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Never Again!

I have been a Ron Paul supporter for over a year now. I have a bumper sticker on my truck and a "Ron Paul 2012" sign in my yard. I talk to co-workers, friends, neighbors, and strangers about issues of freedom and liberty. I donated financially to the campaign. I slept good at night feeling I was helping the cause and "doing my part."

Then a month or so ago I discovered the Daily Paul and started following all the conventions that were taking place via U-stream and the like. I started learning how the conventions and delegate selection process works, Roberts Rules (never heard of them before).

Watching the people at those conventions, many who look they are still in high school, filming the events, becoming delegates, taking their involvement to the limits of their ability... That's when it hit me. I'm not doing enough. I live in Texas, the delegates to the state convention are already chosen. I missed the boat.

I'm 40 yrs old, and these "kids" are out there that know more about how government works and are doing more than I have done to advance the cause of liberty.

I failed to become a delegate..there may be someone at the convention that is for the establishment rather than me being there.

It's not good enough to be a cheerleader standing on the sidelines. Never again will I miss the opportunity to become a delegate!

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Even if you come at the 11th hour

Even if you come at the 11th hour, you will not be turned away. I'm a delegate in Texas. Even if you're not a delegate, you can still help the cause. Volunteer at the state convention. We need bodies there monitoring to make sure no shenanigans are taking place. I'm sure there will be 1001 things that you could help out with to help the cause.

Also, there are several other liberty candidates running for office. Volunteer some of your time to help them. What city are you in? I can send you some links.

You can still be a

You can still be a parliamentarian!! Go anyway and see what yo can do to help

Not just about delegates

Every single one of us needs to get involved in our local GOP. Many County GOPs are organized through elections and most people who just file one form as candidates can become voting members of their County GOP.

In many states, only the voting members of each County GOP can participate in the delegate election process, such as Michigan, Montana, and Arizona.

Once patriots gain control of

Once patriots gain control of the party, then for the candidates for President, you have to have some sort of system to make sure they are Constitution patriots. There is Ron and maybe Rand, and then who is after that? Gotta make sure they are patriots.

I feel your pain brother...

I live in Cali and the same thing happened to me. Delegates were chosen earlier this year I guess :(

Cali wha?

Wha? Cali delegates already chosen?

Thank you for your post. I

Thank you for your post. I am 36 & in the same boat. In Oregon people had to register GOP by Nov '11 in order to run for delegate. I didn't discover Dr. Paul until Feb of this year, at which point I changed from Independent party to Republican. But, i missed the delegate chance :(

This election cycle, i will attend county & state conventions as a guest.

Next election cycle (2013 or 2014, i have no idea.. yet), I WILL be running for precinct chair in my precinct and then for state offices.

This is a war. Wars have a lot of battles. We are the reinforcements and we will put a liberty president in to office in 2016 (and we have a good shot at 2012 also despite all).

If your precinct

doesn't have anyone running for Precinct Committee Person, you can be appointed to the position by your County GOP. Just make sure you attend your County GOP's monthly meetings and get to know the people first before you ask for the position (if there is a vacancy in your precinct).

please provide link backing

please provide link backing up this info.. I checked with the local Paul campaign and the GOP Oregon website & everything is very clear that you have to register Republican before Nov 15, 2011 (which I did not do)

I'm going to the monthly meeting Thursday and I want to know if this is fact based advice?

thank you! will try this

thank you! will try this

You are right

Win or lose, there is no going back for many of us. The tide has turned. We are not (yet) in a situation as desperate as the uprisings/revolutions that have swept the Middle East, but should things turn much worse, we will be prepared.

You better

go to your state convention as a guest and have Your Voice heard! you are a Republican. You are a member of this party. You have an obligation to do as much as you can to help TX Ron Paul Delegates get Elected! I know I will.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Good Idea

Got info from TX GOP website

May others attend even if they are not delegates or alternates?
Yes, each delegate and alternate will receive a guest pass. Guests may watch all convention activities as well as go to dinners and meetings held by numerous groups, candidates, and office- holders in conjunction with the convention.

-I think I know where I can get a guest pass.

as Long as they are

Registered Republican they can attend Republican state convention as a Guest as well.

A Republic, if you can keep it!

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Go as a guest! It's a great

Go as a guest! It's a great learning experience. And also, make absolutely certain there is no way to become a delegate before ruling it out. Every state is different, but, it's always worth a try, it certainly cannot hurt! Stay active though...there is still much to be done, pay attention to those running for offices that represent the libertarian values and help them. There is stil very much you can do!

good idea

And volunteer to man the doors checking credentials as delegates and guests enter. There were people coming through the doors in Nevada with fake badges. While at the convention you can make sure Romney "guests" aren't voting and that they're seated in the correct area if separate, since that is where you would be sitting. If they are voting, then address the chair with this issue. You can help by showing up and keeping your eyes open for foul play.

Good Post!

But do not blame yourself too much. Political process in itself is a tricky business - one collective overturning the another thru an election. Looking back at history, individual freedom had never been won that way. Also, if economy were doing relatively well, few would worry about torture, endless wars, monetary policies, affirmative action (especially if the majority of the AA recipients are our white mothers and sisters.)

Pigs vs Chickens right DJ77?

Ham & eggs breakfast.

Ham vs eggs.

The pig was committed.

The chicken was just interested.

So you're gonna' become like the pig now. Right?

SCRUM teams for Ron Paul

SCRUM teams for Ron Paul !




in michigan, our delegates

in michigan, our delegates are elected two years prior, but we went to our county convention anyways, and it was a small turnout, and i got 13 of us elected as delegates to the state convention by just showing up. we actually became delegates for the state convention and texas hasnt even had their primary/caucus, so the county conventions havent happened. you might want to check into it a little farther.

Texas County conventions

Most of our county conventions were held in April. I am an alternate to the state convention in Fort Worth. Our "election" will held on 29th of May.

I prefer a dangerous freedom over a peaceful slavery. Thomas Jefferson

Reminder that the

deadline to file as candidates for Precinct Delegates is Tuesday, May 15 at 4pm. Please make sure all the Michigan supporters you know go to their City, Township, or County Clerk and file as a candidate for Precinct Delegate.

Normally, yes.

But this year, the redistricting mess has us all out of whack. We just dispensed with the precinct conventions and went straight to the senate district conventions. We had to reschedule our primary so many times, it was running up too close to the date for the state convention. So, we skipped a step. We have now had the senate district/county conventions and the state convention is June 7-10.

If the OP wants to be an integral part, maybe you could sponsor a delegate to state or national. It's really expensive and those young kids you admire so much may have a lot of trouble affording the trip. You may not be able to foot the whole bill, but you and some others could team up.

I have since been working with the Austin Liberty For All PAC

doing phone banking. Texas is screwed up this year because of redistricting and therefore moved the primary from April to May 29. So they had an emergency meeting in Feb and decided to have the county conventions before the primary in April to have time to prepare for the June 9th state convention. So I missed the county conventions.
The Liberty PAC says I can still fill out an application for Precinct chair and have an impact on Run-off elections in July. Will be doing that Monday on lunch break. :)
Please add to this or correct if I haven't got this all right. Thanks!


Should have read your post.

Sign up as an alternate!

Sign up as an alternate so you can go to the convention and help out!

"Patriotism is more closely linked to dissent than it is to conformity and a blind desire for safety and security." - Dr. Ron Paul

People need to go no matter what they think has happened..

We need people there to take spots.. Wait for it.. :)

Patriot Cell #345,168
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Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

The delegates to Texas haven't been selected yet..

Looks like you're guilty of not being fully involved enough again.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.