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Rand Paul gay marriage comments

I have considered myself an independent most of my life. I despise the two party system with a passion. I was first drawn to the libertarian movement based based on my personal belief that the government had NO right telling someone how to live their lives. I love Doctor Paul and believe he embodies that belief to the tee. I do not understand why Rand would make such a comment about about gay marriage.

The libertarian viewpoint is that the federal government should stay out of marriages completely! It should be an individuals choice to marry whoever they want regardless of others viewpoints. I am not gay personally but have many friends that are and it pains me to see them pandering to Obama just because he said he approves of gay marriage. It pains me more to see the son of my political hero pandering to the hard christian right for reasons I don't understand.

Doctor Paul retains his personal opinions while still spreading a message of liberty and personal freedom. I feel that if Rand were a true libertarian he would do the same. I am just disappointed, I guess, because I thought Rand was the future of the movement. I will always remain a libertarian but will be unable to support him if he is willing to sell out on a personal freedom issue.

I would really love others viewpoints on this. Maybe I'm just looking at it the wrong way?


Full video skip to about 5:15

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I just didn't hear anything

I just didn't hear anything in that speech that seemed out of place or different from what Rand's position on the issue has always been, so I guess I don't see where the charge of him selling out is coming from. If he really wanted to pander to these people, he could have made some empty promise to try and pass some kind of legislation. Instead we hear him plugging Ron's book and retelling his fathers abortion story. If Rand intends to influence the party at large to create change, or even to perhaps run for president, he is going to have to interact and talk to a wide range of people, not just preach to libertarians. I don't feel sold out by Rand. But then again, some think he sells out every time he interviews with anyone who works for Fox news.... It is getting a bit ridiculous.

Neocons built a coalition with social conservatives, but they aren't necessarily the same. A lot religious folks go along out of fear. But there are also plenty who would likely be on our side when it comes to issues like private education, etc, property, natural rights, pro life, etc.

"Tolerance, tolerance"

cries the INTOLERANT left.

It's what "Political Correctness" is made of.

exactly BigT...

exactly BigT...

Surely you're smarter than

Surely you're smarter than that. Both Left and Right points of view are shallow and narcissistic.


is a neocon, and he's pandering.

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm just well-informed

Give me a break

I still cannot wrap my head around why everyone is SO surprised at Rand's comments. The man has openly stated that he's NOT a libertarian. I deal with people all the time who accuse me of being a Ron Paul "cultist", but I have no love for the man because of his last name or that he even has a son, it's his track record that locks it in for me! However, I still see people who salivate over Rand's 2016 run, which may or may not even happen. Surely everyone here realizes that the future of the movement is based on:

1.) Continued due diligence by all voting persons to weed out and call out ALL violations of liberty in the voting record of a candidate AND question all ties to MIC/AIPAC/etc.
2.) Election and maintenance of local and state level advocates of liberty.
3.) Unapologetic use of the 10th Amendment (and advocacy groups such as the 10th amendment center) to curb federal intrusions into state's rights.

The future of the movement is NOT based on someone like Rand; I know I upset people when I say this but anyone who honestly believes that another "Ron" is in the work is simply being foolish. We must continue to support individuals who stand for the core concepts of liberty and individual rights. We cannot support people who are "90%" liberty minded as that defeats the purpose!

Blinded support of ANY candidate short of following the 3 steps I've listed above will ensure the liberty movement will be co-opted and defanged JUST like the tea party. I pity anyone who falls for such a delusion.

“Facts don’t cease to exist because they are ignored.” – Aldous Huxley

So, Rand's a REAL Christian, eh?...

So, back in 2008, I went to a rally in Atlanta, GA where Rand was the featured speaker. His speech was laced with mild profanity ("hells", "damns", & as I recall possibly some "sons o' bitches"). So, using Rand's logic, we should take away his right to free speech because he's not using it in the manner God intended. F U, Rand. Hypocrite. (In Rand's defense, he was PANDERING to a different audience back then).

"sometimes I hug the coffee table when no one is looking."

I don't condone cursing, but I don't condone

misrepresenting character either. Where and when has Rand EVER advocated taking away someone's right to free speech?

I was there too!

I personally can longer support Rand based on these comments. It's bad enough he supports military action against Iran!

Where does he state the right

Where does he state the right to free speech should be taken away?

It would've been nice for him

It would've been nice for him to use that same language (the profanity) in a hall filled with self-described Christians. Hey... Freedom of speech!

I'm gay, and can give a hoot

I'm gay, and can give a hoot about this story! I respect Rand's opinion on the matter. I AGREE, marriage consists of one man and one woman. He is pandering to a group of Bible thumpers. So what? That's politics. You know what this story is? A DISTRACTION!

