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Accusation Of Racism In Arizona "Romney Is The White Obama" Rp Supporters Are Accused Of Yelling

If this accusation is true it needs to be addressed by Ron Paul supporters. This sort of stuff (if on video) will be kept and introduced if Ron Paul wins the nomination.

Ron Paul supporters do absolutely no good to the Ron Paul cause by painting themselves as racist.

The last thing Ron Paul needs is to have to address a video of Ron Paul supporters yelling "Romney is a White Obama". Guaranteed to hurt big time. In my opinion, such ammo will not surface until after Ron Paul wins the nomination.

Be smart people!


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I'm black and most of the people calling Ron Paul a racist are either:

WHITE people that what to undermine Paul’s FREEDOM message to impose both their ideology and theology on others whether you accept it or not.

BLACK people that want to undermine Paul’s FREEDOM message so Obama can get a 2nd term because he’s black and don’t want him to fail regardless of his fuck ups, lies, flip-flops, now support of gay marriage, continuous bombing of brown people in foreign countries, condoning of the police state, Muslim profiling and police harassment, TSA, NDAA, condoning of bank fraud, spending putting not only use but our children and their children’s children in debt enslavement aka modern day slavery (Oh yes ah master I love to be indebted to foreign countries, do service jobs that produce nothing and be indebted to my government/corporate plantation masters in the federal government), I’ll just stop here cause it’ll take all day to go down the list.

You my brother I love you and want to support you but DAMN you on a power trip right now. What if Russia came over here and said you’re not treating your people right or you’re a dictator because you’re not listening to your people imposing your personal ideology on them by force. Then what? You can’t say that their statements and actions aren’t justified. I’m Haitian an America and the UN are still in Haiti killing people, torturing people, stealing valuable goods left and right, raping women and young boys spreading their diseases, illegally dumping chemical waste causing the spread of cholera killing thousands of people in Haiti, confiscating citizen guns, etc. Get out of these foreign countries especially Haiti. If crime breaks out so be it they will have to learn on day that an eye for an eye will leave them both blind. No one is coming to help you. All sides will be forced to compromise or risk destruction. This is how people find peace in the real world. People don’t compromise unless they are forced to but it will only stand the test of time if both parties come to this conclusion on their own.

There are parents that want to get in between their children fighting. Always coming to save the day by choosing the winner and the loser but at the end of the day you are only prolonging the inevitable. The longer you prolong it the worst it will be when they both have finally had with each other. Sometimes you have to fight it out to gain respect so you don’t get trampled on the rest of your life.

As in Life as in War, there are moments when you have to fight!

I’ll admit I support Obama because he is black and most black people as well but he is Crip walkin all over the Constitution. This dude thinks he is a KING or an EMPEROR many of our elected officials and civil servants do as well. He is there to represent the people but just like the congress they both are forcing legislation down the throats of the American people whether they like it or not. These people have it the other way around. You don’t force and threaten the people to do what you want them to do we tell you what to do.
In a way I’m happy because black people have been victims of slavery, racism, bigotry, the police state, etc. for a long time and these welfare programs do nothing but undermine the communities they are provided to. In America it was the Indians, Blacks, Irish, Italians, Chinese, Russians, Africans, Haitians, Mexicans, Dominicans, Muslims, etc. and there was no true national outrage in defense for the constitutional FREEDOMS of any of those races except for the Blacks I think. When you allow someone else’s FREEDOMS to be attacked you ONLY weaken your own. People saw the injustice, the brutality, the profiling, heard the bigotry, etc. and said nothing to defend them and now it’s the Whites. You see NO one is safe these peoples greed hold no bounds. They want to enslave and impose their tyrannical ideology on their own people.

We may not agree on everything or accept how some may use or express their FREEDOM but it’s a beautiful thing when people of all walks of life, creed and color can come together under the same flag and AGREE on FREEDOM. A couple days ago my friends which where black chumped this white boy in front of everybody at the movie theater because he came in with a cute black chick. He was about to mobbed on but he didn’t have the street awareness to sense it. Yes he was out of place and some might say in the wrong neighborhood but its America. I’m a ex-gang member now property and business owner also have my degree and I intervened and I stuck up for him and told them to relax. A lot of people were shocked and so was he I could see it in his eyes once he realized what was about to happen to him. Things died down but he was a little shook I opened my jacket and told him it’s the “Ron Paul Revolution” :-) He couldn’t believe it and started laughing. He told me he doesn’t usually vote but he will vote for Ron Paul in the upcoming NJ primary. I also got his email to sign him up for DP newsletter.




