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Breaking: Ron Paul Campaign Approves RNC Victory Organization

I think this allows the RNC to work with Romney (or Paul) before he is actually selected as the Republican Nominee.

The announcement was made by Jesse Benton, Ron Paul'on grand son in law in response to allegations that the RNC violated Rule 11.

Sell out?
or smart politics?

In practice this "Victory Organization" seems to be working with Romney

Where is the thanks from the official campaign to the Oklahoma Patriots who spent their Saturday night in a parking lot for Ron Paul-in many ways FIGHTING THE RNC?


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I think we still need to file

I think we still need to file complaints and take this to its logical conclusion. If it means RNC head has to go, he's got to go.

Now I know how those folks at "Jonestown" felt....

I drank the kool-aid and got screwed. Never again. Screw voting. Screw politics. Screw this campaign.

"sometimes I hug the coffee table when no one is looking."

I Have Had Enough Of This. Let's Destroy The Mormon Church.

I have had enough of this GARBAGE.

Go ahead IN DESPERATION and give me as many "minus" votes as you please. Make me laugh.


Let's DESTROY The Mormon Church Worldwide.

Text- E-Mail: Send The Links Below To ALL Networks:


R[3]VOLUTION! (Thanks For Asking! You've Got It!)

1- The Truth About The Mormon Church --> http://youtu.be/dQb2mTzwlLo

2- www.vigilantcitizen.com: Sinister Sites - Mormon Temple - Utah

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Wisdom Strategies

Re: "I have had enough of this GARBAGE."

Funny, I was just thinking the same thing! Except not about the Mormon church...

A signature used to be here!

You can't win a chess match

You can't win a chess match without sacrificing a few pawns.

A slightly relevant metaphor, but you understand what I'm getting at.


Hugs To Austria! R[3]VOLUTION! :)

Wisdom Strategies

Wow, such a big day, and yet.. not a PEEP from the campaign

.......? crickets chirping......

"sometimes I hug the coffee table when no one is looking."

What do you mean not a peep?

What do you mean not a peep? The link takes you straight to the official rp2012 site where it's published. This news came striaght from them... So I'm not sure why you would think that?? Not to be sarcastic, but are you expecting them to make an announcement here on DP?

I am one of those Oklahoma

I am one of those Oklahoma delegates that went to the parking lot. actually I am the one who brought to attention a vote of no confidence in the okGOP for this issue BUT it isnt just RNC rule 11. My major issue is that the state chairman admitted this, yet also said the money wont stay in OUR state. It will be used in "neighboring" states. To me if we are raising money here for the nominee, and by that I mean Dr Paul, then the money should stay here. There is no oversight of this money from a transparency point of view and it also violates state party rules. They did say all candidates were offered this same choice and only Romney (the one with the most money) accepted. However, my documents show them doing this on April 5th while Santorum was still in the race and had won our state. why would he decline??? In any case I am sure this statment issued is in line with RP. The RNC chair did allow Missouri to reconvene, and has helped with other states violations against RP people. I also do not believe RP would ever want their money no matter what! He knows we can do it without them. He also knows that by not forcing the hand, that states like oklahoma who may file complaints and such to the RNC chair, this may help us still keep fighting. There is always more to what you read than just how it looks in print.

the rEVOLution will not be televised

Trina, this is great

Trina, this is great information.

IMO, we need to move forward with or without the campaign and insist on an investigation and legal action.

At least one Republican Exec member wants Priebus to resign

over violation of Rule 11

Jesse Benton says its all good

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OMG Trina you are effing AMAZING!!

Bulldog Trina!! God damn what a PATRIOT you are! I watched the live feed and saw you right up on the front line, you rocked that shit. You are an inspiration, aint no one messin with the Bulldog! You got heart sister, I'd stand shoulder to shoulder with you in any battle! Especially the one at Tampa!! Keep up the good work!! We need a shit ton more people like you!!

I guess we all should condemn...

...the brave patriots of Oklahoma who stood outside last night and voted UNANIMOUSLY to condemn RNC Chairman Priebus and Co. (and all involved) for doing just what Benton has now ENDORSED THEM FOR DOING the very next day. (Coincidence in timing, I'm sure....nothing to see here...move along, move along.)

Those 300-400 patriots were all wrong, and Benton was right, huh?....NOT!

I won't condemn them! I just won't!

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

What we voted on was actually

What we voted on was actually against our state party for this stuff. They are 1 of 4 states on board with vitory and the rnc. I brought up rule 11 because it is relevant to the issue. BUT the motion I made was to have a vote of no confidence in the OKGOP for their handling of this.

the rEVOLution will not be televised

Breath steve, breath.

Are you a campaign manager?
Are you even a Ron Paul supporter? Backer? Believer?
You seem to be hell bent on whipping up a storm, over this, when, really, you have no idea what the plan or strategy is.
Go suck on a lozenge, your throat will be getting raw with all the shouting you are doing.
Let the campaign people get on with their job of trying to save America from Global Private Interests....so that YOU may live with liberty, and in peace.

optimystic's picture

Pima County Executive committee

That's where Tucson is located. Not a Nat'l committee member. And yes, I signed the petition, but I still think this is OK, because Romney is raising money for Ron Paul's Presidential Campaign.

