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Did You Know "Ron Paul" can be pronounced "Mitt Romney"?

just watch.. only 20 seconds. Original Tweet:


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Just remember that for every blatantly obvious slant like this

that is accidently shown on the air, there are 100 that are less obviously but just as intentional and definite behind the scenes.


I wonder what kind of feedback this jerk got after this? Are they going to try to simply ignore it? Have any of you heard?


And we wonder why...

CSPAN gets placed on the obscured channel numbers in the cable lineup.

But that is GOOD news. Now in

But that is GOOD news. Now in August when they announce that Romney has passed 1144 delegates and is the nominee, can't we just show this clip and suggest that maybe they were just using the alternate pronunciation of Ron Paul?


rather biased



what the hell, does he think

what the hell, does he think knowone in america can read. This is not right

"knowone in america can read"

Or spell!


He probably didn't know that the post appeared onscreen as he said Mitt's name. Or, they're just rubbing their powers of manipulation in our faces. Or maybe they just want to see how many people are (not) paying attention.

In any case, I think it's funny. It's angering on a certain level, to be sure, but IMO all one can really do is laugh at the foolishness of it all.

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I agree. These are the things

I agree. These are the things that make a peacuful and intellectual revolution extremely hard! I want to punch that guy in the face!

Notice the "deer -in-the-headlights" look after he said it!

He KNEW he was caught in a lie!!

Brain Dead!

"CAUTION: Brainwashing May Damage Brain Cells Which May Not Function Properly When You Use Them for Reading, Etc.)!" And these people fret about DRUGS???

E-mail Scully and give him a piece of your mind

That old fart is C-SPAN host Steven Scully. According to Politico, he is known in the media for his "evenhandedness."

The program is Washington Journal -Open Phones-, aired on May 13, 2012 (Program ID 305984-2).

Topic: "Telephone lines were open for responses to the question whether the Presidents change in position on gay marriage is a flip-flop or an evolution."

The Tweet message came in at 21 minutes 9 seconds.

The C-SPAN link for this program will soon be outdated,

Permanent link to the C-SPAN program,

Ask him to apologize (e-mail): journal@c-span.org

Yes, Scully lied and was caught red-handed, he probably thought the tweet message would not be shown on camera.

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That's a good one.

That's a good one.



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Thumbs up to the camera man

Thumbs up to the camera man who switched to the graphic

In this poor robots defense,

In this poor robots defense, he's probably so programmed that when he reads, "vote for and support....." it's only natural for him to then insert the name "Mitt Romney". Had he tried to form the words "Ron Paul" he may have short curciuted and died.

Law and liberty cannot rationally become the objects of our love, unless they first become the objects of our knowledge.

James Wilson

I'm a bit more sympathetic

But not much.

I thought maybe he saw the term "flip flop" and the name Mitt Romney came up automatically by some kind of subliminal word association mechanism.


Hack ass bee-otch! LOL... We can only hope this was an honest mistake! Or is the media this blatantly open about their bias?


this is crazy.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--



I can't believe

I can't believe that this was done by accident. The MSM wonders why their ratings are plummeting?

Exactly. They really are

Exactly. They really are digging their own hole...no need to push they will fall right in it! Seriously I don't even know of people who take the news seriously anymore! And I'm in schock about the Obama gay marriage thing. Not because he approves, but because this is even a concern at all to him or his campaign!Maybe unemployment, economy, national debt, student debt, actual healthcare reform, and we could go on and on. The people that just jumped on board as soon as they heard it...we're queer and we're here...Can't you see he only did this when a new election was coming? He is using you like a puppet. If your taking that bait you are stupid! I have no problem with any of it...whatever it shouldn't be a governments decision to make in the first place. Do you think Ron Paul would even bother his time on this issue or would he have the states take care of that...like they are supposed to?

I saw this too.

I saw this too.

should send this to Jon

should send this to Jon Stewart


If you don't I will! Jon Stewart or Colbert may take 30 seconds to laugh at that. Tosh.O might also.

Jay Leno

Would be good too.


any chance this video may

any chance this video may have been edited by the uploader? That just seems a little too blatant, more indicative of sad desperation than I would expect to see from the propagandists. At this point, I believe they're too proud to stoop that low.

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what an effing duche

what an effing duche

I'm not watching anything with Paul and Romney...

in the same sentence. Just putting the good doctor in the same sentence as that lying "I'll say anything to win" jerk is an insult.

I say: if you can't make it better, don't make it worst!


I think that someone just lost his job for the Ron Paul cause. Thank you.