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We need to develop a list of phone contacts for parliamentarians to prepare our people for the conventions.

Dear Friends,

After watching the livestreams of the AZ and OK conventions, and the disorder that is hard to overcome in the face of the Establishment's corruption, it occurs to me that we NEED to learn from AZ (especially) and have some recourse set up i advance for our people there on the ground.

For example, perhaps we could try and set it up so that whenever we have a livestream cameraperson he or she can have a side-kick that just follows the chat on another device or phone. In that way, when we have valid and helpful suggestions coming through the chat it is not up to our cameraman to video AND field these comments and ALSO try and implement them. That is just too much to ask one single person. We Need to team up on this stuff. Because I did notice many helpful suggestions from others, watching, that know the rules and proper proceedure than perhaps our people at the conventions.

So we should do that.

And also, from those comments, It would seem that many of us think that the campaign is being neglectful in not sending a master parliamentarian to each Convention. I think that it is absurd that we have not been doing that. Maybe true Parliamentarians are very rare and hard to come by, but surely there must be some of us in Each state that is rather well versed in Robert's Rules? I was not during my ND convention and we were cheated while most of us felt helpless and unsure of what to do. The lingo and protocol can be daunting if it is unfamiliar and therefore we Need to have "Old Hands" at our disposal.

What do you think?? We NEED to be prepared for more of these shenanigans and Ready so that WHEN we march outside, we do so in perfect order and with unimpeachable form. Thus, we can be uncontested.

And also, if any of us are internet savvy, we should always try to have a livestream FOR SURE and that it is being recorded as well. In full.

I don't know much about how to do any of this. But it seems like many of us do and with our powers combined, we can and will triumph against this blatant and despicable corruption.

And please, any other ideas? I think it would not be so hard for us to streamline this business and master these conventions.

2/3s majority to adjourn can become our tipping point. Bc we can ALWAYS outlast those without heart.

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I have done this for the upcoming

conventions this weekend.

To request a list of professional parliamentarians in your area, use the online request form:

Ron Paul is My President


Show up early. We were there about 3 hours prior to the registration. We had a breakfast tailgate party. make sure RP supporters are the first ones on the floor.


was very focused and organized. We had conference calls weeks ahead of time talking about the state convention. If you can, have a teleconference with the delegates in your area before your convention. Tips from maine:

1. meet prior to the convention with your delegates - have a game plan. Know who you want to elect as the convention chair & secretary..

2. bring delegate kits and voter registartion to convention in case they inform you that " you're not on the list'. they must give you credentials if you have this info

3. a ron paul booth shoul be set up - as RP supporters were coming through the doors they were directed to the RP booth. there were volunteers there to help with questions.

4. Should be RP staff from your state HQ / leaders of grassroots on the floor to help coordinate. Also passing out delegate slate to RP folks right before the vote so it cannot be copied by Romney campaign. it happened in maine.

5. don't stray far from the floor, even during recess and lunch. You never know when they will reconvene for a vote/motion...

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Bump for Great Info


National Association of Parliamentarians

People in every state should contact the national association of parliamentarians for the state organization for their state.

In Florida we have an excellent "Ron Paul Friendly" Parliamentarian -Louis William Rose. He can be reached at LouisWilliamRose at gmail dotcom.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has...

John Stevens
Jacksonville Ron Paul 2008 Meetup Organizer

Contact Police Dept?

Would it be at all helpful to contact someone in the police department that is responsible for covering these conventions days or weeks in advance? Perhaps to build some rapport with some RP folks ahead of time at the very least.
From past experience it seems that the police are much more willing work with whomever calls them first.
Let them know that you are an elected member of the GOP (if a delegate) that disagreements exists in the leadership and you suspect that the chair may not follow the rules and may incite anger causing an indecent. Explain that the chair is supposed to elect a new one as first order of business, etc.
My hope is that it will let the officers know ahead of time how things are supposed to work (at a basic level at least) so they are not caught off guard looking to whomever shows inchargedness at the podium for orders when tensions rise. At least they can be looking to some RP folks too and projects some fairness rather than escorting us out of the venue.

Parliamentarian needed in IL

We need a parliamentarian in Illinois to help us with the state convention in Tinley Park on June 8-9. Please contact Laurie Bluedorn 309-912-5141.


bumping here

Travis County Texas

I need a parlimentarian to give a class or two or three.