Obama is the black Romney... :)

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

that's not racist

It be racist to say Romney can't be the white obama, he's too rich.

concern troll

First, show me the video proving that such a statement was made by RP supporters. Anything else is just hearsay. And second, I have black friends who have made similar "X is the white Y" statements and they don't think anything about it. Would you also consider them to be racist?

That any RP supporter would give credence to such petty media spin is ridiculous. If they start reporting that Ron eats babies, will you become "concerned" about that too? Give me a break.

Disregard government. Acquire liberty.

nice try to set off

nice try to set off discontent ya troll.. it won't work.

The point is not racist

The point is that by backing a nearly identical on the issues candidate, the GOP will be portrayed as proving the racism charges the left has made all along.

Thank you.

Yes, we really need to make sure we're not chanting racial comments. It doesn't help us to bring up race. It's not about white and black. Don't make it about white and black.

Rather call him the Republican Obama or something.

Well is Obama half white, 1/4 black, 1/4 Indonesian?

So Obama is the White Obama too.

Romney is the Male Hillary

Romney is nice haired Obama

Romney endangers dogs, Obama eats them

Romney believes Satan is Jesus' brother, People believe Obama is Satan.

Michelle Bachmann...

is the female Ann Coulter. :)

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

He was probably payed

(if this is even true) as all the other disturbing elements in the Romney crowd causing trouble.

What was it I read the other day? If they're not payed, it is family. Like the Huntsman daughters.

My stomach turns when I think of these racists using race baiting to gain advantages. Lets hope Willard gives up his presidential ambitions after this election.

All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them. -Galileo Galilei

How is that racist?

I don't get it.

It's not

It's not about what actually IS racist or not. It's about what sounds racist. Much of the mainstream gets really nervous when race is brought up, so when it's not necessary, leave it out.

Our culture is so racism-paranoid that whenever we hear colors, we get ourselves in a knot. For example, I live in a very white town with my black wife and it's hilarious how people will try to describe her, tip-toeing around the obvious. Trying to point her out in crowd I'll hear "She the short lady with the glasses a blue shirt with grey shoes" when all they really need to say is, "She's the only black girl in the room!" They just don't want to say it

Race discussions make people nervous and really should just be avoided in campaigning. It doesn't help us.

If the mainstream is our targeted audience, we need to speak in way that doesn't scare them away.

LOL this is so true!!! I make fun of this fact all the time.

Of course, I'd be the guy that just says: "She's the only black lady in the room." But then I'm not one for tiptoeing. ;) ... This reminds me of a funny story I like to tell about races: one time I was backing my car out of the driveway at night, w/ no streetlights on our road and only a dim front porch light, and my friend was somewhere behind me. I couldn't see her because she's literally as black as night (she's a REAL African-American, as in she's Sierra Leonean-American). So I stop the car, put the window down, and laughingly yell out: "Where are you? I can't see you!" then she laughs and smiles with her ivory white teeth and, I sh*t you not, all I saw were the whites of her eyes and that ivory smile! I LOLed and then backed up knowing she was out of the way.

That's also a fun way to explain why I say "black" and "white" to describe those two races. Because she's the only black friend I have that's actually African-American. My other African-American friend is white (South African dual citizen). :)

With any luck in a few thousand years there won't be races any more... we'll just all be kinda brown and folks will have one less thing to be a dick about. ;)

Very Well Said

Very well said with clarity. Personalizing the issue with the bit about your wife also highlights that race continues to be a topic of sensitivity in the US.

I suggest that anyone still clueless read the USA TODAY article again and the comment by StephenForFreedom. Then, ask yourself

"Should the Ron Paul movement target the mainstream audience for further support or should we call them sheep and not give a rat's ass about their vote".

Sadly, from postings I read on this thread it appears that the majority lack maturity and intelligence. Ron Paul will need the support of undecided voters....I keep repeating myself here...

We are like the mechanism of a watch: each part is essential.

You and Other Ron Paul Supporters

Don't feel left out. You are not the only member of this site to say that Chanting "Romney is a White Obama" is fine and dandy and cannot understand how that can be viewed as inappropriate and perhaps even racists by the general public.

You are not alone in not getting it. That is, not understanding how USA TODAY's article may turn off undecided voters.

