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Accusation Of Racism In Arizona "Romney Is The White Obama" Rp Supporters Are Accused Of Yelling

If this accusation is true it needs to be addressed by Ron Paul supporters. This sort of stuff (if on video) will be kept and introduced if Ron Paul wins the nomination.

Ron Paul supporters do absolutely no good to the Ron Paul cause by painting themselves as racist.

The last thing Ron Paul needs is to have to address a video of Ron Paul supporters yelling "Romney is a White Obama". Guaranteed to hurt big time. In my opinion, such ammo will not surface until after Ron Paul wins the nomination.

Be smart people!


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I agree

We need to be careful. We have enough to worry about nowadays.

Romney is

The white Obama. What is racist about that? It's just a fact, both puppet presidents, all groomed and presented reality television style on the national entertainment networks that somehow are allowed to use "news" for their title.

It's not racist, it's true.

Race has absolutely nothing

Race has absolutely nothing to do with it. We're talking about two people who are beholden to corrupt special interests.

Personally, I prefer the.....

label "Obama Light".

Not me.

I prefer Obam-ney, since they are actually one-in-the-same ;-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

its probably made up

the quote was "Some attendees said they heard Paul supporters chanting outside that Mitt Romney is "the white Obama."

that is probably made up. thats probably the romney supporter making it up and the media guy running with it.

if its true....... it can be PERCEIVED as racist. i don't think you are a troll for pointing that out. its not a good chant at all. i think you are right to point that out and its not a good thing to chant for sure.

It's not racist, but who

It's not racist, but who would have thought the Trayvon death would be considered an act of racism. Now we've witnessed a modern day witch hunt. People throw racism around these days over anything, so point taken, we need to be careful.

Can someone explain how that is racist??

I'm not getting it.

Maybe it just me,,,

But I do not see the racism sorry


Your level of sensitivity is obviously quite different than mine. Would you say that most likely your average Ron Paul supporter see absolutely nothing wrong with chanting:

"Romney is a WHITE Obama"?

How about "Romney is a MORMON Obama"?

How about "Obama is a BLACK Romney"?

If many here see nothing wrong with chanting these in public and indeed is supported by your rank and file Ron Paul supporter I have no doubt his international appeal will extinguish.

Just my opinion of course.

We are like the mechanism of a watch: each part is essential.

I think the

average Ron Paul supporter, who understands public relations finds chants like this frustrating. I know I don't like chants like that. We have to attach policy, credibility, and our countries financial status. Focus on these, and we pull people to our side. If we go this other route we run into that nasty consequent's thing.


More tactics by the Romney campaign to disenfranchise Ron Paul supporters IMHO.


calling Mutt WRONGney a "White oBUSHma" is hardly a "racist" thing to say.

sounds to me like a bunch of pansy PC liberal collectivist socialists are whining about nothing.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

It may not be

But will that stop the media from trying to spin it. I think that's what was being implied.


Dude, the news article just appeared on USA TODAY, a widely read mainstream news. Thousands of undecided voters will read that story.
I posted it because it is very important and yet you call me a troll.

Are you so moronic to not recognize that chanting "Romney is a WHITE Obama" (IF TRUE) is not only racist but just plain stupid.

Seriously, you see that as totally fine?

We are like the mechanism of a watch: each part is essential.

Um, Yes. So?

Awwww you called me a "Hillbilly" with an open-ended question mark to boot! How cute.

I suppose being progeny of Scotch-Irish descendents who settled in the Ozarks/Appalachia is somehow supposed to be an insult?

You don't say!

How not so bigoted of you, while trying to tell others... er to be 'not' bigoted.

Um, got irony much?

See this is why neocons are cognitively dissonant: 'destroy life to save life.'

Or, more apropos of your case: be bigoted, to destroy bigotry!

Bravo! That always work! Yay?

I'll bite; so you don't think your comments are TROLL-esque. Here's why I disagree.

