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John Stossel's new book, "No They Can't"

So I was wandering around in Wal-mart today, trying in vain to find a quick Mother's Day gift other than what I've already got for my mom.
(I got her a certificate for a mani/pedi, but I think gift certificates are not fun to open as gifts.)

I saw a shelf laden with books by Michael Savage, Dick Morris, and suddenly I saw John Stossel's mustache, standing with a hand on his hip, his red tie gleaming in the light. A huge sign in his right hand: "NO THEY CAN'T - Why government fails but individuals succeed."

I quickly decided to purchase the book in support of libertarianism and capitalism, and because I hoped the book might be worth the money.

Why haven't I heard of this book? Has he tried to promote it in interviews and on television? Maybe only people like Mark Levin and Sean Hannity get to showcase their pseudo-liberty books.

Anyway, I will now stop typing and begin Stossel's book. If I can quit staring at his legendary mustache.

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I heard that when Ron Paul

I heard that when Ron Paul can't squeeze in his walking and cycling regiment on the campaign trail, he gets a boost of energy by staring at Stossel's mustache.

That mustache is powerful. Period.


I've seen him promote it

I've seen him promote it several times.

"Where liberty is, there is my country." -Benjamin Franklin

sounds like a great

Mother's Day gift. But I'm sure the gift certificate will be appreciated, too!


John Stossel was on The View

television show the other day. Along with promoting his book he endorsed Ron Paul for president.

You haven't heard of this

You haven't heard of this book because you haven't read my comments!!!

It's a great book. It could've come directly from RP's mouth. Stossel mentions RP several times, but it is clear that Stossel is heavily influenced by RP.

I have the audio-book version, available on iTunes. Stossel is reading it himself. I go to sleep every night listening to it.