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Govt trying to implicate Ron and Rand Paul in terrorist activities

This is a recent Facebook post that I thought everyone should see. I am copying it in its entirety here so those who don't have a Facebook account can see it as well. Link to the original at the bottom in case anyone wants to verify it, or contact the writer.
Bill White:

Well, this is my first public posting on Facebook since my release from the Supermax level of an American detention facility on April 20, 2011.

If you have paid attention to my case -- not what the liars at the Roanoke Times have reported, but the truth about my case -- the US federal government arrested me without cause on October 17, 2008 and then framed me for various crimes in an effort to stifle statements I was making critical of not only the current administration of the United States, but the social, cultural and political frameworks of American society. The government seized a magazine I own and several webservers and held me in a variety of prisons, ranging in level from Medium to Super-Maximum, in an effort to compel me to confess to various crimes that did not occur.

In particular, for the first week after my arrest, I was held in the bullpen at the Roanoke City Jail, where I was subjected to a continuous bright light and to constant banging on my cell in an effort to prevent me from sleeping. I was denied visitation and I was denied access to hygeine such as a toothbrush and a shower.

When I was transferred to the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago, I was held in an unheated cell in the Chicago winter for five days. During that time, I was given only a torn piece of a jumpsuit to wear and a single torn blanket. The temperature in that cell I was told was below twenty degrees at times.

Later in the month of November, I was transferred to a separate cell that was flooded with human feces, and witnessed other inmates being stripped naked and beaten by guards, often on videotape.

The US government performed these acts against me in an effort to compel my confession to an attempt to assassinate Barack Obama that did not exist. In fact, most so-called terrorist incidents within the United States do not exist. The FBI and the US government are fabricating "terrorist" plots with perjured testimony and confessions extracted under torture in an effort to terrorize and deceive the US public.

Throughout these proceedings, the US government worked closely with the Roanoke Times newspaper to present false information to the general public in an effort to secure my conviction. When it became clear they would not be able to secure a conviction on the charge for which I was arrested -- the alleged plot to assassinate a juror in the Matthew Hale case -- or a confession, the US government charged with numerous petty cases in an effort to justify my detention, and judge shopped to find someone -- in this case Judge James C Turk -- who would be willing to rubber stamp their bogus charges. Working with the Roanoke Times to influence public opinion was key in this matter.

After my trial in Roanoke, I was repeatedly told by the US government that if I would confess to crimes which did not occur and testify before Congress as to my involvement in a right wing terrorist conspiracy that stretched from Congressman Ron Paul and Senator Rand Paul to the Ku Klux Klan and "nazi skinheads", and which centered on the World Church of the Creator, that I would be freed and eventually pardoned for my crimes. I refused. Because of my refusal, I was taken from a medium security facility in Beckley, West Virginia, and returned to Supermax conditions, where I was brutalized for an additional eight months and told that if I did not cooperate I would held and tortured for as long as the government could possibly hold me. During this latter period I was also drugged in an effort to extract a confession.

Earlier this year, the US federal government bribed my appellate counsel, Melissa Warner Scoggins, of Warren and Associates, PLC, into not filing papers to appeal my case to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. This act of bribery is consistent with other information I had received indicating that a group of agents within the Federal Bureau of Investigation and their supervisors in the United States Attorneys Office had made an agreement to "destroy" me at all costs, including killing me should they be unable to secure my conviction. This is because of their belief that a "broad conspiracy" of "white supremacists" were responsible for the killing of the family of US District Judge Joan Lefkow, among other acts, and their mistaken belief that I was somehow involved in that conspiracy. (I was not.)

For these reasons I left the United States several weeks ago after accepting an offer of asylum from a foreign nation that shares my view that the United States government is not legitimate. I shall not be returning.

Further, for those who believe that one cannot use the internet without having one's location tracked, I am utilizing a multi-level proxy and anonymizing service to post to this account. I was using one of my own devising; I am now using a better one. The US government does not have the technology necessary to penetrate through to the root IP.

I am aware that all of my Facebook and email records from US providers will eventually be subpoenaed, as well as the limits of the current technology used to monitor cellular telephones and international travel.

I am doing well but am looking to expand my work as a writer. Anyone with a serious interest in licensing my work or commissioning new work should respond here or send an email to dhyphen@yahoo.com. Donations to help me settle in my new land are also welcome.

Thank all of you who support me. The United States has become an evil empire more dangerous to world security than the former Soviet Union, and its government must be overturned if the peoples of the world are going to remain free.