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Rule 11 Violation: One picture says it all

Click the Zoom + and Read it.
Both RNC AND Mitt Romney have violated the Rule with a 'joint' fund.


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Seen in isolation....Benton's statement...

...is only very odd and troubling.

But seen in light of the fact that we also have:


...It is MORE than troubling.

It is patriotic to question when things like this occur. It is NOT supporting the movement (and remember, it is bigger than Dr. Paul) to sit back and let our efforts be rendered for naught by people like Jesse Benton.

There is something rotten in Denmark, and I don't care how many people who didn't see this before with Benton in '08 (like I did) vote me down. WE NEED CHANGES NOW.

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Oh Look

...it's THIS thread again -_-

It's legal..

Because the funds don't go to any candidate until after the become the nominee. That's how they get around it.

I think you are wrong

Edit: My bad, I actually read that wrong. The $2,500 is referring to what is already allowed.

According to this article you are wrong:


Top Republican officials have decided they no longer want to wait around for an official nominee. Creating a joint committee allows donors to give to several pro-Romney efforts at once. In addition to $2,500 each that can be donated to Mr. Romney's primary and general-election campaigns, donors can contribute up to $30,800 to the RNC, which will spend those funds in the fall campaign against Mr. Obama.

Donors also could contribute up to $10,000 to state-level Republican parties in key presidential battleground states, such as Ohio, Florida, Virginia, North Carolina and Nevada, to spend locally to help the Republican presidential candidate. (They can't give more than $40,000 to state parties if they have donated $30,800 to the RNC.)

My interpretation would

My interpretation would contradict that because they still have funds allocated to an individual based on a certain outcome thereby violating the rule.

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Paul Campaign Probably Agreed To It

I've been looking into this all night. My feelings at this point is that the RNC went to all the candidates.

"Acknowledging that the nomination fight isn't over, the RNC also invited other candidates to participate in joint fundraising, but with little expectation they would agree, RNC officials said. A spokesman for Newt Gingrich said he didn't plan to work alongside the RNC. Rick Santorum's campaign said they had no plans to join forces, but "would be happy to raise money with the RNC." Ron Paul's campaign declined comment. It makes little sense for challengers scrapping for cash in the primaries to ask donors to give large sums to the party, GOP operatives said."


Republican executive committe member calls for resignation of

Priebus for violating Rule 11
But Jesse Benton thinks its ok and praises priebus


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why is it okay to now give more money to Romney but not to RP?

From Romney's web site it seems that it is okay to now give more money to Romne - over and above the limit of $2,500 each. Why is that allowed? And if Romney can receive more, can we give more to Dr. Paul?

Another question I have had for a LONG time - why am I limited on how much I can give to Dr. Paul but corporations aren't and "bundler's" aren't? Especially with the ruling that corporations are people... why are they unlimited and I am limited? Any one know?

Sorry - don't mean to sound dumb. Never mattered to me before - never cared before but now I do and I find the limit frustrating and unfair - it seems that corporations should be the ones limited as well as people not only individuals limited and fat cat banks and corporations are unlimited. How is that right?


You can give more because

There is a $2500 limit for the primary and $2500 additional allowed for the general election. Romney can't use the general election funds until the primary is over. You can also give more than $2500 to Ron Paul, however, the amount in excess of $2500 would be not be available for the primary but would be for the general election.

You can give $2500 to a

You can give $2500 to a candidate for the primary race AND $2500 for the general election. The second $2500 can not be used yet, unless there may be a loophole IF it is used against Obama. You can give another $2500 to Ron Paul IF and when they set up a general election fund.

Yes, I was wondering the same. Why are individuals limited?

Maybe the RNC is testing the legal waters?

I don't know. But I thought the plan was to win without the media and save a bundle of money. So far so good.

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are limited because it is only recent that Super-Pac's have been created to over ride the financial aspect of an election. Back in the Good ol'Days people donated they were limited so that the very wealthy could not fund a candidate all the way to the convention, so that candidate would go broke and drop out. Now thanks to Super-Pac's Corporation can donated unlimited amount of funds to boost the Campaign while the Official Campaign conserves their donations for when Super PAC's run low. Its just another way Wall St. got around the law. Money Talks

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

And why is it ok for Jesse benton to say

It's ok?

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Do you really believe that Jesse can say what ever

he wants without consulting with the campaign? He is only the messenger and probably had a great influence on Mr. Humble even entering this race. Lets give him some respect, please.


The remarks mr Benton made

Were made on behalf of the campaign but he used the singular pronoun "I" Gave my full consent to the rnc

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If this image were on the front page on the dp

People would change their view that some how this is no big deal or somehow good for the campaign

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And this is ok with Jesse benton?

Not good for the campaign

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Jesse can order them not to break their own rules?

He can really make an agreement that changes the rules? Is he the master of the Rules committee.

Conservatives in real life support law and order. Even if they never heard of Ron Paul, they may step forward, on principle.

In spite of months of dire predictions of catastrophic failures dooming the campaign; delegates, State, District and County positions are being filled with liberty-minded folks with a respect for the Constitution.

When making popcorn you often get a few nannies. Are they worth the effort?

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one picture is worth a thousand words. First one that comes to mind WOAH!

A way to add more money to the Romney campaign

How is this good for Ron paul

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This means that the campaign is playing good republicans

Just to make sure rand can still be vp or run for president in 2016

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Maybe that is what is going on here?

Benton basically told the RNC to keep their dirty money and raise cash for whoever they want but that they wanted no part of it?

If he thought this was a "dirty" deal

He would not have praised the rnc and priebus

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