Before putting them on the list, ask them if they are a Paul or

WHO do they joke....we don't want them giving wrong advice
to us on purpose if they support Romney or Obama.




A few tips for everyone with upcoming conventions

Great idea. Here are a few more tips that I learned from being in the AZ convention:

*Be sure to have at least two RP people witness count the ballots after they are collected and removed. In one Congressional District, it was reported that one of the RP delegates only received 15 votes. The RP supporters knew something was up and set forth a motion for a hand count. They counted the hands and found that their RP delegate had 51 VOTES. She beat out the Romney delegate by 3 votes.

*Know what to do if fraudulent ballots surface. Our ballot (and others in several other CDs) had asterisks next to the names of people who were "Romney approved delegates." We put forth a motion for the ballots to be re-printed, and so they had to print new ballots. That took like an hour. Also, in our CD, all the names were in alphabetical order except for the top name (the guy's name began with an 'S'), and of course, he had an asterisk by his name.

*We had mass texting set up through Googlevoice (I think it was googlevoice). RP delegates and alternates signed in at the RP booth before the start of the convention and gave us their name, #, and CD. We could text updates to them throughout the day.

*At AZ, we had our own internet connection (at the check-in table) with one of those verizon 3G/4G hubs. We didn't dare rely on the Convention center's wireless internet in case "something" happened and we lost it.

*Have all receipts handy for any booths you rented in the convention center. Security tried to move the Ron Paul booth out by saying we hadn't paid.

Outstanding job! and Holy Crap!

First great job planning for your conventions and organizing your delegates!

And what a disgusting display of tricks by your opponents.

Excellent suggestions by the way.

Has someone compiled a list of all of the dirty tricks and solutions we have used?
I know I was afraid to tell everything done by our campaign for fear it would be used against us. But if something has already been posted on the DP I think we can assume that THEY already know it.

The Virtual Conspiracy

In All Upcoming Conventions We need....

-Parliamentarians on the ground at each of these state conventions, and if possible a parliamentarian in each district meeting if possible, I believe they split up the convention in AZ but I could be wrong about that.

-First order of business should be permanent chair where possible.

-Cameras recording the whole process and streaming

-Legal assistance to help with tomfoolery, cops, etc. in close contact with delegates

-Checking and cross-referencing slates

-An RP person should always be watching credentials

-Food standing by

-RP supporters have to make it to these state conventions by any means necessary

I know in Maine the RP folks had a serious meeting the night before the convention and this is probably why we were able to prevail. This should be mandatory from here on out.

Good work to everyone this past weekend! You were fighting an uphill battle. This should only strengthen our resolve.

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm just well-informed

Splitting up in AZ

"I believe they split up the convention in AZ but I could be wrong about that."

They split us up in the morning by dividing us into our 9 Congressional districts. Later in the afternoon, for the at-large vote, they brought us all back together.

can't figure out how to

can't figure out how to delete multiple posts

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm just well-informed

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I'm a parliamentarian. Am a member of both the National Association of Parliamentarians and the American Institute of Parliamentarians.

These are the 2 national orgs for parliamentarians. BOTH organizations have exams for people who want to sell their services as parliamentarians (just as you hire a qualified lawyer for legal advice, you hire a qualified parliamentarian for parliamentary advise.) WARNING: most lawyers are NOT parliamentarians!!! MOST lawyers know NOTHING of parliamentary procedure!!! Do NOT rely on lawyers to help you understand parliamentary procedures &/or bylaws.

NAP is the larger and older of the two. They have state associations in most states, and several local unit (clubs) in many states.

NAP is found at:

(start there to find Professional Registered Parliamentarians, state associations, and local units)

AIP is found at:

(start there to find Certified Professional Parliamentarians and local clubs)


They might not know parliamentary procedure,

but they could maybe do something against the cops. A lawyer should atleast be aware of what a cop can or cannot do. The cops were the main reason we got routed in Arizona.



Some lawyers could come in handy, too.

It would be a good idea to try to get some lawyers as well.



I was under the impression...

... that the campaign was helping state leaders quietly so as to help with the stealthy takeover of the GOP that has worked so well. Maybe it is time for them to be more visible, but don't discount the media backlash. The big media outlets all are in Romney's corner and will lie, misrepresent, and black out to fight us. Put yourself in the Ron Paul campaign's shoes for a minute.

