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Arizona Convention Live Stream

I'm in the Delegate Section, hoping to be seated (I'm an Alternate).
Ed in Phoenix
(I'm on the 'Constitutional Conservative' Slate!)
************UPDATE - THE MORNING AFTER********************

Ok, here we go…

As an Alternate Delegate for Arizona Legislative District 15 the first thing I can report to you is that I remained in the ‘Alternate Delegate Section’ of the Convention for fourteen hours without being seated. By the ‘end of the night’, there were only five of the fifteen seats of my LD occupied, but repeated attempts to have me seated by several Delegates were denied. The reason given was that after Credentialing was closed, the set amount of Delegates seated could not rise above that number; in order for Alternates to be seated in the vacated seats, their credentials must be turned in. Of course my LD was stacked from the beginning, and there was no way that they wanted anyone but ‘one of their own’ to vote at all. And I wasn’t alone. Jill Ballard also sat for the duration without being seated (her slot was higher than mine and she would have been seated before me, but that wasn’t happening either).

There is so much info, I have a hard time trying to piece it all together. Let me address the Lamestream Media OUTRIGHT LIE that I saw generated right away, and was picked up by the National feeds, and have been run away with in just a very short time.

MITT ROMNEY’S SON WAS NOT ‘BOOED OFF THE STAGE’. This is a complete fabrication. They crowd did give him some grief because he made the mistake of waving the ‘Unity Slate’ the Romney people were pushing (there’s not supposed to be direct electioneering from the floor), he right away mentioned Ron and was given great applause. The mix-up occurs when the FOLLOWING SPEAKER, a Native-American whose name escapes me for the moment, started calling for everyone to unite under the Romney banner – HE got mercilessly booed to the point he didn’t know what to do, but kept on and was shouted down. Once again the Lamestream Media says something and commenters come out of the woodwork with their armchair opinion of ‘Arizonans’. When are you going to turn that thing off and ASK THE GRASSROOTS what happened?

As for ‘Delegate Count’, I had my slate and kept close attention to any changes sent us. I say this because when we arrived yesterday, after getting Credentialed, we all stood in this loooong line that went out the door to get to the Ron Paul table, just inside the far right-hand door of the hall entrance. Contrast that with a puny 4’x4’ pop-up canopy and a couple of signs and bumper stickers on a table manned by two people (this is all Mitt wanted to pay for I guess). Anyway, when we got to the RP table, our e-mail addresses and cell phone numbers were put into an automated system that text-messaged everyone with any additional information we needed (special instructions and changes to the Slate). In the afternoon, with the Congressional District Caucuses completed, names on our Slate that were elected as Delegates were replaced with others in line. That said, I show eleven Delegates from our Slate elected at the CD level so far: Jill Skayfel, David Guthrie, Richard Gaydosh, John Laurie, Razi Berry, Deb Wells, Patricia Lewis, Gianluca Zanna, Annette Freeman, David Fitzgerald, and Franklin Fiedler. My notes do show a change of substituting Pam Webe (possibly Pam Weber? Text truncated) for Easton Kelsey, but I don’t remember if that was due to his being selected as delegate or not – that is highly possible).

When we were ‘shown the door’ the tallying was not yet complete, and we do not know what the results of the At-Large Delegates or the Alternates yet, and we possibly may never find out. I say this because when the ballots were handed out for these races, it was two pages long. A lot of names. The pages were differentiated by marks on the face the scanners used would recognize. Problem here is, there was nothing on the ballots that would ‘marry’ the two documents in the system! There was no way to tell Delegate #1’s first page of votes from Delegate #2’s second – thereby creating a system allowing any Delegate to make 31 marks on the first page (the maximum number of votes allowed in that round of voting) AND 31 marks on the second page. If the computer can’t tell the difference between Delegate’s pages, it can’t determine an overvote. I believe that due to this error (intentional or not) the results of this round will become null and void.

We’ll see.

