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Hold All Future State Conventions in the Parking Lot!

Due to the Oklahoma and Arizona chaos and shenanigans, I thought, why not just bypass these a@@wipes and have enough delegates (per state policy, law or whatever) and hold it in the parking lots!

I mean why even deal with these little sociopaths at all?

All they seem to do is to break rules and therefore not hold any kind of legitimate convention at all.

So, let them. But, all by themselves.

Let them stay inside and all the RP delegates just go outside and hold (and televise) a properly conducted convention.

Any feedback. Maybe this is the worst or best idea of the day, but I sure would like to know because....


Why bother with even trying to play fair with these people when they make it totally impossible.

Trying to rationalize with a crazy person is insanity itself!!!!!

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Comments please!


Why? you ask.

Because it is STILL one party and if we wish to be recognized by them and have our voices heard and votes counted and a chance to nominate Ron Paul, then we have to at least ATTEMPT to get along and work WITHIN the party as much as you or I or anyone else may hate it.

What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!

But you cannot reason with a psychopath!

Or a whole slew of them in a building! So, why bother? What a monumental waste of time!

As far as recognition goes, have the campaign deal with this issue.


Sorry, but just because SOME folks are crazy

it doesn't mean that ALL of them are. I sat next to a very pleasant older gentleman at my county convention who happened to support Romney, but I believe that since I was cordial with him and we even shared a few laughs, that I believe he may have voted for me because he LIKED me. Say what you will, but offering an olive branch to those who you believe to oppose you CAN be of benefit.

As far as recognition, do you seriously think that the GOP will recognize a bunch of meetings held in parking lots that don't include their own people?

What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!

I have my doubts that the

I have my doubts that the establishment will officially recognize the results of the OK parking lot convention. Most likely it will result in another Missouri type and a new convention will be set at a later date. Any thoughts on this?

The big difference is in MO

The big difference is in MO the Chair was carted off to the police station and the people dispersed. At least in OK the people were able to complete the business and have some pizza! Time will tell. Go Ron Paul!

Maybe we need to hire our own security?

I don't know if that could be done, but, if they can, why can't we?

I'm sick of the crap that these guys are pushing out. We haven't even been able to have a large convention without a bunch of crap! So, do you keep trying to reason with an abusive jerk?

Hell NO!!!!!

Just go outside to the parking lot!!!!!!!!


Think of it this way...Look

Think of it this way...Look at the RP supporters when they are pushed, pretty much polite and civil! Now check out the old guard. We are pushing them and look what is coming out! And they are full of it and it stinks! We are taking over GOP leadership positions, so hopefully the crapper will be flushed soon!

But it will take awhile for us to flush this crapper!

In the meantime, we have little time to make sure these conventions are successful! So, why not hold them in the parking lot if that will be recognized. Why even bother with these little a@@wipes!?!


We need to make sure we

We need to make sure we follow the rules so that delegates are recognized. I am not a rule expert though. Holding my nose for Tampa.

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