Things to do at your state convention

Based on our recent Oklahoma experience, we need to realize that the Romney forces are pulling every trick in the book. So work on these:

1. If you have the votes, vote your person in as convention chair. Get the ref on your side, not theirs.

2. Watch for all kinds of sneaky things to slow down registration, omit valid delegates, sneak in their ineligible delegates, printing extra ID badges, messing with the credentials report.

3. Know the rules cold. Know what votes require ballots and stick to it. Don't let them run over you with voice votes and such. Be quick to call points of order, challenge the chair, etc.

4. Record everything with time-stamped video from multiple sources.

5. Be ready to call a continuance of the convention in the parking lot or elsewhere if they pull the now customary hijinks like in St. Charles, MO, AZ, OK and others. You have to act quickly and invite ALL delegates to attend. Then record the proceedings and follow the rules.

6. Watch all collection of ballots and monitor all counting. Don't trust anyone.

7. Find out from the hotel what other events are scheduled for that room, and how long the room is officially reserved for.

8. Provide on site childcare so your delegates with kids can attend. We have a wonderful Kids Convention with almost 50 kids of all ages involved in activities.

There are more, but these are on the top of my head.


New here and logged in to say Kudos for bringing this up. I too watched the OK and AZ conventions and we definitely needed the help there!

Attention All Delegates! Break your "Binds" and vote for the Constitution in Tampa! Ron Paul 2012

The campaign should be helping

but they aren't. What conclusion should we draw from that? Instead what they are doing is criticizing supporters who will do what is necessary to pursue our liberty agenda in Idaho and across the nation.

Someone at the campaign needs to be reminded that they wouldn't have even been in the debates if not for us. The lack of support from the campaign has been pathetic.

Don't bother trying to contact the campaign about this though. They aren't answering their phones...even when I pressed 1 to make a donation. This campaign is dropping the ball big time and we need to make sure they understand that and get back on track. F' the moneybomb...we need an email bomb to the campaign telling them to get their act together.

we need an email bomb

went to bed
couldnt sleep
many know that feeling today

already emailed Doug Wead about 6PM today
just looked
no reply tho I didnt really expect one
didnt ask for one
just said someone,preferably he, should make
a statement in the largest public venu possible
making sure the world knows Ron Paul has not quit
and the word is reassurance

surely the campaign whosomever that includes
at this time KNOWS they really need to clear the air
so volunteers have a solid plan and goal

this is not being handled well so far

trying NOT to make assumptions

cheers everyone
this too shall pass


Pagans are tolerant by NATURE.

The Campaign In The Long Run Cannot Ensure Our Liberty

It is up to us to learn how to steer these elections not only in order to elect our chosen candidate now, but knowing how to be organized and able to get results for the future. The campaign can only help us to group together for our common cause and make a statement about who we support. But in the end we must learn how to maneuver these caucuses ourselves if we are worthy of running our own government... since after all it is ultimately We The People, not We The Campaign.

It would've been nice if we were taught more about this sort of stuff in say high school. I don't remember specifics about how to take part in the elections process being taught in the public schools. Evidently the masses of people have no clue either since the fake news is able to get away with all of the lies. Maybe that's because the tyrant criminals that have taken over our Department of Education and the rest of our federal gov't don't want us to know how to govern ourselves properly in a Republic under the Constitutional Rule Of Law. It evidently is up to us to educate ourselves so that we can have freedom now and hold on to it for the many years to come. Otherwise sooner than later we may be doomed into suppression, fascism, communism for lack of learning and practicing what is necessary to control our government.

Dr. Paul has made it clear to us that this is his last stand. He has given us a good 40+ years of service trying his best to make a difference and If elected he will (God Willing) give us up to 8years buffer to fix allot of things but after that we are completely on our own. This is our last chance to fight for our liberty as many believe that if we don't get Dr. Paul elected now, our window of opportunity to control our destiny is quickly closing and we may not have another election opportunity as the fascists may be able to take complete control if we fail. The movie Hunger Games demonstrates what is in store for us with a starry Hollywood twist, although the reality will be much uglier as it is now comparable to what the New World Order Agenda 21 Madmen Eugenicist Fascist Bankster Regime has so far done to China. We must learn how to use all of the tools available to us during this delicate delegate process and also learn how to becoming active in being part of government in the near future individually as well since we are finding there is a tremendous amount of corruption that has taken hold all the way down to the local levels. We must become active members in our local, district, state, and national government positions now! This is critical to our future.