While on the subject of ballots, the Delegates were extremely distraught when they got to their CD Caucuses and found out that not only were the ballots not listed in alphabetical order, there was an asterisk next to the names listed first, and a notation at the bottom stating that these Delegates were recognized by the Romney Campaign. This created such a problem that it set back business at least two hours as many of the CD’s demanded that the ballots not be used. Runners had to be sent to Kinkos to print new ballots. By the time it was over, the reason given why some were marked was that supposedly both the Romany and Paul Campaigns were offered to ‘endorse’ (I don’t know if that is the term used by them, but it’s what I perceive) their Delegate preferences on the Ballot Face, but only the Romney Camp took them up on the offer! I can hear it now: “Do you want your people marked? No? Ok, we’ll just mark everybody else then…”

Next, “Robert’s Rules of Order”. The book was waved as a magic wand to create order. That’s about all it was used for. The Chairman was obviously clueless regarding this document, but after many National Conventions and the Continental Congress 2009, where I have had ‘the rules’ used to beat and berate those I stand with to the point that I had to study these rules, I can confidently state that this is not uncommon. Just recently at the Libertarian National Convention, former Chairman Bill Redpath (who has been at it for years) actually promised the Delegation Seated that he would read RROR cover-to-cover in the following year.

Please Mr. Morrisey, I beg you to do the same. If you still hold the Office of Chairman, that is. You see, when the people in charge couldn’t make up their minds as to whether they wanted to declare a quorum (50% + 1 of the Delegates seated) or not, they gave two different interpretations of the rules. At one point, it was stated from the dais that once a quorum was established after Credentialing was closed, the Party could complete all business listed on the Agenda no matter how many Delegates vacated the floor. Then, I guess they decided that was a bad tact, and I saw the Chairman, a former Chairman, and a third individual speaking together, and then the two went around and down off the dais, and went to the front row in front of the podium. One raised his hand and said “Mr. Chairman, I move to adjourn!” which was quickly followed by a second from his cohort, followed by the Chairman ‘proclaiming’ that the Convention was adjourned, and he ran off the stage as quickly as he could. Problem here is, the rules specifically state that adjournment is motioned from the floor, seconded, and voted on by the delegation.

This was not done.

Because this was not done, pandemonium ensued. The Convention was still live. Then, and unnamed individual sprang into action, stepped to the podium, and declared that the Chaiman had abandonded his position (at which point the mike was turned off, and he started shouting to be heard), and entertained motions from the floor to have him removed, and nominations were taken. Matt Papke and LD Chairman David Fitzgerald were both nominated, and nominations were closed, and David Fitzgerald was elected by voice vote. Now all during this action, there were people on the stage actively trying to prevent all this from occurring, but the floor was having none of that. As the New Chairman was starting to speak, three ‘Campus Cops’ from the University came on stage and menacingly approached David, who smartly knew what was happening, and said “Ok, let’s take it to the parking lot” – where we proceeded to as the lights were being shut off.

At this time I wish to point out to the ‘Armchair Brigade’ that it wasn’t ‘the Cops’ and it wasn’t ‘Sheriff Joe’s Goon’s’ sicced on us at the request of the Establishment. When all of this occurred, it was 9 p.m. and the County Officers had left long ago. There was no ‘police presence’ at the City level – we know this because Joe and Bryan (both Delegates and RP Supporters) were physically assaulted on the Delegation Floor earlier that day – but when reported to the County Officers present, we were told that it ‘wasn’t their jurisdiction’ and that Phoenix City Police had to be called in if law enforcement was needed.

Once we were in the parking lot, we proceeded to an area included on the Campus of Grand Canyon College that housed a Church that we had gotten permission from to use their portion of the parking lot for a Ron Paul Hospitality Area (that we had parked a large RV and set up tables with food and drinks). It’s a good this we had this, because the Campus Police tried to chase us off the entire Campus. Not happening. David climbed up on the RV, and spoke candidly to those in attendance. He said that we would be fooling ourselves if we tried to conduct any business there, but we definitely made our presence know, and that we were on track to populate the Republican Party Leadership with American Patriots that believe in and follow the ‘Rule of Law’. There were plenty of videocameras in play, and I’m sure you will see a lot more than I am able to relate here.
Many untold thanks to all who came to our spot in the desert to restore Representation of the PEOPLE instead of the Good-Old-Boy Network that has had a stranglehold on Arizona Politics for far too long.

Let it not be said we did nothing.

Good job.

