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☛Stop With the Jesse Benton, Reince Priebus and RNC Victory Organization ~ Remember WHO You Are!

Remember this message to YOU from KC_Ted in Oklahoma;
After complaints about "illegal" activity, Ron Paul faction takes GOP convention to parking lot
This comment from KC Ted says it all.

KCTed May 12, 2012
Thank you for reporting. My heart swells thinking of the fine folks in Oklahoma who would not let rule violations dictate convention procedures. 1500+ people across the nation, watched the entire proceedings and saw the prior blatant disregard for the rules, until the convention was moved outside. It was then smooth, orderly and followed Robert's Rules and OK election rules to the letter. I would like to add, I appreciate the Red Dirt Reporter showing up to view how proper the proceedings were. We are not just "Paul people" we are Constitutional Republicans. It is indeed our path to return our great nation back to constitutionality. Our constitution is being eroded by the status quo, both Dems and Reps and it must stop for the sake of liberty. We are not "Paul's people", we are a growing movement who has chosen Dr Paul because of his adherence to the Constitution and loyalty to Americans. We have been the primary funding source from the beginning (as opposed to Obama's and Romney's big Wall Street financiers, who are almost identical). We will remain long after Dr Paul has retired from politics. We will support other sincere Constitutional Republicans as well. You see,, We are not his, he is ours. God bless the Constitution, God bless America.


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Out of 100,000 YouTubes for

Out of 100,000 YouTubes for Ron Paul...
Maybe the campaign made a dozen?

Who is the campaign Dorothy?

It ain't OZ!



Forget everything else. People make mistakes.

This movement is much bigger than one person.