Stay focused people! We have state delegate conventions to worry about!

As a gay man, I should be flying my rainbow flag, sporting an Obama bumper sticker, and be a good democrat...but I don't place myself above my country. America is more important than my own personal issues.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

I am gay too, and reject this

I am gay too, and reject this either or proposition. I don't have to like Rand or Obama. What Rand said was not appropriate and WILL continue to alienate gays from the movement.


Fake and gay :b

I smelled a rat...

reedr3v's picture

You are wiser than to be drawn into superficial

divisiveness. The entire political problem, as usual, is caused by the government and its minions who would control others.

I am not gay, but I also don't respect Rand's opinion that personal, non-harmful behavior can be some kind of "sin." It is offensive to me that he uses that language. But the big issues are Liberty and Peace.
I can appreciate the efforts he makes toward that end and regret his pandering on the side. He simply lacks the heart and full humanity of Ron Paul. Few rise to that stature.

I am wise enough to know that

I am wise enough to know that Rand Paul is pandering...the game of politics is never perfect. But the joyful gay fruit does not fall far from his father's tree. Rand is trying to connect with a demographic we NEED to win this thing, ESPECIALLY in the south. Rand comes from Kentucky. Santorum delegates and Gingrich delegates come from the same neck of the woods. They'll be in Tampa - and I think Rand is just laying the gameplan to win over these delegates.

You know how the general public is...Rand Paul, Ron Paul - they mix the two together. Next thing you'll hear is, "Ron Paul is against gay marriage."

And to an extent - I must admit - this story will actually HELP Ron Paul win over segments of the population we need to take back the GOP. They may be ignorant, but at least let Rand play them like a fiddle for just a few more months for the sake of America.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

How can you agree

If you're gay

Because I respect his

Because I respect his religious beliefs. I may not agree with every word, but I respect them. I do not want to intrude upon the institution of marriage, mainly because it's a religious issue and people are free to practice and preach their religion.

I DO agree on the definition of marriage...it should be between a man and a woman IF the church so desires. But there are many Christian churches that perform gay weddings today because they have DIFFERENT religious beliefs...and they should be free to practice as they so choose.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

If you really believe that

If you really believe that the so-called "institution" of marriage is entirely religious, then you really should argue for the elimination of any and all government involvement in that facet of American life because it clearly is an establishment of religion, aka unacceptably unconstitutional at it's core!


You mean they can define it like they want, not that it is the definition...you mean?

(I'm just going to assume that or you have a lot of self-hate ;D)

They're free to practice as

They're free to practice as they wish, that's what I mean. Self-hate? Oh good Lord, please. This is a religious issue. Some Christian churches don't allow gay marriage, some do. That's cool with me. It's their practice of religion...let them practice. So be it.

On a side note, after personally witnessing the horrors of many friends and a family members go through divorce in the last five years, the last thing I want to do right now is get married.

Many people treat marriage like socks and underwear. They get married and 3 years later they want a new pair of socks and underwear. They just get a divorce, and go on to the next pair.

The institution of marriage has been corrupted...too many people no longer take their vows before God seriously. And gay people aren't to blame. Look in the mirror.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

This has nothing to do with politics, just curious...

So do you just personally separate yourself from marriage (not as a gay person but as a person) or do you think it's in your view something only religious people do?

Or are you just saying it's been worked to a convoluted core....:b

hear here

hear here

True Patriot

you are, sir.

He said nothing wrong

As a Christian I believe all sexual relations out side of marriage is a sin. Allowing Gays to marry will make it no less a sin. BUT .. BUT ... BUT ... I believe people have the right to enter into any relationship they want. My belief is just that ... People are free to choose their own way ... I don't look down on gay people any more then my friends that fornicate with women. If anything I pity them and wish they would follow my home boy Jesus.

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Stand up For your Civil Rights

Your comment reminds me of

Your comment reminds me of the hypocrisy of Christians who come down against gays, but not so much so on adultery and promiscuity, when according to the Bible, they are all pretty much equal sinwise!

I don't care if he thinks gay

I don't care if he thinks gay sex is sinful. That is not the point. It was the words he used, and his use of his theology to set domestic policy. Why can't you accept the right of adults to marry who they wish to, and maintain your views about sin? No contradiction there.

I don't see anything wrong

I don't see anything wrong with what he said. He said that homosexuality from a biblical perspective is a sin. So is heteroxexual promiscuity. There is nothing wrong with these statements. I don't think he was advocating for the government to regulate marriage, just that sexual sin is wrong. He was speaking about the Bible and about religion.

I agree with him, but I still don't think the government should get involved. I don't judge others who are gay. They can do what they want. But I still personally believe it is wrong and it seems Rand thinks so too.