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So how many states did we take yesterday.

Along with AZ and OK there was district conventions in Va also the Wisconsin and Hawaii state conventions are yesterday and today. So I'm wondering the totals of these states if anyone has accurate numbers please post them here. Go Ron Paul.

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The man with the gavel

The man with the gavel gets to decide.
You will never hear anything about this on MSM, It would reveal too much GOP corruption.
I sure hope the Paul delegates arrive at the convention first, otherwise, they will be told that the OK delegates are already seated.
Be ready to fight the bastards.

Watchman: I understand your

Watchman: I understand your frustration, but yours is the first negative comment I've read all morning. Optimism my friend, get involved. It's never about just one leader. If your General is killed in battle do the soldiers instantly give up? Not professional, organized soldiers! They sack up and carry on with the mission.


We didn't win a d@#$ thing.every time we win something eveybody around here acts like we lost.i've heard MSM broadcasters talk about how organized the Paul campaign.well you sure wouldn't know it here at Daily Paul.everybody must be having a ball over at Daily Romney or whatever,watching their boy steal everything.well this is my last election folks.if Ron Paul doesn't win,i'll never caste another vote in this lifetime.

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Clearly you have not lurked enough.

PROTIP: LurkMoar

Also: I'm having a ball right here.... No Mittens required but thanks for offering.


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Here is what I understand about the delegate numbers:

Arizona State: 6-11 / 29
Oklahoma State: two rival slates (ours has 25 / 25); Tampa floor fight?
Virginia CD 1,2,3,7,8: 8-9 / 15
Kentucky CD 3: no reported data
New Mexico Counties: no reported data

I don't know anything about the alternate numbers.

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

Arizona Delegates

Ron Paul took 11 of 18 delegates decided in the district caucuses. It was the “at large” delegates that were left in the air.


But only 9 delegates were decided in CD caucuses

Unless he's counting alternates. Some people are saying Paul got 2 of the 9 that will actually vote.


Thank you it seems like chaos trying to get all the delegate numbers but in a few days we will know the totals.

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I'm dubious about Oklahoma.

The parking lot convention will be challenged at best and will be disregarded at worst. If OKGOP doesn't play by the rules what makes us think the RNC will?

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Gov. Romney is not going to want a Tampa floor fight...

... on national TV, over the Oklahoma delegates. I suspect a deal with Dr. Paul to resolve the competing slates will be reached before Tampa.

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

If OKGOP Did Indeed Fund Romney During Primary? I Don't

think the RP campaign would have to deal. That is if RP campaign has any ability and the rule breaking funding is fact.


How do you make a "deal" with flagrant corruption?

They will not be let in

so no floor fight from them.

And the media won't cover it.

No Deals

Never deal with the devil!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

From what I can tell OK was

From what I can tell OK was swept, AZ has won like seven out of 28 or something and I haven't heard anything else. I've gotten all info from DP.


Only 9 delegates were decided. 19 more were voted on but the results were not revealed and the meeting was illegally adjourned before the resultes were revealed. Of the 9 delegates actually voted on, Ron Paul won 3. So at this time, it could be as little as 3 delegates for RP in AZ. It could be as many as 22 however, but they just refused to follow the agenda of the day and acutally finish the vote totals, so we won't know about those delegates for a while. The only good thing is that we had Ron Paul people in with the votes so if we had a chance on those "at large" delegates. From the first votes of the day in our individual districts, the vote machines screwed up and the meeting was a disaster.
I don't actually believe that anyone was trying to screw Ron Paul yesterday, but the committee chairman was so incompetent and lacking in knowledge about the rules of order, it put everyone on edge.
My personal observation is, I just don't think we had the numbers to get our slate of "at large" delegates in. So I think that if all was done correctly, 3 delegates is all we would have recieved.
However, the meeting ran so long, and so many Romney people left, that when they illegally adjourned (by the chairman declaring lack of a quorum) 80% of the people who stayed around were Ron Paul supporters. So any business that would have been conducted would have been voted on by a heavily Ron Paul crowd. Maybe we had stronger numbers earlier however, and that's why they drug the meeting out so long, so they could quickly adjourn right at 9pm when the cops were ready to kick us out.
Like I said, I didn't think we had the numbers to get our slate passed, but if not, why did they need to drag it out and then illegally adjourn?
Either way, I'm pissed, the whole thing was grossly out of order, and even the Romney people gotta know how incompetent the chairman was, and what a debacle he made the convention into.

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It's not them dragging it

It's not them dragging it out,

it's them counting the vote when you aren't there. All votes are supposed to be counted and announced in convention.

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