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Gay Day on DP

Just to help streamline some arguments of today, please inform yourself before posting about gay people (not that we care what your opinion is but it's a hurdle to jump when we're trying to discuss a topic and all you can talk about is your beliefs...I have no idea why that would matter in a free country).

The actual Biblical perspective:

A funny Biblical perspective:

A non-Biblical perspective:
I can't understand why it would matter to anyone who wasn't taught they'd go to Hell if they believed otherwise.

That is all.

Just tired of seeing the same tired arguments.

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Yet another Gay thread

How about we get back to things that actually matter and are relevant to the current conditions and stop clogging up the Top Topics with gay garbage. Hows about keeping it in one thread so more important things show up instead of shoving your opinions in everyone's face by way of multiple threads all containing the same garbage?..How about trying to save the ship that's sinking and not argue over deck chairs right now?... How about no more gay threads....

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

You mean

As opposed to all those straight threads out there

I'm sorry

henceforth and from now on when any reference to Gay is made,
I solemnly swear that I will correct the OP for improper word usage only
proper usage would be sodomite, nothing happy bout dat werd.

heres my Christian perspective

unless you are gay and this affects you directly- trust me- you have bigger fish to fry in your own life.