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Campaign 2012 Bill Moyers &CO: »Fighting for Fair Play on TV» ...without Ron Paul - really FAIR?

I am very very disappointed! This is my comment I posted on BM&C. Please post more.

» ET TU, BILL MOYERS? In THIS discussion, no mention of Ron Paul campaign?
Which is the only substantive Campaign of 2012 where the candidate Ron Paul - still running - talks about the major issues that we are facing: wars, war on drugs, the destructive role of the FED, corporatism and more. To me, any publication that does not mention Ron Paul Republican campaign - maintains the lie: that we have now only two people to choose between.
No! There are still 11 GOP primaries ahead of us and the media keep us misinformed about the delegates count.
Vote Ron Paul: 11 primaries 5/15 #NE #OR 5/22 #AR #KY 5/29 #TX 6/5 #CA #MT #NJ #NM #SD 5/26 #UT http://www.bluerepublican.us/ »


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Me, Too

Dr. Paul's support comes from medical professionals. Why would we tax the companies in my retirement portfolio in order to drop more bombs? I like Dr. Paul's ideas, better.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

I commented on that site just now.

Hey Bill,
Why don't you REALLY be fair and remind everyone Ron Paul is still in the race and is taking Romney's delegates away from him? No mention of him makes you look just as fair as FOX News.

I naively...

....expected that this program would be about the silencing Ron Paul by the media. It is Bill Moyers after all - unfortunately it is as establishment now as anything else.

But because people have more trust in this source the lie becomes even heavier and more dangerous, being spread into less naive territories and more informed. When I entered that discussion - none of the comments mentioned Ron Paul either.

For me, no matter on what side one is in the 2012, whatsoever - the SCALE of this media taboo on Ron Ron Paul is unprecedented, I think, as a distortion of the Presidential election process, and thus really horrendous.

Ron Paul ... forever.