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We need to develop a list of phone contacts for parliamentarians to prepare our people for the conventions.

Dear Friends,

After watching the livestreams of the AZ and OK conventions, and the disorder that is hard to overcome in the face of the Establishment's corruption, it occurs to me that we NEED to learn from AZ (especially) and have some recourse set up i advance for our people there on the ground.

For example, perhaps we could try and set it up so that whenever we have a livestream cameraperson he or she can have a side-kick that just follows the chat on another device or phone. In that way, when we have valid and helpful suggestions coming through the chat it is not up to our cameraman to video AND field these comments and ALSO try and implement them. That is just too much to ask one single person. We Need to team up on this stuff. Because I did notice many helpful suggestions from others, watching, that know the rules and proper proceedure than perhaps our people at the conventions.

So we should do that.

And also, from those comments, It would seem that many of us think that the campaign is being neglectful in not sending a master parliamentarian to each Convention. I think that it is absurd that we have not been doing that. Maybe true Parliamentarians are very rare and hard to come by, but surely there must be some of us in Each state that is rather well versed in Robert's Rules? I was not during my ND convention and we were cheated while most of us felt helpless and unsure of what to do. The lingo and protocol can be daunting if it is unfamiliar and therefore we Need to have "Old Hands" at our disposal.

What do you think?? We NEED to be prepared for more of these shenanigans and Ready so that WHEN we march outside, we do so in perfect order and with unimpeachable form. Thus, we can be uncontested.

And also, if any of us are internet savvy, we should always try to have a livestream FOR SURE and that it is being recorded as well. In full.

I don't know much about how to do any of this. But it seems like many of us do and with our powers combined, we can and will triumph against this blatant and despicable corruption.

And please, any other ideas? I think it would not be so hard for us to streamline this business and master these conventions.

2/3s majority to adjourn can become our tipping point. Bc we can ALWAYS outlast those without heart.

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Practice Makes Perfect

I think that we could also have several Meetups engage in practice conventions. Those practice conventions would have one meetup pitted against another meetup group. One meetup represents Candidate A and the other represents Candidate B. Meetups could plan in advance ways of trying to thwart the other meetup both by legal means and some of the railroading methods being used currently. This way we can develop a play book for all situations such as maximizing gains in conventions where we don't have a majority, conventions where there are more than one opposition, etc. This could be done in off years as well to keep skills sharp.



I'll be the first to give my #. I'm from Oregon and my # is 541 678 3125
We need to have people watching the conventions who know there shi* when it comes to Robert's Rules and convention procedure. I'll will attend my state convention and I will have my phone on.. Also I am willing to text people at other state conventions helping them with my limited knowledge of the rules.

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Ron Paul will be so proud

Ron Paul will be so proud that we are learning this process from the ground up. It is up to each and everyone of us to find our strengths and contribute to the movement!

WE are the r3VOLution! And WE are STILL growing!


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Great idea ksmo17

organize teams of parliamentarians to man the phones and teams of cameras, recorders, bodyguards and phone people who can ask any question at any time and get immediate responses

yesss! cover flanks and heels and back of heads.even maybe hidden mics in case recorders are forbidden to get it all down while assistance is sent in ie lawyers or what ever is necessary

teams are our weapons.

love it.


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You need more than someone with parliamentary knowledge

We need to arrange a lawyer as well. One of the reasons we got routed so easily, is because they made use of the cops. We need a strategy to deal with strong arm tactics, see this comment of mine:


So essentially, each of these conventions needs someone with parliamentary knowledge, a camera man, a lawyer and perhaps someone who could pose as a neutral party that can serve as a witness.

And from what I noticed, some comments made on the live feed thread seemed helpful as well. I recommend that atleast one person in the convention watches the dailypaul for helpful suggestions. Of course this person needs to be somewhat knowledgable himself to see if the advice can truly be used.

Like someone stated, experts are hard to come by, but the internet is the sure means to have some experts available to you. Make use of the dailypaul as a means of communication. Of course there's a risk the other side may make use of this. But as long as we have the numbers, they shouldn't be able to do anything about it, even if they know that we use the dailypaul to determine our strategy.

experts are hard to come by,

we posted at same time jonat
but you have been more concise
I am rushing off to work

happy to have some, :D

here is another suggestion

ASK just ASK

in threads under news sites and utube vids
and all forums

we need a one liner we can all use like a mantra

asking for volunteer experts as there are plenty
but they dont know yet we NEED them

tell them to post on DP and someone will contact them

we will get the experts volunteering u can bet on it

people everywhere want to help Ron Paul


Pagans are tolerant by NATURE.



We should contact/join/study at the NAP

The National Association of Parliamentarians has a certification test that you can study for. It will serve us all well in our future efforts to preserve and protect liberty.


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Shouldn't this be the job of

Shouldn't this be the job of the campaign? Why aren't they doing this?

The campaign leadership are sabateurs

It is an age old trick to infiltrate and sabotage liberation movements. The CIA is well-practiced at it.

It Should be the job, that is

It Should be the job, that is true. But we can't allow ourselves to get discouraged if they fail to do this. Because we Can do this, and organize these conventions ourselves. And if they help, great. But we need to take matters into our own hands collectively, just in case. We have so much power, so many numbers and a great forum here at the daily Paul to Win this! So we might as well do it. Let the campaign go about their business. These things we can handle fine if we all work together and pool our resources. We already have been anyway and th results exceed expectations. We just need to get the ball rolling even faster and we'll be unstoppable.


This is absolutely necessary!



I think this should be posted into the Forums as well. Funny how the Paul supporters act mature and abide the rules while The Establishment acts childish and breaks their own rules. A Parliamentarian is no waste with our numbers!

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What is Capitalism?

hey there,

This sounds like a solid plan and if someone helps line this up...Hit me up for some funding...I'm always good for 100 dollars for LIBERTY!!!

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Obtaining the services of a professional parliamentarian is simple with the National Association of Parliamentarians' professional referral service.

Either fill out the request form online (http://parliamentarians.org/instantprp.php), or call the association at (888) 627-2929, and provide your contact information as well as the geographic area in which you are located. We will provide you with a list of professional registered parliamentarians in your area who are accepting new clients.

You may then contact these professionals to discuss your needs, and select the parliamentarian who best fits your needs. Individual parliamentarians set their own schedules and fees; it is best to contact parliamentarians well ahead of time to ensure that they will be available for your meeting or convention.

If you have any questions about the referral service, contact the National Association of Parliamentarians at hq@nap2.org or (888) 627-2929.

To request a list of professional parliamentarians in your area, use the online request form (http://parliamentarians.org/instantprp.php).

I googled and found this one-Robert's Rules Consulting


It's not a nationally associated one, but it is another option. You need several to compare.

American Institute of Parliamentarians

bump, if the campaign won't,

bump, if the campaign won't, we will

BUMP for do it.

if the campaign won't, we will

they dont, we must

but apprise them of moves so they
know what they can count on


Pagans are tolerant by NATURE.

Bump for Front Page


Front page


I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm just well-informed

Texas State Association of Parliamentarians


You can go to parliamentarians.org and find your state.

YES! Good job! Thank you.

YES! Good job! Thank you. That's a start. Let's get this rolling. We can organize these conventions ourselves.

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Yes...let's keep this bumped along with the Minnesota. thread

I'm hoping we can get a parliamentarian for this Fridays convention there. This is exactly what is needed now.

Minnesota State Association of Parliamentarians

here is a link for Minnesota


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