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Important: Events In Idaho, Nebraska, Oregon and More - May 15

We had major victories in Arizona and Oklahoma despite the mess, but there is more work to be done. All these events are happening this Tuesday, May 15.

Nebraska primary: This is strictly a straw poll, like the Missouri primary. No delegates are awarded or bound. According to the Green Papers, it is "tentative", so I don't actually know if it's still on for sure. Low priority.


Oregon primary: This primary binds 25 delegates by state party rules, with a 3.5% threshold to be eligible to be awarded delegates.


New Mexico: The Roosevelt, Catron, Quay, Cibola, Otero, Dona Ana, and Chaves County Conventions are being held. More information about the times and places are provided in the link below.


Idaho: I'm not 100% about what is happening in Idaho, but I believe they are precinct caucus meetings for the purpose of electing state convention delegates, so this is high priority. If you know more about this, please fill me in and I'll update it.

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Anyone in Idaho know what

Anyone in Idaho know what exactly is happening on Tuesday?


From what I see on

From what I see on greenpapers there was a non-binding primary today that was cancelled. It seems the national delegates are going to be picked at the state convention in June by the state convention delegates. Those state convention delegates come from the counties. Perhaps the committee meetings pick the state convention delegates. This is confusing.


I am not in Idaho but this is

I am not in Idaho but this is what I have found here.


"The plan as it’s been revealed is for the Paul camp to use state party rules to their advantage and wrest control of the GOP state convention in June through the accumulation of delegates in the little-publicized precinct committee meetings to be held statewide on May 15."

According to the calendar

Tuesday, May 15
Idaho County Republican Central Committee Meetings
Shoshone County Central Committee Meetings

or maybe
"Idaho GOP Primary Election Night Headquarters
Tue, May 15, 7pm – 11pm
The Riverside Hotel, Boise"