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The Mogambo Guru gives some love to Ron Paul

This guy is one of my favorite folks in the business of commentary on our nations financial situation. Not only is he funny as hell, he is always dead right and he is a Ron Paul fan to the end.

Show the Guru some love and go read this awesome article about Ron Paul vs the FED.


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So, how many poseurs do we have here at the DP?

From the linked article: The difference between a real JMR and the mere poseur is revealed by noting who actually takes action in acquiring gold, silver and oil

Love it, just love it!

Love it, just love it!



Another Brilliant Court Jester!

Like John Steward and Stephen Colbert before him, the Mogambo Guru tells it like it is. In opening this article with a description of himself "as one of the unfortunate few who can only imagine success in anything, and envy it in others," he speaks for the masses rather than for the few.

This precise human feature is what inspired Henry David Thoreau to write: "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation." How slowly we evolve!


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Oh, he IS funny!

. . . "So I feel a little guilty here because only a really, really hateful guy -- a guy like me! -- who was psychotically desperate for attention -- again, a guy like me! -- would be so tacky as to dare criticize the rightfully-famous Ron Paul after doing such a superb job of it."