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Ron Paul has NOT Suspended His Campaign

A voice of reason from Ron Paul Flix

Ron Paul has NOT Suspended and has NOT Ended His Campaign


There is a strategy shift: The campaign will not spend resources campaigning in primary states but WILL BE focusing on winning delegates in caucus states ... Rest assured, he is not dropping out ... We must now redouble our efforts. We are doing extremely well, and the chance of a brokered convention in Tampa is extremely good, and the delegates we have collected so far are many hundreds, unlike what the media is lying to us about.

There is a moneybomb coming up on May 17th. Please, pour everything you've got into the moneybomb. It's absolutely so vital that we do that. We have to keep the campaign going. ~ Israel

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may the genuine Paul Patriots please stand up

Since this disclosure I've heard a lot of whining and complaining from some.
The faketriots have reared their ugly heads. Lets weed them out and keep doing what we're doing.
The R3VOLUTION continues.

Tell your Romney friends

That Ron Paul is out. (sure we know he's not)

... hope they don't show up.

-quiet engineer

Yup, let them put their guard

Yup, let them put their guard down, then we go in for the kill!


campaign info

you complain because the campaign doesn't tell you what their plans are, then when they tell you, you get all hysterical and bent out of shape. if you would just sit back and calm yourself and reread the notification, you would realize that dr. paul is neither "suspending" or "ending" his run for president. why do you have to be such "drama queens" and i suppose i should add "drama kings" so people won't be offended.



The man knows what he is doing. Period. He has had a long and decorated political career and has never faltered in his cause. This is just another example of the MSM trying to play a negative tune about what they fear most. It reeks of desperation and fear. Clearly they are trying to slow the campaign momentum and discourage new members. Have faith in the good doctor and do not fall to stupid, twisted words. Tell everyone you know the truth and charge on ahead to Tampa!

If he is not suspending his

If he is not suspending his campaign then it makes absolutely no sense to release that statement. Literally no sense at all. Either he is dropping out or this is the worst campaign "move" in the history of politics.

It's up to individuals.

Why would he drop out, when the R3volution is going to do all it can to get enough delegates to get him the nomination? Dr. Ron Paul can do nothing more. Now it is up to individuals. Put up or shut up. He can win by ordered chaos.

When I saw this on Newsmax...

...it scared me a little. But after having collected my thoughts, I am still 100%, no 1000% behind the good doctor. We are still going to Tampa, by God!

Keimh3reg Peh2u Meg

Calling All Brothers And Sisters From All Over The World.

These are not truth 100% RON PAUL Supporters.........PERIOD.

Mitt supporter are here DP telling stupid dum lies. Lets face it there pretty boy Mitt can't believe Saint Paul is still here.

The Spirit of Truth is behind Saint Paul Campaign. Have faith we are fighting the 100 year Fed Reserve and the spirit of error. What the establishment is trying to do is to divide are spirit.

TMOT...Ron Paul: O Ye of Little Faith?

Calling All Brothers And Sisters From All Over The World. PLEASE

I knew it ,,lol

Ron Paul is a very sharp man.... This man is getting the max return for our efforts.. lol ... come on , i think and know ron paul knows how to manage money or business.. or liberty or freedom... trust in what he is saying .. got to think on another level here..
Peaceout !

gary gettis

Could be Genius

Well, now that the media says he is out perhaps Romney people will believe it. Then they may not take the conventions seriously, they were starting to catch on, but maybe we can catch them sleeping now. As long as the Paul supporters don't give up - and I don't think we are the type to do that - everything will be fine.

The fact that we have to tell people the campaign is not

suspended highlights the communication issues of the campaign.

Frankly it appears from yesterday's press release that they threw in the towel in April when they decided to not make an issue out of the RNC violating Rule 11.

Yesterday's announcement along with today's has taken away a lot of the enthusiasm I had for the campaign.

The ideas of liberty, small government still resonate, but it appears that this campaign wants us to concentrate our support in other directions which will probably be more effective.

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I just wish the campaign would have kept it to them selves.

Or at the absolute minimum do some damage control and force each and every news outlet to retract their words.

So many people contacted me today saying that Ron Paul just quite. I told each and every one of them to read the fucking article because none of them did....all that they read was the headlines. Unfortunately for us, the dumb m"asses" don't read the articles, they just read the head lines.

Ruined my fucking day.

Yes he suspended his campaign.

No he has not withdrawn his candidacy for the GOP nomination.

"we will no longer spend resources campaigning in primaries in states that have not yet voted."

"we will suspend campaigning in primaries in states that have not yet voted."