It is also critical that we fight to revert back to being all caucus states using paper ballots and discontinue the use of the electronic voting machines which are being programmed to only give Dr. Paul 8-13% of the vote. Refer to the Video: How To Have A Transparent Vote Count ... And also we must demand for there to be a website for caucus states that show how precinct voting tallies roll up into the state totals for each of the candidates with a hotline to correct results if reported incorrectly - otherwise there is no way that the average citizen can cross-check or verify that their own precinct results were correctly included in the state voting totals.

Due to the showing of delegates being consistently about 60% RP supporters as well as all of the random closely monitored and correctly counted precinct voting throughout the straw vote process across the country also tending to be consistently 60% resulting votes for Paul, I am convinced that the true support for Dr. Paul's candidacy throughout the country is approx. 60%, and Romney before the others dropped out was only approx. 20%. It seems clear that vote counts have been manipulated (as was clearly demonstrated strategy revealed in Maine by simply not including precinct total tallies that showed Dr. Paul winning into the state totals, as well as several known demonstrations on voting machines showing how basically a 12year old could write the program to flip votes and only give a candidate a certain percentage) whereas fraudulent results have been reported by the Lame Stream Media since they are controlled and forced into this type of reporting by the establishment gov't. Delegates in the states are being bound by these fraudulent results which should instead be considered null and void. From what I understand this is why we have the delegate process so we are able to override rigged straw vote results.

I honestly don't blame most of the people in the media and truly also believe that many of them may be secretly rooting for Dr. Paul but are unable to express themselves out of fear of losing their jobs or worse since lately there's been more reports of Journalists being murdered for telling the truth. Just like many in our congress are believed to be threatened into voting as instructed by these tyrannical elite mob criminals that have taken power in the essential government gatekeeper positions.

It is critical that we pass this knowledge onto our children so they also learn how to fight and refuse to become victims. Essentially by leaving us on our own a bit, Dr. Paul is exercising some much needed tough love by throwing us into the lion pit. He knows at least what he is doing could very well be a suicide mission for him due to the powers that be, if they can get to him... Will we be devoured as dinner? Or will we survive? Whether we succeed or fail is completely up to us... We must believe in ourselves to carry through on our own otherwise if we don't think we can do it ourselves no matter which candidate we support, no one else will either and we will be doomed into eventual oppression and slavery by this rising tyrannical government controlled police state that we evidently have on our hands...

-LibertyG ... 2 Corinthians 2:16-17 "To some we are a scent of death leading to death, but to others, a scent of life leading to life. And who is competent for this? For we are not like the many who make a trade(for profit) but as those with sincerity...

We are the campaign..

If you believe in the Ron Paul message then you should know that we have to work for our beliefs. And I would have to say that we are doing an outstanding job. To ask the campaign to take care of us is the same as asking the gov't for a handout. I believe he is proud of what we are doing, thats why the campaign always says they dont promote 'hostile' actions..because they know as well as we do that we haven't done anything hostile. ANd this keeps the media and GOP from gaining ammo to use against him since he is already underfire. We (RP supporters) are doing what we have to, to save our country. The same thing happened during the first revolution..only a small percentage of the colonist took the necessary action needed to get the ball rolling, but once its going the people will come. We know most americans are followers, atm they dont know who to follow, just keep educating and showing them what it takes to be a true free American, lets work together, do what we can personally and lets get this man in office. The more he has to do the more money he'll need to keep afloat (like the governemnt). We can, we will do this RON PAUL!!

Big Question: Incompetence or sabotage?

Upon reflection on the actions of the national campaign toward Oklahoma, particularly the grassroots, as well as many lost commonsense opportunities at the national level, we need a national discussion on this:

"Is the national Ron Paul campaign leadership merely grossly incompetent, or is the campaign being sabotaged at the highest levels?"

Several bottom lines are:

1. We have to NOT depend on any significant help from national.

2. We have to protect our state efforts FROM the national campaign.

3. We need to liberate the Liberty Movement from the Campaign for Liberty.

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We can't worry about what the campaign is or isn't doing right

now. We have to get organized ourselves. Let's keep this bumped!