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Message from Ron Paul 5/14/2012

NOTE: Please stop creating new threads on this same topic. Stay focused! Become a delegate, go to your conventions!

As I reflect on our 2012 Presidential campaign, I am humbled by the supporters who have worked so hard and sacrificed so much. And I am so proud of what we have accomplished. We will not stop until we have restored what once made America the greatest country in human history.

This campaign fought hard and won electoral success that the talking heads and pundits never thought possible. But, this campaign is also about more than just the 2012 election. It has been part of a quest I began 40 years ago and that so many have joined. It is about the campaign for Liberty, which has taken a tremendous leap forward in this election and will continue to grow stronger in the future until we finally win.

Our campaign will continue to work in the state convention process. We will continue to take leadership positions, win delegates, and carry a strong message to the Republican National Convention that Liberty is the way of the future.

Moving forward, however, we will no longer spend resources campaigning in primaries in states that have not yet voted. Doing so with any hope of success would take many tens of millions of dollars we simply do not have. I encourage all supporters of Liberty to make sure you get to the polls and make your voices heard, particularly in the local, state, and Congressional elections, where so many defenders of Freedom are fighting and need your support.

I hope all supporters of Liberty will remain deeply involved - become delegates, win office, and take leadership positions. I will be right there with you. In the coming days, my campaign leadership will lay out to you our delegate strategy and what you can do to help, so please stay tuned.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

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Sorry Scott!

I copied your Ron Paul Delegates FB post verbatim a couple comments down. I thought it was so good what you said that I had to spread it without knowing you were actually on the DP! Thanks for putting up the good fight and being a delegate! I did give you credit of course and I hope so much that what you said comes true! It certainly makes sense that he would start doing this :)

lol.....that's ok

lol.....that's ok

I like that Paul will be

I like that Paul will be there but a lot of his supporters are much better at giving a speech


His chances..

I don't think Ron Pauls chances of being the nominee are slim, I think they are great. His chances are as good as all his supporters are willing to make them. :)

No you can't hear about Ron Paul

Says the media,so just as expected people want to hear about him. He has gained several thousand people on facebook in just a few weeks. Maybe telling people how they can't have Ron Paul makes people wan't him more. Trying to hide him and black him out causes people to search for him. :)

I'm back on DP after a 6 hour

I'm back on DP after a 6 hour hiadus after hearing the news this afternoon( This was by far the longest period I've gone EVER without checking this site in the past 5 months, i'm addicted! Everyone here is like extended family.) Though I haven't had a chance yet to read all of the 900+ comments so what I'm saying may be repetative.
I guess I was just in total shock when I checked the website at work this afternoon and heard/saw what I thought was Ron Paul ending his campaign bid for president. This may have been a knee jerk reaction, but I actually became a little depressed and withdrawn for the last hour or so and I think my coworkers may have noticed even though I tried to hide it. I was intitally upset at the campaign because I thought they bailed on me/us after all the effort I/we put in to helping Ron win this thing after he said we were going all the way to the RNC in August. When I left work I went to the park and took a long walk to clear my head to understand what just happend. All I could think of how could he do this,is he really interested in winning or just spreading a message, is this only to get Rand elected, and why would they make a statement like this with so many big primaries and conventions yet to go, it just didn't make sense? I'm sure I'm not the only one who was thinking this. As soooo many things went through my head I knew there had to be a reason he did this and I hoped he would have a good explanation. I, like many others, have bumper stickers,yard sign's, donated money, and convinced many friends and family to support Paul.

So after debating with myself on whether or not to log on the the DP tonight due to frustration, I decided there had to be an explantation and decided to sign in before going to bed. I then decided to read the release again and after reading it and comprehending what it actually said, I realized that I totally got it completey wrong and he was NOT ending his campaign just reorganizing the strategy!! THANK GOD! I definitely feel re-energized once again and will hopefully get a good nights sleep tonight!!

