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Rand Paul: "I Didn't Think Obama's views On Marriage Could Get Any Gayer" Cnn Poll: What do you Think?

CNN just covered Rand Paul's comment during a speech

I didn't think Obama's 'views on marriage could get any gayer'

CNN is now running a poll asking whether Rand Paul's comment on Obama couldn't be gayer funny or inappropriate.

CNN also included in their story that Rand Paul is the son of Ron Paul, a presidential hopeful.


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It was another terribly immature comment

from a very immature politician. But I don't think he'll sink Ron Paul, though I don't see Rand's own political career surviving these continued shots to his own feet of clay.

Yet look at the history of Obama's oafish and immoral comments and he's still admired by idiots and the media.

Let their ratings AND their polls decline.

I will not bother to visit ANY msm site. If they want to ignore us, then so be it. They will never know what hit them come Tampa.

We should all be concentrating our efforts on winning this thing - not promoting more propoganda.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

These types of issues are so

These types of issues are so low priority that they are nothing but a distraction. By paying any attention to these things you're racking up hits on the videos and webpages about the subject and telling the news outlets that it's a prime issue for you. It works every time. They create an endless barrage of stories to entertain and distract sheeple from the real problems.

Please stay focused on the real issues threatening the world and country at the moment. There are plenty.

You asked. Here's what I think...

1) I find it refreshing that both Ron and Rand Paul say what think instead of couching their views in ambiguous speech, meaningless cliches, and the repressive politically-correct speech the weaselly progressive left has managed to instill in everyone's brains (through intimidation, since the 70's) that has everyone more concerned about what they and others SAY than what they actually DO. (There are enough "feminist/gay-supporting" p.c. males with orders against them for abusive behavior and/or non-payment of child support, who lack respect for not only women and children but also the law... but proudly wear pink and purple and make sure they say "snow person" instead of "snow man!"

2) I find it refreshing that, unlike Obama, Romney, or Santorum, who talk out of both sides of their mouths, we know where Ron and Rand Paul stand.

3) Rand didn't even say anything about gays, let alone something disparaging; he was commenting on the president's political agenda - and in a witty way, because unlike some, he actually has a sense of humor - why people laughed.

4)Nonetheless, at the current time I believe there is, something of a backlash against gays, not as individuals but the heavy-handed, ubiquitous gay agenda being shoved down not OUR throats but the throats of children, including even kindergarteners, via developmentally-inappropriate and (regardless of age) content-inappropriate sex education and English class reading assignments in public schools, i.e., government-run institutions that usurp parents' rights of what to teach their children in such matters (and others).

5) I find it ironic and sleazy that, given RON PAUL'S enthusiastic and ever-growing following, Obama responded to Rand's innocuous comment by:
a) declaring this to be a STATES RIGHTS issue - when he opposed California making the determination for itself during the last election (Proposition #8); and
b) after having shown his disdain for the Bible, in general, and specifically the Sermon On The Mount, publicly mocking both, and having nothing less than refused to speak at a Catholic, i.e., religious, university (Georgetown) unless it covered up part of the wall of the auditorium's stage with a piece of black-painted plywood to hide just the SYMBOL "IHS," a Greek reference to Jesus - (now that Ron Paul has mentioned it) choosing to invoke THE GOLDEN RULE, most associated with Jesus Christ, who defined it as one of the TWO great commandments on which all the law depends.

6) Lastly, while I support a state's right to make the determination of the definition of marriage, I myself am not a strict libertarian, nor anarchist (one reason I support Ron Paul vs. a party platform, i.e., an individual with reasoned views based on guiding principles but understanding that issues need to be reasoned through taking many factors into consideration) - I believe it is both appropriate and necessary for the federal government to take a stand for two reasons: first, something needs to guide policy where federal workers are concerned, should it be relevant; second, something needs to guide interstate disputes, such where divorce and child custody/visitation are concerned, seeing as those who are married or otherwise sign contracts with respect to family can move from state to state where states might define marriage differently; and for such purposes I support the definition of marriage as traditionally understood throughout recorded time, religion notwithstanding, as between a man and a woman.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

You sound like not a pleasant person

Not that I would wish your companionship on us gays or women, but I hope you're born both in next life

To each his own

My issue doesn't regard individual choices - to each his own - but re political correctness/hypocrisy and also lobbies wishing to force their views on all. I take issue with the progressive agenda and what children are taught in schools, especially in lower grades. I'm as averse to lobbying efforts by social conservatives to ban abortion or, in schools, to exclude the theory of evolution. I support RP (and our founders) who felt power should be least with federal government, most left to the individual (which includes parents on behalf of children). Obviously there are differences of opinion. Obama in 2008 defined marriage as "a union between a man and a woman." That's how I see it. I can respect the opinion of others, and I accept changes of heart w/o accusing someone of being disingenuous. But given that the traditional definition has been the assumption related to various rights or obligations (re taxes, insurance, etc.), and given interstate disputes involving children, it's not something that can just be left to states.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir


"traditional" is a catchword to try to enforce its (inaccurate) more validity

This is not even news

Now if Rand had said in a nationally televised debate that he would have voted for NDAA, that would be news worth reporting so that the American people would be aware that he supports a law that gives him the right to assassinate their fellow citizens without due process.


could be worse than FOX, just looking to slow down the momentum of the Ron Paul juggernaut. The Revolution will not be televised. CNN what is it good for???? Absolutly nuthin' say it again. RP2012 WINNING!!