Nothing in this statement implies that he is suspending his candidacy, only his travel and ad campaign. So yes in modern political-speak he has officially suspended the primary election campaign. But he has not withdrawn his candidacy for the GOP Presidential nomination. He is officially a candidate for the GOP nomination.

MSM is crying in their revenues

Without the TV ad buys and PR show, they're losing hyper millions! The only thing that ended today is MSM extortion.

Bravo, Paul is genius and just wrote the books on "How to win without spending other people's fortune," and "How to make your opponent the diversionary front force, while you double back and take the capitol."

Seriously, who in recent history gets these results with so little unecessary expenditure? Isn't that what we need in our country? Stop playing the illusionary game and be the reality. Stop talking about fiscal responsibility and exercise it.

One major reason I'm here: Ron Paul walks his talk when no other candidate does! How ridiculous it is to watch billions in campaign expenditures nationwide, while people are on food stamps, really hurting, troops are dying and we're wanting jobs. How many bridges could campaigns have repaired with their expenditures - they're all just useless ego air with clearly dimishing results. Exception: Ron Paul! Woot.

* Plus, he's protecting supporters from attack this way. That heat was getting circus-like. I mean, 70 year old grandmas for Romney employing fisticuffs? Back to stealth mode we go - check Chief!

valid - valid -valid -valid

and even more so VALID

Paul should have never

Paul should have never reported his statement. Even though we know what is going on, the MSM is going to jump all over it like they already are.

Bad Call


Thats the plan ;o)

Barbara Tranquillo

We Are Doing Well And Will Keep Fighting....BUT

I am confused......while we will still compete in the caucus states and have been competing, looking at the primary schedule, the only remaining states are primary states......so does that mean we won't be competing for some 700 delegates? It's going to be tough to have a brokered convention if Romney cleans up on those. Somebody bring me some clarity right now!!!

Freedom is popular-RON PAUL 2012 til I die!

Thanks for that Israel,

I have to admit that I was comletely surprised when the MSM headlined that Ron Paul all but quit the campaign but I didn't loose faith. I started looking for word from Ron Paul on the DP and from what he said, there was nothing about ending the campaign or quitting. Thanks again. We just need to stay calm and listen to the change of strategy Ron Paul is putting in place.

Ron Paul President 2012 - Restore the Constitutional Republic.
We are in for the long haul, you knew this wasn't going to be easy so stand together patriots.


Drudge just outed himself by blasting that headline.

Too bad, I thought he was unbiased. Now we know.

Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don't have brains enough to be honest. - Ben Franklin

Drudge is just the beginning

I have a gut feeling that the DP Rachel Maddow love-fest ends tonight...


Thank you very much for the embed!

Blessings )o(


I think they were trying to get some media attention, which worked, but Drudge f-ing post that he's out.. I hate that guy with a passion!..

It'll be interesting to see what happens the next 24 hours...

I think the rest of the media will actually report this and then never mention him again passed midnight...

Bad mistake by the campaign unless they're planning something I don't see... If they are they better clear it up quick as many supporters are thoroughly depressed by the statement and no longer motivated to delegate...

Just doesn't make sense if they're actually trying to compete in August :/ :'(

100% Agree

BAD mistake unless they are making an about face to show the media they are incompetent and have an agenda contrary to the RP campaign motives. Time will tell... and the clock is ticking quickly.

My latest Daily Paul article: How the U.S. Media Has Had a Big Hand in Helping Ron Paul Win the Republican Nomination

Sounds like a Capitulation Statement to Me.

To what benefit is a statement like this going to do? If you are still in the race and have a strategy to compete, why give your adversary any ammunition to use against you. The media is going to run all over this.

Again. To what benefit was it to make this statement if your strategy was to remain the same?

My latest Daily Paul article: How the U.S. Media Has Had a Big Hand in Helping Ron Paul Win the Republican Nomination

Perhaps it's simply keeping

Perhaps it's simply keeping your supporters in the loop.


The loop. There is no loop now. Campaign over.

My latest Daily Paul article: How the U.S. Media Has Had a Big Hand in Helping Ron Paul Win the Republican Nomination

It's not over til

it's over! If you want to give up and surrender to the enemy that's your business, but I'm still voting and supporting Ron Paul!

It makes sense

What's the point of continuing to spend millions against a rigged establishment machine that will never be transparent about Dr. Paul's true popularity with the masses. As long as they're counting the votes, they will rig the results. Period.

Just think how much more shocked the world is going to be when Ron Paul shows up in Tampa with a belt full of delegates and he didn't spend a kajillion FRN's doing it; he simply worked the RNC's rules into his favor.