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☛Photos Finally! ~Nassim Taleb/Mark Spitznagel Fundraiser

Nassim Taleb at the podium
Nassim Taleb, Me and the guy who drove me
First Lady Paul
The money shot. Dr. Paul

Photo credits
Was a great event!

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Hey Roland..aka topgunner

How come, the woman who posted these describes you as "the guy who drove me"...yet you called her "your Asian girlfriend"? Does she know that she is your "girlfriend"?
Be sure your sins will find you out. Ha Ha.

Oh Jill you of little (to no) faith....

I mislabeled the pics to draw the topgunner out of hiding...
You are no sleuth Jill Booth...
I have the proof..
Jill Booth


Thanks for sharing!

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

My kinda party! Hehe, okay

My kinda party! Hehe, okay with the Paul's there.. maybe just a little. Anyway, hope you had a great evening and some interesting conversations.

Why does he look like

Why does he look like Bernanke?

You might have

You might have Fed-a-noia.

Everybody looks like Bernanke