Ed in Phoenix

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Well, it is obvious that

Well, it is obvious that someone has to set his priorities straight. I can't seem to see where this is heading.

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Any news on the at-large

Any news on the at-large delegates? It is never good when they take the ballot box.

Confirming this great article

I also attended the AZ State Convention this weekend as a RP Delegate from LD19 CD5 and I can confirm what this article states is true. Romney's son was not booed until he began to try and get everyone to vote from the Romney slate. The chairman and the whole convention was completely disorganized and did not "accept" any objections with second motions, nor did he listen to any appeals. It was extremely rediculous the amount of effort put forth to try and get everyone to vote for the Romney delegates. Thank you for a great article.



Anybody know when the

Anybody know when the at-large delegates will be announced?

Sent from the Paul text message updates today..

"Ballots will be counted today at 1:30 at the GOP headquarters 3501 North 24th street, Phoenix, AZ 85016 602-957-7770 http://g.co/maps/kfgr2"

Sent from the Paul text message updates today..

They are only allowing 2 observers.

I hope at least one of them is a RP supporter

or someone has a video camera....otherwise....we know how that can go.

RP R3VOLution

Thank you, Ed, for the detailed post on what happened!

Question to all: Do we have final delegate & alternate results yet? Please tell us what you know. Thank you!

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

I'm a AZGOP State Delegate

I'm a AZGOP State Delegate who's on the text updates. I was told that counting would start at 1:30 today. It is 7:44 AZ time and I haven't received an update on the results.

It took about 4 hours to get the results for most of the CD National Delegates at Saturday's convention. Why this is taking so long is a mystery to me.

Parliamentarian? Lawyer

Why is the campaign not sending an expert on parliamentary procedure or a lawyer to help the RP laypeople at these conventions? I believe one RP contingent in another state hired their own parliamentarian to attend their convention (the one where they arrested the chairman out in the parking lot). It's the least the campaign could do for these great Americans fighting for the Ron Paul cause.

As an "armchair" viewer. . .I believe the RP Patriots could have used an expert point person who knows Roberts Rules of Order inside and out, upside down and backwards.

To all of you who have attended the conventions - who have given up your time, talents, finances, sweat and tears - you have my wholehearted gratitude. I am truly thankful for your sacrifices. Makes me proud, once again, to be an American when I see how hard you all are working. It's good to know we're not alone.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. ~Thomas Jefferson

“It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie...the greatest enemy of the State.” ~Joseph Goebbels

On the final ballot for

On the final ballot for National At Large Alternates, many of the state delegates had gone home. Of our legislative district, we should have had at least 5 or more alternates move up to vote as delegates. However, the delegates who left early didn't return their credentials. Without their credentials, the alternates couldn't be processed as delegates. I heard this happened to delegations from other legislative districts as well.

My favorite quote on Arizona!

"On the internet thousands of Ron Paul supporters around the country are doing something that no one before has been able to do – training for their own state convention by remotely attending every state convention that precedes it."

How awesome are we? Unprecedented in my lifetime awesome. Yay.

Ed,you're amazing. Great job,

Ed,you're amazing. Great job, and keep on truckin'!

So many moles

and plants on here it seems. Gotta be careful!

Another AZ Attendee's testimony posted at LewRockwell.com

GOP Embarrassment, GOP Disgrace

Posted on May 13, 2012 by Lew Rockwell

Writes Warren Woodward:

What a disgrace! What an embarrassment! I attended the Arizona state Republican convention in Phoenix on Saturday, May 12, 2012. What a disgrace! What an embarrassment! Has the state Republican leadership never run a meeting before? It certainly seemed so. A few observations:

As a Precinct Committeeman from Sedona, I had been previously elected as an alternate delegate. Once at the convention, since many previously elected delegates did not show up, I and others were moved up to delegate status. What should have been a simple matter of checking names and issuing credentials and handled immediately while getting seated on the convention floor, turned into an interminable bureaucratic process of the sort most real, "old school" Republicans rail against when performed by government.

We were marched off the floor to another room where a few people mistakenly placed in charge barked commands while trying to act "official". A huge performance was made out of a procedure which ultimately amounted to scribbling "delegate" in red ink on our paper convention badges.