P.S.--As I'm typing this I am watching Fox19 News live in Cincinnati and Ben Swann just announced that despite reports, Ron Paul IS still in the race for president just not actively campaigning in the final primaries and concentrating on winning delegates at the remaining state conventions. YOU'RE ROCK BEN, GLAD YOU'RE IN THE "NATI"! Let's win this R3VOLution!!

Hello, My Name is Danton..

..and I am a Ron Paul addict..and a DP addict as well!
It's been said:
"The darkest hours are those before the dawn"...
Looking forward,(eagerly) to a new dawn....you are not alone!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Wow, I felt the same way today at work.

I have three Ron Paul magnets on my vehicle and yard signs posted on our land and around our area. I thought to myself, well what do I do now? Fortunately, I also had some time to unwind and watched my boys play two baseball games. Thought I should probably check the DP before going to bed. Glad I did. Feeling much better now.

Deflated then Elated

Go get em Dr. Paul. I'm from Canada and hope you kick some serious butt in the next few months.

I wish we had leaders like you up here.

Ron Paul 2012 !!

I think we need to keep doing what we win at

And that is getting delegates.

We have been more successful doing that then trying to out-advertise Romney for the beauty contest. I know, several Ron Paul supporters and I spent over 12 hours at a local caucus getting delegates elected to the state convention. Our next step is getting our delegates to Tampa.

Obama started airing anti-Romney ads today. A two-minute version of the new video will run in Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado and Virginia. A six-minute version is available on a new Obama campaign site that is specifically devoted to criticizing Romney's approach to economic issues. It's a great video, and the Obama campaign must have spent millions getting this made and aired, but Obama has plenty of money. We don't.


Am I the only one who gets a laugh out of this video made by Obama?

I think its

Great that Obama is attacking Romney, turning people away from Romney so we wont have to. By attacking Romney now Obama is actually helping the Paul campaign.

I agree. They both have the same corporate supporters

Let them spend that money destroying each other.

Did you watch that video? It's great. It makes Romney look like the corporate sell-out he really is, but most people didn't know.

Let Romney and Obama tear each other apart. Sit back and enjoy the show.

#2 top story on google

#2 top story on google news:
Paul stops spending money but doesn't stop campaigning

Not bad! I don't believe I've seen him in #2 before.

Ron Paul will be there to the end - not wishful thinking

Didn't RP say he wasn't going to campaign in primary states before this - like Florida because it was too expensive and the chances were slim. Same strategy for California and Texas. What a field day for the MSM if he really tried hard and spent money to only garner less than 20% in those States.

I just think Ron Paul is too honest to give a bunch of bull and the quote is taken wrong. Realistically his chances ARE slim to become the nominee but delegates are the key, and you never know to the end. He does not want to let us down, he his realistic, and just maybe we do have a chance. Freedom is popular and keep chipping away.

I'm sure, for the MSM,

this has nothing to do with the fact that there are 6 conventions coming up. This will backfire on them. Everyone keep bringing people to vote in the primaries and keep showing up to caucuses and conventions.


Just said that Dr Paul is going to Minnesota, Iowa, and Washington conventions to speak. This is the strategy folks.

Yes RP come to every state convention

Hope he can make it to Louisiana on June 2, 2012!!!!!

I love it

The web is a flutter with mass speculation and seems to be the case here with brand new members coming over to rub our noses in what they think is the end. Let them. The media blackout as much as we moan about it has actually served this campaign and the strategy very well. If you want to play the game well, you have to know the rules. We do. They don't. And this is no more evident than if you take a look over at HuffPo. Everyone falling all over themselves to come up with the next one liner celebrating the death of the Paul campaign. Again let them. Fight that urge to correct them or give them a clue. Obscurity has worked for us so far and nothing could be more advantageous than letting the campaign and our efforts fall back off the radar. Do not correct them. Do not waste your time confronting them. And most definitely do not explain anything to them. Let them go. Sit back and revel in the ignorance.