This whole

you are a "troll" if you don't agree with every little thing the campaign does is chicken shit. I have been on the DP for 4 years and 49 weeks, Im hardly a "troll". Grow up, since when are we not allowed to question what the campaign is doing?? If you can't handle the tough questions, get out.

you have my total support on questioning...

...everybody and everything.

I learned my lessons in 2008 where the unlikely culprit was THE-one-behind-Obama-oficial-website THE DARK SHADOW. Many devoted supporters left the site, eventually.

I am not saying the about DP. But in 2012 I would question and investigate and do it once more again. 2008 was a kingergarten compared to 2012.

I am a libertarian who often voted Democrat, and never ever before -Republican. I will vote Ron Paul in 2012, and not only in the primaries.

Ron Paul ... forever.

agree-issues thrive on discussion and criticism

by throwing out all the interpretations on what might be behind Jesse Benton's press release perhaps we gain a greater understanding or perhaps we don't.

But just sitting back and trusting that the "establishment" Ron Paul 2012 campaign knows what they are doing is the "people in charge know what they are doing" mentality that has brought us one unwanted federal program after another.

Sometime the people in charge don't know what they are doing and sometimes they don't have your best interests in mind but rather their own.

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...a grass root never give up - and never give up questioning.

Ron Paul ... forever.

The Romney Victory Campaign Fund

What I don't understand is what exactly did Ron Paul's campaign 'approve'? The RNC doesn't need approval to start a Victory campaign. Any smart campaign would have started it last year.

Why would the RNC need the blessing of Paul unless the question on the table was "do you mind if we fire up the Romney victory campaign?"

Seems to me that's the only reason Pual's blessing would be needed at all.

"Already hit your limit? If you’ve given the maximum of $2,500 for the primary and $2,500 for the general election to Romney for President, you can still give to the Romney Victory fund, our joint fundraising committee with the Republican National Committee by clicking here."

How long has this message been on Romney's campaign website? Does Paul also have his own link to the RNC's coordinated Paul Victory Fund?

I think you're on to

I think you're on to something. So the RNC made the illegal mistake, then asked for the blessing of the Paul campaign to avoid criminal prosecution, facilitated by Jesse Benton? Is that sounding correct?

If they had the RNC by the beanbag, why didn't they squeeze and have Priebus replaced with someone more equitable to Paul's campaign, or at the bare minimum, get someone in there who would be at minimum "fair" toward Ron?

It has the look and smell of a backroom deal cut in secret. WE DON'T DO THAT.

I have no idea but I think we do do that

From Benton's statements and this article:

It looks like we probably took a back room deal. The RNC probably went through the technicality of offering up a joint fundraising campaign with Paul campaign.

Who knows at this point. Maybe Paul needs to address the issue himself. What are we fighting for? The RNC is literally spending money to battle against us at these states. People are getting smacked in the head by Romney supporters and being sent into the snake pit with out much help. That's not right. People should know that the RNC is paying money to fight against them so when they go to these conventions they know they are pre-determined as the enemy and funds are being sent to fight them. This way they can know for what they are getting themselves into.


"Top Republican officials have decided they no longer want to wait around for an official nominee. Creating a joint committee allows donors to give to several pro-Romney efforts at once. In addition to $2,500 each that can be donated to Mr. Romney's primary and general-election campaigns, donors can contribute up to $30,800 to the RNC, which will spend those funds in the fall campaign against Mr. Obama.

Donors also could contribute up to $10,000 to state-level Republican parties in key presidential battleground states, such as Ohio, Florida, Virginia, North Carolina and Nevada, to spend locally to help the Republican presidential candidate. (They can't give more than $40,000 to state parties if they have donated $30,800 to the RNC.)"

To think... if either Jesse

To think... if either Jesse or, I don't even want to suggest it, Ron rolled over for the corrupt RNC... something is really wrong with this picture.

The RNC needs to know that if Mitt is their offering, we ain't taking him.

The must know right?

They must know. Just a brief glance at the people who make up the Ron Paul crowds would be enough to realize these people will never be apart of their club unless Paul is at the helm.

$10,000 - Goes to Oklahoma to defeat us?

"Some $40,000 of an individual's $75,800 contribution [to the Romney Victory Fund] would go to state GOP accounts in Idaho, Massachusetts, Oklahoma and Vermont—the legal maximum of $10,000 for each. These funds are intended to help the Romney presidential campaign."

4/23/12 5:42 AM EDT


Romney Victory Fund - January 2012?

Set the google custom date range to Jan 1 - Feb 1 2012 and search "Romney Victory Fund"

Romanian-Americans for Romney
Jan 15, 2012 - If you've given the maximum of $2500 for the primary and $2500 for the general election to Romney for President, you can still give to the Romney Victory fund, ...

Jan 15, 2012?

Am I wrong? Does it seem like Oklahoma might have received $10,000 from the RNC/Romney Victory fund which ok'd by Ron Paul?

Mitt Romney for Vice President!


I'd vote for Mitt Romney for

I'd vote for Mitt Romney for President of a Lemonade Stand.