The convention, off to a late start, was now off to a bad start. And it was pretty much downhill from there.

By the way, I have been a delegate before in another state so I have experienced how an efficiently smooth convention can be run when those in charge know what they are doing and are respectful of others.

There was a convention schedule but as the day wore on it reminded me more of Greek train timetable, serving as just an indication of things that might happen at some point during the day.

While credentials and number of delegates were checked and counted, speeches by various Republicans were made. Will someone please make a gift of elocution lessons to Governor Brewer? Reading words one at a time can have the effect of adding emphasis when done occasionally. When done throughout the whole speech it makes for a bizarre, halting cadence that calls IQ into question.

Some son of Romney gave a folksy speech about his folksy dad -- real regular "family man" that Romney. Indeed, that, the fact that he once ran the Utah winter Olympics and was not Obama was about the most his supporters could claim for him during day. Somehow no one bragged about Romney's support for socialized medicine, TARP and other bailouts, the Patriot Act, Federal Reserve funny money or the horrific NDAA.

Today the Arizona Republic newspaper reported that Romney's son was booed off the stage. In typical mainstream media fashion the story was picked up and repeated elsewhere as truth. The story is not true. The son was booed when he called for endorsement of Romney's slate of delegates, but he wasnot booed off the stage, and he continued his speech to its end.

Instead of the scheduled lunch break, we left the convention floor and broke up into various caucuses to accomplish some of the real business of the day, electing delegates to the national Republican convention. I was elected as a delegate. This was surprising since no one, not even me, voted for me.

Another person was also elected for whom no one voted. Leadership was reluctant to do anything about this anomaly at first but enough people yelled. I heard something about how the Republican leadership had cheaped out on the voting tabulating equipment. I don't know if that's true but in any case the ballots had been misread and in both cases the election really went to the person below the "winner". So from there on everything had to be hand counted which took forever and was not performed in plain view.

When the process was finally over, everyone reassembled on the convention floor for more voting. This time again for more delegates and alternate delegates to the national Republican convention as well as for representatives to the Republican National Committee.

An interesting side note was that all candidates were in alphabetical order except Romney's slate which always appeared at the top on all ballots. (All are equal but some are more equal than others. ~ George Orwell, Animal Farm) Clearly, Romney's supporters were in need of this mental aid and simplification.

State Republican "leadership" showed their true selves -- their disdain for the discipline of Roberts Rules, their disrespect of Republican membership, their lack of integrity -- at the end of the meeting.

Due to their overall ineptitude at running and organizing the meeting, we ran hours over the scheduled closing time. So quite arbitrarily the Chairman announced that tabulating votes would take place at a later date, and that any run-off elections, if needed, would be held by mail. This announcement was met with screams of disapproval from the floor. This is not "how you do it". Once a meeting is convened the meeting's business is done there and then.

A major argument ensued. At stake was the counting of ballots for who would be the National Republican Committeeman and Committeewoman. It was finally decided the ballots would be counted. But that took forever. It looked as if Republican "leadership" was either poor at math, had not delegated enough people to the task, or needed time to get their stories straight -- or all three.

After what seemed like another hour, the Chairman returned with the results. The Committeeman position had been won outright but a run-off would be needed for the Committeewoman. In what was obviously a per-arranged collaboration, immediately after the Chairman made his announcement, one of his buddies made a motion from the floor for adjournment. Without waiting for a seconding motion or vote, the Chairman then announced the meeting was adjourned, banged his gavel, did an about-face and walked very rapidly out of the hall.

Pandemonium broke out. The Chairman's illegitimate and totally disrespectful action provoked the attendees who insisted the meeting could not be ended this way and so they attempted to continue the meeting by electing a new Chairman. Of course they were right in doing so since the first Chairman had essentially abandoned his own meeting. Of course in practice nothing will change this way, and the first Chairman will remain in his undeserved position.

Meetings belong to those who show up. Additionally, it is generally understood that people who leave early do not get to vote on matters that come up after they're gone -- because they're gone!