Wise move

Even obnoxious people who love fascist dictatorships can post here where freedom of speech and expression are alive and well.
This move to conserve resources is in respect for all those who have sacrificed and given what they could for the cause of liberty and freedom. It is a wise decision because we have momentum. This is an avalanche of hard work and no one, not even people with unlimited funds, can stop Ron Paul from winning it all. No one includes gleeful numskulls who fear their own shadow and are will to give up their freedom and liberty for security. Not mentioning any names of them posting here.
My prayers are with all those who are working the delegate process. Ron Paul or nobody!

fighting the media is an uphill battle

on top of Romney's own money, the media as a whole has given him priceless advertising, and has effectively shaped public opinion. To fight this would be a waste of resources.

So the revolution digs a tunnel into the ground instead of climbing up the hill. This is probably the best decision the campaign has made in a while.

Guys, however hard it gets for us as supporters, this is Paul's campaign, and we trust him right? Am I right? We're standing by him no matter what. Whatever he decides is the best course of action, we'll follow him and support him, because we know where his heart and mind are.

We've been beaten down by the media from day one, but you know what...unfortunately for them...they've just beaten and beaten us into cold hard steel, and now we're swords and armor, even more ready for the battle for the restoration of liberty. And we will win that battle.


As I stated, the media black out has worked for us so far keeping us off the radar and catching the establishment state GOP's with their pants down and the media playing catch up. This announcement can only help. As I told the critics over at HuffPo, please think of the Paul campaign as dead and please move on and forget about him. hehehe.

Excellent point by a Ron Pauler on the Ron Paul Delegates FB

"As a Ron Paul delegate in the Nevada state convention last week I was witness to a war before Dr Paul's speech which not only won over the hearts and minds of many Romney delegates but also had a calming effect on the old guard sitting on the stage.

This is a smart move because not only will Congressman Paul be able to consentrate on speaking directly to Romney delegates at state conventions but Romney himself will be forced to do the same (rather than sending his son Josh)

Now each and every state convention will be a debate of sorts and this will be a good thing as Romney delegates will see Ron Paul for the first time LIVE and will see first hand why we are .......who we are.

I know this much, I wouldn't want to play poker with Ron Paul.....lol"

- Scott Cameron

Perhaps this will force the debate we so strongly wanted in TX, albeit in a different way!

love the strategy


And another thing!!

If we were all on the BATTLEFIELD, the one which we have envisioned being a REAL possibility given the Tyrannical nature of the past two Presidents....and we got some news that a different 'strategy' was being employed.

Would you drop your GUNS and go home?

I hope not! I hope we would fight till the death. In fact I EXPECT it of us.

Guns up, sights forward, ammo loaded...go damnit.

This isn't a dress rehearsal.

Friend to Minarchists, AnCaps, Voluntaryists, Agorists, Constitutionalists, Libertarians, Paul Supporters, Free Marketeers, Jeffersonians, Status Quo Buckers, and Ron Paul Fans.

Pax Libertas. Semper Veritas. Semper Res Publica.

Avenging Zionist Is A Stinking Troll!!!

Only a member a little less than 10 minutes...Get Lost

This is a website for Ron Paul Supporters and you are clearly not one of us...

Go Away TROLL!


Every time I see a troll posting it just reassures me all of our blood, sweat, and tears is paying off. You only meet resistance if you are a threat. The old guard GOP and NRC is being replaced with supporters of liberty each and every day. Stay strong brothers and sisters, it's still three and a half months till Tampa and the Ron Paul avalanche will not be stopped.

Damn right, I'm not one of you.

I'm not a goosestepping moron like you. I'm simply enjoying the sweet nectar of revenge. It's delicious.

Sucks to be you, huh ?

Goosestepping Moron or did you mean Mormon?

Because at last update... you and Mittens were both. (thats front page Drudge news)


That was stupid.

That was stupid.

Hey man

You seem like a really smart and cool person, wanna be pen pals?