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PROOF: Romney's Son NOT Booed Off Stage By RP Supporters At AZ Republican State Convention

Here's the indisputable proof that Romney's son was NOT booed off stage by Ron Paul supporters. He received a respectful applause when he 'officially' finished his speech... But when he moments later 'remembered one last thing' and promoted his dad's officially endorsed slate, in blatant violation of the rules, he was rightfully booed and denounced.

(This is from someone else's video, as I stopped mine a third of the way through the speech since I figured nothing eventful would come of it, and I wanted to conserve battery and memory card space for later...).


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get this to the RT inbox

get this to the RT inbox

"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL

If someone gets a little offended by "booing"

you sure couldn't count them in on a real Revolution. The Romney boy was out of line in promoting the Romney agenda. I'm sure they didn't let a Paul spokesperson do the same.

alan laney


Slate has picked up the story:

"I've got to side with the Paulians on this one. "Booing off the stage" means "booing off the stage." It implies that a chastened Josh Romney had to stop his speech and head for the exit, ducking day-old fruit and molotov cocktails. But the hardcore booing only started when he held up a sheet of paper and started calling for delegate support -- something the Paul supporters believed to be verboten. Sure, their candidate only got 8.6 percent of the primary vote, so they only represented a loud minority. You can still see why they're paranoid about the way media spins them."


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thanks for posting; every crumb of

media honesty is helpful.

Spin, spin, spin

As is to be expected, the Clear Channel affiliate in Phoenix, KFYI AM, is running with the "booed off stage" story. They are so in the tank for Romney. One of the morning hosts said that Romney's son was booed off the stage by the Paulbots because that is just how Paul supporters are and that is just what Paul supporters do.

I torture myself with this neocon station (also the home of Rush, Hannity, and Beck) by occasionally listening to the AM and PM drive time hosts who are local. Fortunately, I am by myself for a few days, as the Mrs. would not have appreciated the plethora of not so kind words being directed at the radio host this morning!


who care when he was booed of the stage? he should be booed off the stage by anyone with a lick of sense and any love for this country.His father is trying to lie,cheat,steal,and buy his way to the nomination,for God's sake.

Some see things as they are and say why,but i dream things that never were and say why not. Robert F. Kennedy

I feel this news story was pumped

to squelch the Romney gang-jumping that kid in HS and cutting his hair story. What better way to counter bully perception than to turn Romney Jr. into a bogus "victim?"

We're punk'd per usual. Plucked from the air during regular, vocal proceedings. Effective it was, young Jedi. That Romney story had legs, erodes the female demographic (soccer mom) and fit the Romney perception narrative forming:
1.) Entitled, presumptive, private school 'popular' guy bullies classmate for being 'different.'
2.) Enjoys firing people as adult
3.) Corporations are 'people'
4.) Not all 'people' are created equal. Ask the countries we're attacking or about to attack and vast majority of Americans who pay for it dearly.
5.) Bonus: Get out in front of YouTube narrative perception that would naturally follow and frame it. "Romney's son unpopular at proceedings while promoting his dad." Put Ron Paul supporters on defense. Whereas, Rand has increasing following, Ron Paul's crowds grow like a rockstar, but Romney Sr. can't fill venues.

Anecdotally, my establishment R galpals, moms were debating it on social media. They were struggling to defend Romney and it showed openly.

And, puhlease! Romney supporters actually assault Ron Paul supporters regularly. Talk about your 'unruly hordes." The irony is astounding. In so many ways beyond demeanor, policy and grace under pressure - we RP supporters are the proverbial other cheek.

i am....

a very considerate person and ALWAYS aware of others' feelings BUT we're dealing with people flat out LYING and CHEATING and we're over here worried about his son being 'booed'? at the end of the day, you dont put your kid on stage to push his buddy-slate when the future of OUR CHILDREN and OUR COUNTRY is at stake.


Some folks are worried about offending the twilighters as their time on earth is about up. The sheep are dead to me. I look right through them.

"Give a man a gun, and he could rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he could rob the world."

Thank you

for posting this. I am having a debate with a few people over this among other things (re.faux news). Could someone let me know what rule he broke by doing this so I can use it in Paul's defense.

Thank you

for commenting. I thought I saw Robert's Rules on line somewhere but not finding them yet to look it up.
I did find this short presentation trying to sell something http://www.parli.com/presentation/ (which sounds good for those that are in the delegate process) but still can't seem to find the pages on line yet. If anyone has time to post the pages or even the online book for me to look it up I would appreciate it.

Pretty darn close

Give him about another 10 seconds and his ass was going to get booed off stage.


Context is everything!

That's much different than I thought

That' pretty tame. From some reports I read i kind of expected them to be throwing tomatoes or something.

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