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Violence-based currency vs. fiat-based vs. commodity-based

Testing out a thought.

We here often talk about our existing fiat currency as being based on "faith" i.e., on the willingness of people to believe its value. But really, it's based on government and law, which is enforced through violence. For example, the recently incarcerated liberty dollar founder.

So, is our currency really based on violence? And how would it change popular conversation to argue for a commodity-based currency vs. a violence-based currency?


I'm guessing the language would be too radical for popular consumption.

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Laws are made by government, which will use force

(violence) to enforce those laws. Legal tender laws force us to accept FRNs as repayment of debt, which is why part of Ron Paul's "Competition in Currency" (House bill 1098) would repeal legal tender laws, and allow private parties to negotiate the terms and instruments for satisfying debts.