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Breaking: Ron Paul Campaign Approves RNC Victory Organization

I think this allows the RNC to work with Romney (or Paul) before he is actually selected as the Republican Nominee.

The announcement was made by Jesse Benton, Ron Paul'on grand son in law in response to allegations that the RNC violated Rule 11.

Sell out?
or smart politics?

In practice this "Victory Organization" seems to be working with Romney

Where is the thanks from the official campaign to the Oklahoma Patriots who spent their Saturday night in a parking lot for Ron Paul-in many ways FIGHTING THE RNC?


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Sometimes I feel like

Benton is just trying to get a job with them in the future.... Is this the only kind of work he's ever done?

there is a bright future for you young man if you

just play ball....

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After all this fight for Ron Paul's candidacy from attacks at every single angle we now need to fight against Ron Paul's official campaign?.............................

No .. You need

You need to READ the release. And not what the media says it says.
Or what a commenter says it says.
Think for yourself.
Don't allow others to make you 'second guess'.
Otherwise, we've lost this thing due to SPECULATION in a BLOG!!

And, you're supposed to smarter than the average voter.
I'm not seeing it.

Holy Hanna, maybe they're right.
We RP'ers don't deserve to win if we can be swayed by an unsupported entry on a blog.

"Trust, but verify"
"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same."
- Ronald Reagan

the press release doesnt sound like it was intended

to gain support from the ron paul supports but rather to curry favor with the RNC!

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You can't be serious. It's

You can't be serious. It's almost like they don't want to win this thing, but us grassroots keep them in it.

The Revolution Continues..

Smart Poker Players?

I think it's smart politics. It shows the Paul campaign doing its level best to be reasonable - at least as far as fundraising for the GOP goes - whilst making no statement on rule 11 itself. People should have faith in Dr Paul and his team - they are playing things wise and well. I would not play poker against them!! :-)

its not smart to give the Oklahoma patriots this news

-this was an act taken in APRIL and only now disclosed.
What about all the money sent to the campaign since then?
Where is the thanks to the Oklahoma delegates who spent their evening in a parking lot working for Ron Paul while Jesse was making deals with the RNC?

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Tarred & Feathered!!!!....

Benton & Rand deserve it. We worked too hard to have Dr. Paul's own family members come along and screw us. This sucks.

"sometimes I hug the coffee table when no one is looking."

This is basically approval to go ahead and support Romney

AND the release notes that Benton gave the permission in APRIL!!!

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I used to back Benton when people would call for him to leave the campaign but now I fully support the campaign dropping him completely.



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Vote this up-not because its good news

but to make DP'ers aware of this seeming incomprehensible move

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The language by the normally pugnacious Jesse Benton

is conciliatory and near fawning:
“Chairman Priebus has always treated Dr. Paul and our team with respect, and we appreciate his leadership. He has been an outstanding chairman and has our full confidence.”

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would they do that?

I'm disappointed that this is the official communication

from the Ron Paul camp today, rather than thanking the Oklahoma delegates for their efforts yesterday.

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