Whether intended or not, your thread's headline is precisely what a "concern troll" would do. If you disagree with that assessment, read on.

MSM have spun and maligned Dr. Paul on every baseless charge, ad infinitum. So, if you think walking on eggshells as to delude if you play nice, they're gonna be fair to Dr. Paul, or You, um... have you been alive in the last 5yrs?

Of course, "white obama" is not a kind thing to say, only to a murderer like oBUSHma, or tyrannical statist FlipFlopping UnConstitutionalist like Wrongney. But apparently, those AZ R3VOL weren't considerate enough to not worry about hurting sensitive PC feelings of those two statist collectivist fascist a-holes, even though it's true, and obviously will now garner bad press. Oh, boo boo. Wow. What a crime.

The question you gotta ask is, since it's already been said, if what was allegedly shouted at AZ convention indeed turns out to be true, what, should Dr. Paul or AZ R3VOL or the campaign apologize or address MSM on this issue with "I strongly condemn" blah blah blah? Have you seen Dr. Paul hold a press conference explaining away the newsletters every time MSM deem it necessary like every three months to smear him anytime there's a good news on the campaign front?

Stop seeking approval from MSM; they're gonna smear, malign, spin, and lie, every time, 100% of the time! You have no control over what media propagandists will say, anyway.

Plus, your post is like duplicate post no.3; the article talks about Wrongney's son getting booed off stage. Now, instead of rolling with a headline that refers to that, you decide to go with the one that you put up.

Tell me, Mr. Not "Hillbilly," Mr. NOT "moron," just WTF do you think Google algorithm does with repeated number of usages of certain phrases, or two or more words commonly used together?

It ties/binds word-associations, together.

For instance, if you and I google search "obama is a murderer" those words over repeated searches will eventually lock in word association. Just like how when anyone now types "Santorum," you get "Frothy."


Do you think those of us who are "hillbillies" and "morons" intentionally stay away from NOT using those words you used in your headline, because we don't know what the latest MSM smear meme/headlines are, whenever a new one comes out?

Most of us here at DailyPaul news.google or StartPage.com "ron paul" like every 5 minutes, daily, to stay updated.

From past observation, MSM smears don't usually last beyond 3days if actual "morons" don't neurotically click on those headlines, keeping them in the news cycle: http://www.dailypaul.com/comment/2446877

So if NOT putting up headlines and the description in your thread is a "moronic" thing to do, I'd rather be a "moron hillbilly" than someone who sarcastically names his Avatar a "Rothschild," yet ironic ironically Mr. Not-Troll is not being so-sardonically sarcastic, all the while hurting Dr. Paul's name, because you're unaware of how google algorithm works, even on the surface.

And really, WHAT part of calling Wrongney a white oBUSHma is "racist?"

Definitions apparently don't mean much these days; calling someone an N word is racist. Telling someone because of his/her skin color (s)he's dumb, or is incapable of doing ___, or are prohibited from doing ____, IS racist because it is using purely physical attributes, not reason, but pure prejudice to malign, or prohibit.

Calling Romney white (which is true) version of oBUSHma (also true from ALL of his actual past policy positions, and his public statements), is NOT "racist!"

Talk about 'moron"-ically getting sucked into MSM meme and propagating it.

Because your headline just contributed to making this into the news cycle and google word association with "ron paul" and what you just described, Mr. Genius.

Learn: http://www.dailypaul.com/comment/2446877

Frankly I have no need to call you names other than a "TROLL" simply because your actions clearly qualify, as well as, what you're doing is self-explanatory for anyone who's aware of google ranking & word-tagging/associations.

So yes. Be Gone 'Rothschild,' if you're gonna continue callously posting these type of headlines, as if the number of "down votes" isn't of any indication, already. And as to not keep bumping your headline, this will be my final post on this topic.

Enjoy. Parse Away. I'll get some popcorn.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Your no troll!

I see what you are saying.

So what

is racist about the statement?