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Michigan state convention letter, warns of "disruptive behavior" (aka supporters of Ron Paul)

In a convention packet sent to all state delegates and alternates, the Michigan Republican party is preparing for Ron Paul supporters in advance. They also will force a search onto delegates and guests. Here is an excerpt from the letter and warning...

"We have heard rumors of folks wanting to attend Convention for the purposes of disrupting the proceedings in both the District Caucuses & the General Session. While we welcome healthy and open debates among our delegates, we will not tolerate outbursts designed to create chaos and cause a disruption. Please carefully review the following language regarding access to the Convention.

Credentials are a revocable license. Admission may be refused or credential holder ejected at the sole discretion of MRP. MRP may refuse admission to, or eject, any credential holder without consideration who is deemed to be disorderly, or who fails to comply with these terms or any and all security measures. You and your belongings may be searched upon entry into the venue. If you consent to such searches, you waive any related claims that you might have against MRP. If you elect not to consent to the searches, you will be denied entry into the venue."

They know that we are coming and they know that come January, when we change leadership, that if we have the numbers, there is nothing that they can do to stop it.

We must not fall into the trap that they are laying. Let us be there, but show the type of class that Ron Paul would.

We will have some folks with cameras throughout to capture anything WE deem as extreme to merely try to shut down the voices of Paul supporters and for no other reason.

Now let's play nice in the sandbox...

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Is it too late?

I was away at school and unable to attend the primary, but I plan on attending and streaming the State convention on Saturday. Is becoming a precinct or alternate delegate still in the cards, or is it too late for me?

Older People A Pivitol Key for Ron Paul Winning!

The GOP tactic is very clear. They (those in control) are doing whatever they can to provoke trouble. What a nasty crowd! This may even include "agents provocateurs" being placed in amongst Ron Paul supporters to "cause" trouble. It will certainly mean dodgy goings on that will cause Ron Paul supporters to howl in protest (and quite rightly!!) which they will ignore whilst saying, "There you are - we told you so. They are a rabble of unruly trouble-makers". Older people in particular fall for this divisive trick - after all "Ron Paul people are basically a load of unruly anarchistic youths" or so the propaganda mythology goes.

Some Ron Paul people fall for this divisive line too. DON'T! Being 60 years old myself I feel uncomfortable when Ron Paul supporters disparagingly lump all the older people together ("boomers") - as if we are all the same and all to blame. I have news for you - very, very many of us have long wanted a Ron Paul. They just need you to reach out to them - stop lumping them in with those corrupt older people who have come to control the levers of political power. We all need Ron Paul - young and old. Give us older ones a bit of trust! We could well become the pivitol key to Ron Paul winning.

If there going to search you

Then you might not have camera's. Find an alternative recording device.

Maybe we can be a big brother too.


It's the shopping result for this cool dvr key chain camera. Heck I'm sure you could use it for other things too.

Or stick your phone down the

Or stick your phone down the front of your underwear. A little discomfort could eventually result in some classic convention misdeeds footage.

Presidential Preference Form

The Presidential Preference Form submission is only for those delegates who are running to become National Delegates (3 from each CD, 14 At-large). The form does NOT have to be submitted for entrance to the State Convention! If you were selected as a State Convention Delegate or Alternate at the County conventions on May 3, there should be a credential waiting for you at the State Convention. If the lists get "rearranged" by the State Credentials Committee, then that would be cause to file a legal challenge. There are plenty of Paul supporters in Michigan who are trained to handle Roberts Rules or Convention Rules violations, and there will be enough cellphones and recording devices to document the violations, including voting irregularities. My surprise is the MIGOP discouraging many of the Romney supporters away from the convention (many are elderly, and are already frightened to go into Detroit) through the threat of TSA-like search tactics and warnings of impending disruptions. Elderly people do not like this type of behavior. Hopefully, the MIGOP has warned their crack "security" contractor to tread lightly, else they will shoot themselves in the foot once again. Knowing that the Paul Campaign will have legal representation on-site is a positive. Looking forward to the livestream of this one as well.

98lb weakling on the beach

‎---"Now let's play nice in the sandbox..."

With the kid who is already kicking sand in your face?

I agree nothing is to be gained from being ejected from the state convention, and concur with what both you and Adam suggested for the state convention, but there comes a time when enough is enough. What really surprised me was that the corruption in the Republican party at the National and State level made it's way to some of the county conventions here in Michigan. And I don't say that lightly.

I truly hope the Michigan State and National Ron Paul campaign grows a set of balls and set's their legal department on some of the lawbreaking that has occurred. As a donor I'm asking them to. MCL (Michigan Complied Laws) clearly call out the procedure for the county conventions and I know for a fact at least one county didn't follow them. I'm all for a spirited battle but corruption has no place in our political system.

So what does this mean for me

So what does this mean for me as a delagate? If they find out I support Ron Paul then I can be kicked out for any reason? We have to fill out that paper saying who e support too don't we? I can see them using the search to look at that and find out who is for paul before we can vote.

Did you contact the Michigan C4L?

What's their take.

I haven't filled out the National delegate form, I am a precinct delegate.

The national delegate form isn't due until 6pm after the State Convention.

What's the hurry?

Free includes debt-free!