Due to the nature of who left and who stayed, the person who tallied the most votes for Committeewoman would have likely won the run-off had the run-off been held when it was supposed to have been held which was during yesterday's meeting. But this person and her supporters are not the establishment leadership's choice. Having the run-off election by mail, whereby those who left early will get another chance to vote, is liable to produce an outcome more to the establishment's liking. This is a major injustice which would not have occurred with a Republican leadership respectful of Roberts Rules and their membership.

Overall, the convention was a pathetic spectacle capped by a move of desperation characteristic of a dying, out-of-touch establishment clinging to power.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul


So does this mean that the chairman of the party in AZ is now a RP supporter? Technically it seems like that should be the case, but in reality is it going to be so?

RE: Free Online Reputation Management for Ron Paul Delegates

If you are a victim of online slander, as Ron Paul sure is, Send an email to info@reputationsaviors.com (email only) with your contact information and specific problem, for Free Online Reputation Management Consultation for Ron Paul Supporters or Delegates who have their information posted on the internet.

Coincidentally, if you also own a Business, I could send you information on how to master your online market for products or services that you sell.

That includes anyone on this list:

Do this at your own risk!

Do this at your own risk! This is telling someone that you do not know that you are a Ron Paul Delegate. Shady...

They just started there account on DP today..

Do it on your own...Instructions

1) Submit your name, company, website to the top 1000 Directories, Blogs, Classifieds, Social Media Websites around the world...

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Ed, we picked up 11 delegates from the CD caucuses?

... Is that right? And is that in addition to the 6 or 7 delegates that were mentioned earlier? Please clarify.

Thank you for your dedication, Arizona Liberty patriot!

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

This is all true.

Thank you Ed for everything you have done. One minor correction. Those were Sheriff, guns on side, one holding a taser, and I was thinking to myself, "I'm gonna be yelling out Don't taz me bro!" I was up front, in the first row.

We adjourned the meeting because it was never properly closed and after electing Karen Johnson, we wanted to close before we were forcefully shutdown. At least that was the thinking from the floor.

Personally, I am proud of our delegation, and I believe Dr. Paul is proud of our effort. With everything stacked against us, the AZ Ron Paul delegation delivered. I witnessed, I participated, I was part of the r3volution! Those states remaining, we pass the baton to you.

One last thing. Bring and know "Robert's Rules." Only one person brought multiple copies, and without his effort we would have stumbled. Tim you are a true Patriot!

Peace! Ron Paul 2012!

Thank you Tim!

Thank you Tim!

Video from the End of Arizona Convention

The remaining states have to have pre-convention meetings, getting a game plan together so everyone is on the same page.



Looks like they voted to replace the chairman of the convention and then they voted to adjourn. why the hell would they vote to adjourn after winning the chair???

Also, witnesses to ballot stuffing:

Ustream or Facebook

You can have meetings online. There is no excuse for going in blind and ignorant to what is likely to happen. A spokesperson or 5 should be "elected" by the group. Signs with Aye or Nay should be used to alert Paul voters what to say and when.

What do DPers think of this?

List of Ron Paul Fanatics
May 12, 2012 By Sonoran Alliance
Quoted from Site:"The following individuals appeared on the Ron Paul slate which disrupted the Arizona Republican Party State Convention today. These individuals should be considered persona non grata among conservatives. These are Libertarians and NOT Republicans"

YouTube Commentary http://youtu.be/KstcSq8RpOQ


This DP'er thinks your posting this here in this manner outs you as a non-DP'er!

By the way - for those of you who do not know what this is, it is a picture of the Official Slate supplied Ron Paul Supporters by the National Campaign.

I voted it down - for the record.

Ed in Phoenix

Rights are like muscles; you must exercise them to keep them fit, or they will atrophy and die.

Nothing wrong with that

as long as it isn't coming from party officials.

Bottom line is if Paul supporters aree prepared and actually show up, it won't matter what the minority does.

Looks Like a McCain/Romney Operative

working the Daily Paul. Put out a list and then spam the Daily Paul with a predetermined solution, Hegelian dialectic, i.e. transmitting your status as a delegate to the world. Vote ANY such nonsense down, Down, DOWN. This operative likely has SEVERAL accounts on the DP. Go get him! ;)

Proud to vote for them!

These are all the Constitutional Conservatives! All true Patriots!