All is as it should be.

Time to wash the dirty laundry?

Why did the State leadership time Michigan's presidential primaries so that 50% of the State's national delegates are disqualified by the RNC. This happened in 2008 and this year.

Why do State rules call for the election of precinct delegates yet presumes to bind delegates to County or District or State wide results. Why is the voice of those I was elected to represent ignored?

Why is the State and eventually the taxpayers funding an out-of-cycle Presidential primary election instead of Michigan's Traditional summer primary and Convention schedule. The dual primary/convention schedule also increases costs to delegates for travel and board. Why is the State Party leadership promoting bigger government even in this small way?

Is the State leadership breaking the RNC rules by spending State GOP funds on one candidate among many?

Any others in Michigan have these questions?

Free includes debt-free!



Keep it up MIGOP

First Saul calls and now this...they are shooting them-selves in the foot.

First they ignored us, then they laughed at us, now they are fighting us...what comes next? Hmmm...

"Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters." Benjamin Franklin

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Oh that's for the Romney folk

They are known to cause chaos and disruption.

Just do your work and get 'er done :-)

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

Big bump

Posting on Twitter.

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sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

This is sooooo true! We will beat them at their own game!

They are doing this because they are scared. They are doing this because they realize that their voting fraud wasn't enough to make us give up. They are doing this because they know we are a threat to their corruptness. They are doing this because they know Romney doesn't have any true support, only the voters of "The lesser of two evils". We aren't just a bunch of cheerleaders who just want to brag that we voted for the guy who won. We aren't a bunch of zombies who sit in front of the telescreen and soak in what the main stream media spews at us. We ARE "THE REVOLUTION". We are fighting for LIBERTY. The founders would be SO proud of us as I am proud of all of you true patriots. We will prevail at the Convention and I for one can't wait to be there for it!!!!!

I am not going to prevail at any one's expense.

I am going to stand for principle, I expect many will be standing with me. I hope to remind others that they stand for the same principles.

I am going to recruit campaigners for liberty and I wield one vote. I am not going to a battle.

I will be sorry to find that this is a threat to some, indeed I expect to find you are right.

There are far more friends of liberty at Michigan Conventions than not. Look for them. You will find many friends neighbors you just haven't met yet. The great thing is, you are free to disagree. The wonderful thing is when you can agree. If you can handle the disagreements then it becomes possible to enjoy the wonder.

Oh, I am under Dr. Paul's orders, to have fun. LOL.

Free includes debt-free!

I'm not in Michigan

Out here in CA, I had to petition for a seat on the Republican Central Committee, whihc I won, openly as a Ron Paul Republican.

It seemed to me, that Ron Paul stands as an honest, open carefully kind person, and to "represent" Ron Paul politics, I had to be transparent. I had to do what we propose to win. To say , "We want open transparent small government, and then not be transparent, but rather, be like our enemies to be against them.. seems it's no way to win, not morally. To use your enemy's tactics against them in name of your own tactic, that apparently don't work, because if they did, you would use them and not your enemy's.

I agree Granger.

My Campaign speech for Delegate, I said I wished to specifically support the First ("Congress shall make no law regarding the establishment of religion"), Second and Fourth Amendment.

Of course, there is only one Republican candidate that has a proven and consistent record on these important Rights.

They may try to foist their alternates on me, but I will put the burden of proof on them, to show that their man honors these Constitutionally enumerated rights.

Free includes debt-free!

welll said

Yes sir


Let's get this out to all our Michigan Patriots, don't be tricked into playing their games!