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Breaking - JP Morgan Bankruptcy Imminent? (Maybe Not)


(He has since removed the video.. Doh!)

Warren Pollack is saying he's hearing of a rumor that bankruptcy lawyers have descended upon JP Morgan. This guy does not normally report news like this. Here's more from this Youtuber, on JPMorgan. Watch his channel if you're interested.


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Bloomberg.com reports on JP Morgan fallout

JP Morgan is definitely way too big to fail. This crisis could be used as a trigger for more (or total) govt control. Their motto is to never let a crisis go to waste, right?


You can bet

You can bet I believe that the establishment will bankrupt one of their own to create panic and distraction. I think anything is possible with Ron Paul doing as well as he is.

We've got the skunk by the throat, don't expect submission, expect something foul.

2% in fractional reserve banking is A LOT.

x10, x20, x90?


They lost 2 billion out of a

They lost 2 billion out of a 200 billion portfolio, that is a 1% loss, it will not effect them. Now a rumor might sink the market, the insiders pick up stocks on the cheap and later the rumor is proven false and they make out like bandits. That's the most likely scenario.

Then what do you make of the 19 billion they lost over the


That's 2 billion over 6 weeks. Then 19 billion more since they announced the first loss in just a few days - this puppy is going down folks.

The Repeal of Glass-Steagall Act of 1933!

Once Bill Clinton repealed this act thru the Gramm-Leach-Bililey in 1999, the speculation thru derivatives exploded. This may be the biggest reason for the banking problems and bailouts that we see now.

JPM is too big to fail

Not possible anymore for JPM to fail it has merged with the government and is no longer a company. It is a feudal lord that oversees debt slaves for the king.

JPM is essentially the FED.

JPM is essentially the FED. they can counterfeit all the money they want as a bailout.

JP Morgan'

Larry Kudlow reported on his radio show yesterday that JP Morgan has 2.3 trillion dollars in assets and 190 billion in capital.

Sen. Coburn of OK was on as a guest and this topic overlapped on Tom's time.


2.3 Trillion in crap is more like it. I'd bet if those assets

get marked to market, the bank is insolvent.

Unwinding derivatives causes such a shift on the books. Is that 190 billion in liquid cash? Even if so, they can't cya for long. They have a derivative exposure of over 70 trillion.

Of course

The 2.3 trillion is open to interpretation like you say and might be due to the handy work of the manipulating accountants there. I am no accountant but is debt considered an asset these day? lol

Only time will tell, I was just stating some figures released by Larry. I am sure they still have quite a few sound assets imo. ie. property and inventory for example. I do not know if employees are considered assets in this sense of the term.

Capital is what Larry mentioned, ie. securities, fixed assets, and cash for investing. OR it could be the economic variety ie. machinery, factories, inventory used to produce a good, etc.

I guess Larry should of been more specific in this respect.

The whole segment can be heard on his website btw.


If they declare bankruptcy,

If they declare bankruptcy, things will be thrown into chaos. I wouldnt be suprised if this sort of thing would be considered the event that started the beginning of the end.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Try This One?

Not sure if this is the same one.

But very related, at least on this JPM topic.



went to the link

it says the video has been removed by the user.

Jamie Dimon-CEO of JP Morgan is

on the board of the NY Federal Reserve

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JPM owns 54% of the stock of

JPM owns 54% of the stock of the FED. (little more or a little less)

Get Your SCUBA Gear Ready...

...it could be an underwater dive...

Interesting timing, so soon reported now after the Fed hearing last week and especially Ron's meeting with Bernanke. I doubt it's all coincidental.

Notice Bernanke didn't invite Romney.

This country needs a cleansing and then healing. The doctor is the one with the prescription.

Seems he's going to need a medical army

join the gop

Would not be surprised if

Morgan is the first of many more to follow.