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☛ PARLIAMENTARIANS For Hire! Here Is Info On How We Can Hire A Parliamentarian To Go With Us To The Conventions!

Obtaining the services of a professional parliamentarian is simple with the National Association of Parliamentarians' professional referral service.

Either fill out the request form online (http://parliamentarians.org/instantprp.php), or call the association at (888) 627-2929, and provide your contact information as well as the geographic area in which you are located. We will provide you with a list of professional registered parliamentarians in your area who are accepting new clients.

You may then contact these professionals to discuss your needs, and select the parliamentarian who best fits your needs. Individual parliamentarians set their own schedules and fees; it is best to contact parliamentarians well ahead of time to ensure that they will be available for your meeting or convention.

If you have any questions about the referral service, contact the National Association of Parliamentarians at hq@nap2.org or (888) 627-2929.

To request a list of professional parliamentarians in your area, use the online request form (http://parliamentarians.org/instantprp.php).

On a personal note I would suggest that grassroots leaders who want to get a Parliamentarian to go with them to their convention should start their own "chip-in" to help pay for their service.

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Parliamentarian contribution

I would be interested in contributing towards the hire of a parliamentarian professional. Please feel free to contact me.

Where's the chipin

for supporters from other states.



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I'm just adding this here but,

most of the delegate bound RP supporters know the Roberts Rules better than those running the show. The RNC does not care if we have a parlimentarian there or not. They do not care if we have a Lawyer there or not. They do not care if we have the majority in most cases. The only way to beat them is to replace them over time.

This moneybomb--concentrating on delegates..

is it going to pay for parliamentarians and attorneys? Is it going to be used to pay the staff their wages? When does their next expenditure come out? Ron Paul has the cleanest most honest one...he even has $1.00 toll fares on it, but I really want to see how they use it for delegates.

Perhaps, but I would rather

Perhaps, but I would rather not assume anything.

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Not true.

If you had been at our Convention in Maine you would not say that.

Most of the RP delegates do NOT know RRofO better. And there are only a handful of rules that you
really need to know cold.

The Maine GOP "paid" for the Pro Parliamentarian who was at the podium in Maine.
His name is Thomas Balch. He co wrote the 11th edition of RRofO and is also an attorney. He is good and anyone knowledgeable in this area knows who he is.

Our RP Chairman was knowledgeable on RRofO but was conferring with T Balch throughout.
We also had another Parliamentarian on the stage.

And yes - lasting change happens on the committees. We won 75% of them.

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What are

the handful of rules we should learn as well as possible before our state convention?

Here ya go,


and http://www.robertsrules.org/motionsprint.htm for printer friendly link.

These were printed out and put in our folders at our convention.

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I posted a link to the NAP in another thread yesterday. This resource could prove to be a game changer going forward. BUT the NAP only specializes in Robert's Rules. This will be helpful in the vast majority of the conventions, but not all of them. Most notably, the RNC does not operate under Robert's Rules.

If you intend to hire a parliamentarian for the RNC, then NAP is probably a great place to start, but make sure they know the rules of the RNC.

Also, NAP has a certification test, and practice questions available on their website. I encourage everyone who reads this site to take the time to learn Robert's Rules using these resources. They will come in handy in every local board or committee you join for the rest of your life.

I serve on two county committees, and my HOA board. I can assure you, that the person who best knows Robert's Rules, is the one who best gets their voice heard, and their ideas selected.

Freedom Wins!

Lets Roll!

We have our closer up and warmed up in the bullpen..

Many thanks, SJ!

Terrific post!

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Great Idea BUT..........

We need to start a FUND to pay for this type of assistance as well as legal assistance! This needs to start ASAP!!! If we can start a fund we will have cash set aside and be ready when it is needed instead of being reactive we HAVE TO BE PROACTIVE!!!!! We have been screwed too many times. There is no excuse now for not being ready.

Good thinking. Every State should have HQ

where a ChipIn fund could be done. With one big general fund, it would be difficult to allocate the money fairly. Each State should set up its own fund for such purpose, to which anyone, anywhere, could make a donation. Perhaps one main thread could be posted with all the individual States' ChipIn links.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Even Better!


Great Information!

I passed it on to the ones who need to know in my state!



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great idea

We need more organization so we don't get out maneuvered when we are in the majority. What happened in Oklahoma with Romney and Santorum's people working together to shut us out should never have happened. We need a better out reach to the santorum people to educate them on how Romney is exactly like Obama, and the last true conservative in the race is Ron Paul. Seems some have bought into the tepid endorsement for Romney. Although I think what happened there was our mistake and not necessarily an indicator of the neocons strength. We have the momentum and the numbers now for sure. As long as we keep growing our numbers we should only become stronger as this crazy election process continues, this thing is going to straight to Tampa, and there is our best chance at the presidency. I smell fear out of the establishment because there really is no stopping the inevitable. We definitely need good parliamentarians on the ground with a well organized strategy before even walking into a convention. We should quickly look back at what worked in Maine and Nevada and repeat the same exact process, even perfect it. The parliamentarians and committees from our winning states should be integral to the planning, strategy, and execution in winning any and all remaining caucuses/states.


Very important!

thank you

thank you

► SAVE $$$ when shopping online:

► RAND PAUL 2016:

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A much needed service.

Thank you :)

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Bump for awesome grassroots work!


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Not a bad thing

to be posted elsewhere, this gives it twice the coverage.

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A bump

Back up for more people to consider

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