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Did everyone forget Ron Paul asking for donations? See this graph


Yesterday he received $30,000 donations. What is going on??? Everyone forgot to contribute??? This is not good. How do any of us expect Paul to be at the top of the game with no money? He needs money! There is only a couple months left to go and we are finished. Please give if you can.

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there are threads about an upcoming money bomb

and I would imagine some people are waiting for that. Don't wait, if you can donate, do it now. AND when the money bomb comes around, if you can.

The Donations Have Fallen Off Before Announcement on Rule 11

I think as the campaign wears on, regular donors are using the money they would normally give to fund there efforts at conventions, local politics, etc.

People say they won't give because they disagree with the way the campaign is being run? - no attack ads on Romney, change of venue from campuses, etc. Either you agree with his policy ideas and view him as best GOP choice for POTUS or not - it's that simple.

So please understand that the campaign has to manuever, Paul has a regular job and nothing is perfect and donate what you can.

More money

to talk at college campuses, not run tv ads attacking romney, to not attack the media, etc.?? NO thanks. When I see an ad in Texas attacking Romney's anti-gun beliefs, Ill give more money.

So when you see the current

So when you see the current ad that is running then?

Did Ron Paul forget to fire Jesse Benton?

that may be the very reason my donation button is currently malfunctioning. Every time I try to press it, a little window pops up that says "Benton Error". It's the darndest thing.... ;)

"sometimes I hug the coffee table when no one is looking."

The campaign works against itself

Benton... and now Tate -- "Please stop making Romney mad by taking his delegates.."

YETI will donate again and be a delegate I hope to help Paul win with OR WITHOUT his help!

You're a fucking idiot if you

You're a fucking idiot if you think Benton should be fired. You jump to conclusions when you don't even have the full story. Benton has done so much for us, and for you to call for him to be fired just because you cannot see the reasoning behind one simple decision is absurd. They have run an amazing campaign, and no one with the establishment against them has come anywhere near this level of success. You're a clueless idiot and if people like you had their druthers, we'd be thrusted into a permanent state of tyranny.

it's May 15th, I'm waiting for your apology now....

So, you still love Jesse Benton, bro?....

"sometimes I hug the coffee table when no one is looking."


was Mothers Day.

A lot of folks were with family, not online.

that's all.

Got a call

Couple of weeks ago to contribute and told the lady that I would be doing so on the upcoming money bomb.
Was a bit surprised to receive an invoice in the mail for the amount I told her I would be contributing on the money bomb. Seemed like a waste of money in stamped mailing and also a stamped return envelope to enclose a payment. May have been nice if that was my intent in method of contributing, but it was not and I plainly told her what I was planning on doing when she called. I may return a copy of the receipt from the money bomb in the return envelope now...just seems like a waste.
Seems strange to me that registered Daily Paul folks are being targeted for contributions via phone calls? We are probably the most passionate givers to the campaign and made aware on this site of all upcoming money bombs. We give what we can and when we can, which is not always as possible as many would wish. Thought we did pretty good so far in contributing when possible.??

he does not need money??

he has had almost as much as romney has, in several tens of millions of dollars in donations. how has this been used to fight romney- the only / main estab candidate/nominee?


I can't figure it out without

I can't figure it out without the ticker. A couple of days ago I responded to the appeal and donated. It came up within a whisker two million dollars. So what are we talking about? It looked to me like everyone is fired-up and giving fit-to-bust--just as we ought to be at this point! As I remember, he asked for $650,000 in this appeal to tide him over and he had already tripled that sum by the time I added my bit.


they should

be doing a money bomb. that's the best way to get the word out.

optimystic's picture

Money Bomb

May 17th. Many are waiting to donate on that day.

The campaign needs to make this go more viral...

Post of FB and Twitter, and ask the supporters to spread the word all across the board - The campaign has a million fans on Facebook!

10$ a month from each is a very big number! Chances are there are 50 million of us in the country or more.

very first that I have heard

very first that I have heard of this as well. I'm at a loss really

If he wants money he ought

to have a highly known, well publicized, prepared a week before Money Bomb so we have time to spread the word and save up! I didnt even know about it until I saw this post. Also, he should use all social media to advertise said money bomb a week in advance.

Money Bomb May 17th

This has been worked on now for over a month, but unfortunately as you said not enough people know about it. Only 3 days away.


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He NEEDS to use

Facebook and Twitter!!! in advance! Last time he didnt even mention the money bomb on twitter! hopefully someone can relay this to Wead or Ron. We can double our money bomb by utilizing these tools!

I completely agree

They could do in minutes what we've been working on for a month. For some reason they only give a few posts and wait until a couple days ahead of time. But that doesn't reach people who don't check Facebook every day.

For now it's up to us to spread the word to those people. I'm a little worried though that if we can't even reach people here on the Daily Paul, how are we going to reach the rest of his millions of supporters.

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