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Arizona Needs HELP, Ballot stuffing and threats of physical violence being used at the convention!

Yes you heard right. From the stream at AZ http://www.ustream.tv/channel/ronpaulorbust there's a ton of bad things going down and people there are looking for people with Parlimentarian knowledge to help them. They heard about the great news in OK and were hoping to get a hold of someone from there. I have an email address to get in contact with them or visit their stream page and talk via chat.

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I feel Carnegie's book is an excellent recommendation for everyone to read. Another idea is not just look to Missouri, we should remember Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, and even Louisiana for Successful examples.

Remember - most folks [ especially the supporters of "uncle john" mccain, the older military veterans, the retirees, the Latter-day Saints (mormons)there in AZ ] - they do Not Know about the injustices that occurred in other states. The people in Arizona (or your state) may be judgemental, however, by building Positive relationships of trust, make a friend and KINDLY Educate them. Find the common ground (Too much Taxes, Limited Government, Conservative values, Something y'all have in common to build a relationship from).... remember Love, not hate.

"In God We Trust"
Galatians 4:16

Carnegie book?

On Robert's Rules or what?

Probably wouldn't have helped - RP had no majority

The Chairman was not following Robert's Rules of Order in any recognizable form, despite the delegation's vote to accept them. This fact was never protested until the very end when he adjourned the convention without calling for a vote.

The Chairman was not familiar with the proper procedures and simply chose to ignore the rules in the face of a tired/irate RP crowd.

As was stated by David Fitzgerald in the parking lot... we need to organize better and get more people elected in order to take control of the Republican Party. We got some of our people elected, but just didn't hit a home run this year in AZ.


a lot of hissy fits from the establishment.. So does this mean we won?

a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

Too late.

They went outside and one guy climbed on top an RV, made a speech and talked them all out of finishing the convention business.

if they really want to

they could lease the location or part of the location, at a different date, reconvene and finish the convention.

It's hard to believe they did not have a parliamentarian for the Ron Paul faction.

Parlimentarian knowledge

Anyone have contact info for Brent Stafford in Missouri?