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How Osama Bin Laden accomplished what he wanted


Just watched this interview on youtube in which Ron Paul totally owns a whole gaggle of talking heads. A few of them were really respecting him though it was a great interview for a few reasons. But one thing Dr. Paul said that really caught my attention was that "we are doing what Osama Bin Laden wanted us to" in reference to our military actions overseas that are destroying the dollar. I think this has enormous potential: tell the people that the terrorist threat isn't from bombs anymore, it's from destroying our own economy dealing with the terrorist threat the wrong way.

There is still a vague perception among republican voters that Ron Paul is "weak on foreign policy." They don't really know what they mean when they say that, but I think if we approached them from the angle of the best way to keep America strong and safe is make sure the dollar doesn't collapse rather than buying more planes and bombs we could have a lot of success. Just another idea to keep the flame of the rEVOLution going. Keep fighting everyone!

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From my experience

This hasnt worked for me. The people I have met who have said "except foreign policy" refuse to believe that a bomb cant solve all our problems. Even after pointing out we are doing precisely what Osama bin laden said we were going to do and what he did to the soviet union, they still forcibly shut down there brain.

I think the biblical quote "dont throw your pearls before swine" applies here. If you can tell your dealing with a brain dead, xenophobic, war hungry crusader, dont waste your time find someone who will actually listen.

Its easy to tell the difference one listens, the other turns red and yells while interrupting you.