9/11 was an inside job .....time to get some answers..RP 2012

Guys, I'm not American! What

Guys, I'm not American! What does "presidential longshot" mean? Is it something offensive in any way?

It means Google is your

It means Google is your friend.

It's trying to say someone doesn't have a chance at being presid

...its an underhanded way to insert opinion in "news"

Rand ignores individual rights

government should have no say in marriage. If you wanna come up with an argument for WHY government should be involved in marriage in any shape or form, go right ahead. I'll point out the flaws when you're finished. We can take the principles of individual rights and apply them to so many things: drug prohibition, food prohibition, marriage prohibition, foreign policy, domestic policy, etc. At the end of the day, the state has no business being involved in our private lives.

How many days in jail should gay individuals have to serve if they break the law and get married?

How many days in jail should a marijuana smoker be sentenced to if they break the law and smoke marijuana?

How many days in jail should a dairy farmer be sentenced to if they break the law and sell raw milk?

How many days in jail should a protester be sentenced to if they break the law and burn a flag?

How many days in jail should a soldier be sentenced to if they break the law and refuse to fight in an unjust war?

How many days in jail should a citizen have to serve if they break the law and carry a gun without a permit?

Damn, these jails are getting mighty overcrowded. I just wish we could find the culprit.

"sometimes I hug the coffee table when no one is looking."

I agree with you 100% but

Is Rand proposing legislation to ban individual rights? The CNN collective can go take a flying f___. Rand has the wisdom of his parents. He has a problem with obama not individual rights.

"Freedomless, Will work for Liberty"

How many days in jail?

How severe should the punishment be?....

"sometimes I hug the coffee table when no one is looking."

Hey red sheild

There is already a lengthy thread on Rand bashing which you have been posting in, perhaps you would like this website to exclusively focus on meaningless msm tripe. ooooh he said gayer!


"Freedomless, Will work for Liberty"

I'd say it's pretty clear

that the Obama-mobilized left is here to push Obama's key wedge issue.

How much more obvious could it get?



Bossman: Is there anything going on in the world that we can somehow use against Ron Paul?

Reporter: Well, I saw a clip of his son making a "gay" reference about Obama...Maybe, if we slant the story we could turn it into a negative against his "father", I'm sure it could be done.

Bossman1: Lets use that little newsclip and try to tie it with his father,make a reference to him being the son of Dr. Paul, maybe we can make some of the "sheeple" believe these are anti-gay comment.

Reporter: Great idea Boss, I see what you want, I know I can do it....blah, blah, blah.

Bossman: Komrad, You are ESSENTIAL worker and get to live another day.

I think this is just more

I think this is just more evidence that Rand is clearly not the future of the liberty movement.

I think its kinda funny

And its kinda factually correct, I dont see anything really insulting about it, unless you are looking for something to be wrong with it, but if you are looking for something to be wrong with something then you will be upset with chickens because they dont give milk and be upset with cows because they dont lay eggs.

average life span of gays

is 39, so the fundamentalist that makes you feel bad about being gay is helping you live longer.

Who made up those numbers?

Your mother?

Average life span of fools is 20. I guess that would make you middle aged


I think the whole Gay Marriage thing is no big deal.

Rand Paul is far and away with the majority of Americans on the issue, every state where a gay marriage ban was on the ballot, t passed easily.

Ron has the more libertarian approach that gov. should not be involved in marriage and should be left up to churches.

They differ, however I can see Rand Paul easily winning the hearts of Santorum social conservatives.

I like Ron beaue

I like Ron because he wins the minds of thoughtful people. Can't stand politicians who cater to overly emotional peoples hearts. I can think of a few...


CNN ran an update after 30 min of running the original story. They are asking people to tweet in comments. They just read 3 comments on tv, all negative towards Rand Paul.

One comment that was read on TV

From Christian Minister so and so: Rand Paul was inappropriate. As a Christian he should practice what Jesus thought: Love thy neighbour

Another comment reads: Rand Paul is a bigot and should apologize

Another comment is along the lines: Rand Paul is childish like a high school kid

Obviously CNN is associating Rand Paul with Ron Paul by adding the tag "son of presidential hopeful Ron Paul"

Note that they are repeating this coverage on CNN today every 30 minutes....

We are like the mechanism of a watch: each part is essential.

This is exactly why this was

This is exactly why this was the wrong thing for Rand to do. He, more than most people, should realize anything he says in a public forum will be fodder for an opponent, so you should stick to your core points and not get too cute.