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Texas Convention Questions

1) The delegates at most, if not all, district conventions in Texas were selected by committee. Will delegates selected at the state convention for Tampa be voted on by attendees, or will they also be selected by committee?

2) The convention is scheduled for June 7, 8 and 9. Does anyone have a schedule of events? Specifically, on which day/time will the delegates be selected?

3) Any other advice/help on getting elected a delegate to Tampa from Texas would be greatly appreciated.

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Scoop on Texas Convention

If you've been named a delegate to the state convention, find grassroots organizers in your area so they know who you are!

At the State Convention you will break off into your Senate Districts (SD) and Congressional Districts (CD) to conduct business. Delegate selection happens in the CD. In your CD Caucuses you will elect National Delegates, Presidential Electors and RNC Committee Members.

"Delegates to the state convention will convene by Congressional District caucus for the purpose of electing delegates to the Republican National Convention (3 delegates and 3 alternates per Congressional district), Presidential Electors and members of the Republican National Committee (one man and one woman)."

Link to RPT Rules (scroll down to state convention):

Convention agenda: http://convention.texasgop.org/tentative-agenda

Other convention info: http://texasgop.org/2012-state-convention