We are like the mechanism of a watch: each part is essential.

JRothschild you say the

JRothschild you say the article may turn off undecided voters. What pray tell are we supposed to do about it, go and hunt down the people who said it? Get a grip.

Learning from our mistakes

He points out where we get it wrong so we can get it right at the next event. These kinds of comments don't help us.

What do you suggest?

From your previous post it is quite clear that you see nothing inappropriate with such chants. It seems you and some others here support such actions.

Okay fine enough. I'm not American so obviously it is not my movement. I posted this to bring to the attention of members that it would be wise to be careful what is chanted at these events. USA TODAY surely found it news worthy and since that news service is widely read I assumed that it could very well reflect negatively on Dr. Paul. According to you however this is not so.

So, you suggest that this news by the "media whores" as you stated should be ignored as it has no consequence to Dr. Paul's chances of becoming president.

We are like the mechanism of a watch: each part is essential.

Please clarify the

Please clarify the inappropriate with the chant. Lets start from there.

You obviously, although not American, support the notion that it is a big taboo to use colors as reference to people although symbolic as they are.

When I hear black or white (or colored) as a description of a person, I get a rough idea of who they are and where they come from. Is that the problem?

Most of the people posting on this thread find it hard to perceive a color as something negative, but you seem to think of such definitions is derogatory, no matter what color is being used.

I am white...I dont see this clarification as humiliating in any way.

Again, please expand, I am very curious of your point of view.

All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them. -Galileo Galilei

I repeat what are we supposed

I repeat what are we supposed to do about it? By the way the straw man tactic is an old one. Get some new material.

Don't get yourself in a

Don't get yourself in a dither JRothchild. Look up the definition of racism, and take a few breaths. The media whores will glob on to anything they think will disrupt this grassroots march, but this genie ain't going back into the bottle.

First of all, who can

First of all, who can confirm it was a "Paul" supporter. Second, we have seen the many deceitful and unethical things their camp has done recently so I can't say it would surprise me if it was an imposter posing as a Ron Paul supoorter. I think this will be blown way out of proportion in the media if it is at all. If it was said that "Romey is the white Obama",( which I don't feel is "racist"), was probably said by "one" person and they probably didn't "chant" that phrase. This is most likely the media spinning it to create a controversy.

Good Points but Read the Comments on this Thread

Yes, all valid points of course I do hope that it was a case of the Media looking for ammo to spin in their story.

You must admit however that the comments being made on this thread are somewhat worrisome in that the majority of the comments being made are supportive of such chants.

We are like the mechanism of a watch: each part is essential.

What Was Racist?

We can't control every individual who joins our cause.

But there was nothing racist in that statement.

It might have been RACIAL, but not necessarily racist.

Can't fix stupid. Don't bother trying

Growing up in Alabama, this statement was not intended to be racist by anyone but the reporter. I've heard much worse, from all races.

Anyone remember these phrases:
Bill Clinton was the first black president
America will not elect a black man - Bill Clinton (helped Obama beat Hillary)

We are NOT born racist. Stupid reports like this one try to make us that way.

Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. - Matthew 10:16

The vast majority of Paul supporters

are as classy as he is. PERIOD

"No army can stop an idea whose time has come"

It's not painting us as racist

It's painting them as racist... figure it out!


Mitt Romney is Barack Obama.they both support the same things over and over again.stop being so limp wristed and letting them win with this race crap.

Some see things as they are and say why,but i dream things that never were and say why not. Robert F. Kennedy

Obama is as much white as he is black

so it's stupid to compare him to a white or black anything

Probably provocateurs at the rally trying to discredit Paul supporters. Expecting things to get ugly leading up to the convention and Romney will do anything to win the convention.


Read the Comments on this Thread

Read the comments on this thread. First, this thread is being downgraded with negative scores. Secondly, those people saying "It's not racist, its true" are being given positive scores. Thirdly, the majority of the postings claim there is nothing wrong with that chant, and lastly the story is being used for comic content "I prefer Obama light" for example.

There have been numerous proven cases of "agent provocateur" to undermine social movements.

However, from reading the comments on this thread for support of such chants, I doubt that it was a case of provocateur. Even if it were, it seems that many here would have cheered them on.

Hopefully it was not filmed. I still hold my opinion that those chants are racist and just plain stupid.

We are like the mechanism of a watch: each part is essential.