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SCOOP: Poll Used to Humiliate Paul on CNBC Kudlow Show Dishonest

In the latest Larry Kudlow show on CNBC they post a BIG GRAPHIC showing a Rasmussen Poll of Obama vs. Romney vs. Paul. Sounds great Paul should come in first place by gangbusters. Kudlow goes on "They included you as a third party candidate."

Paul only gets 13%! How is that possible. But is showing Paul as a Independent candidate Reality? The poll calls Ron Paul an "Independent" not once, but twice! But one has to ask... where is the poll where Ron Paul is a Republican? You know, the party he is actually running as?

One thing the corporate propaganda machine has learned is that the few words "you as a third party candidate" will get lost in the shuffle and its the graphic that matters. If one wasn't careful one assumes that this graphic is a correct representation of the CURRENT RACE. But it isn't. It's a hypothetical fiction about something that may never happen.

Now wait a second. PAUL is running as REPUBLICAN and he has NEVER SAID HE WILL RUN THIRD PARTY. Is it a legitimate poll? Maybe. But there's more shenanigans afoot.

One game they play is they place leading questions which subconsciously skew people's thinking. They use word association, mentioning Ron Paul and "unfavorable" not once, but TWICE together in the same sentence. "Do you want to vote for Ron Paul the unfavorable candidate? Do you think Ron Paul is unfavorable? How about Ron Paul the loser piece of crap candidate? Ok Paul vs. the Great Favorable Romney who do you pick?" It's practically that bad.

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Isn't that a great cartoon?

I thought it was very telling!


Have you been watching the same video I did? Kudlow explicitly stated that the poll had RP as a thirdparty candidate. There was no lie or subterfuge here.

Apparently, Rasmussen wanted to see how RP would perform if he went third party. Based on the data, Obama would be worse off than Romney, since RP appeals to alot of Obama's old base (democrats and independents). So it's actually to the advantage of the GOP if RP went third party.

you are right

He does mention it. But its still an invalid poll since paul has never said he WILL or INTENDS to run third party. That's a media fiction at this point with no basis in reality so the poll they need to do is a Paul vs. Romney... as Republicans... aka REALITY.

Forget Romney. A cartoon character as spokesman?

Ron Paul to Win.

How bad does the GOP want it?

Free includes debt-free!

That has nominee Paul winning with 57 to 39.

If Ron Paul is the Republican nominee vs. the incumbent

Romney supporters can back Ron Paul. Ron Paul supporters are determined to only support those who support and defend the Bill of Rights.

Would any one write in Romney's name?

Free includes debt-free!

My thoughts

EXACTLY! You would think even those on the fence or Romney supporters would be able to figure out that math. Without Paul, Romney loses. That's all this poll shows.

Yup. Without Romney, Paul Wins.

Drop the anchor.

Free includes debt-free!

Doesn't surprise me

Not surprising in the least. They switched Paul from being a Republican to Independent because people were starting to realize that Paul does the best against Obama. So instead of labeling him a Republican at about 49 to 52 percent, they put him in a scenario where he runs third party at 13 percent.


They REFUSE to do the KEY POLL

And now that it's down to two.. they WONT/CANT do it!

reedr3v's picture

Good catch by Gavielli


Can you recall any of them

telling the truth about anything?

I can't.