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What About The Money?

So Dr Paul is gonna suspend his campaign or so it has been announced. So where is the $4 million dollars (or more) left in the campaign coffers gonna go?

I mean there are a lot of things that the campaign could have done that wouldn't have cost a dime like

challenge Mitt to a debate

Call Out the shenanigans in places like Maine, Washington, and NV

etc etc.

I'm just curious where that money left over is gonna go if it is not gonna go to campaign anymore, I think it is a fair question.

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"So Dr Paul is gonna suspend his campaign or so it has been announced."

WHY do you think this? This was stated NO WHERE in the announcement. He merely said he's going to stop campaigning IN THE PRIMARY STATES. The delegate strategy that we're already focusing most of our energies on will continue in the caucus States.

As for money, I don't have the figures in front of me, but there's no way they have $4 million left. In any case, all the money leftover at the end of the campaign will go to Campaign for Liberty, as the leftovers did in 2008.

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What on earth makes you think

What on earth makes you think there is anywhere NEAR $4 million left? The official campaign has raised a little over $5 million since March 1. He had $1.3 million on hand at that time. So the only way he would have a little over $4 million left is if he spent less than a quarter of what he spent in January and February, even though it has been 11 weeks since. So in the last 11 weeks he would have had to spend 25% of what he spent in 9 weeks in the beginning of the year.

And seriously...ENOUGH of the debate talk! It is NOT going o happen.

I know you think you are an expert political strategist and know more about how to run the campaign than Ron Paul does..but believe it or not, you don't. Ron Paul knows that it would not happen. And that challenging Romney to one won't matter. IT would not make Romney look bad to decline, and at worst, it would make Ron Paul look like a flip flopper since he agreed to the debate schedule months ago. And that they simply are not going to have as debate in the end of May when one candidate is nearing 1000 delegates with 638 still left to be decided, plus the super delegates.

I answered you in another

I answered you in another thread, but I'll do it in this one too. Where are you getting 4 mil? He had 1.8 mil at the beginning of April. He traveled extensively to college campuses and fundraisers. Not to mention fighting the establishment at conventions, keeping campaign offices open across the country, legal fees, etc.

The last money bomb April 15th was shooting for 2.5 mil. It just passed the 2 mil mark a couple days ago. The fundraisers maybe brought in tens of thousands of dollars. He asked for 650-850,000 over 2 weeks, we didn't deliver that either.

My guess is he has maybe $1 mil right now, maybe. In the meantime, people are wondering why he isn't spending money on ads, or why the campaign isn't doing this or that. I'm sure he's looking into the future, using the past few months and the disappointing fundraising to formulate his plans.

The second part of your

The second part of your question. So Paul sees that he only has let's say 1 mil in the bank and fundraising is falling short for the last few months. He has to get to Tampa in August and still support a campaign (so much of which you just don't see). His focus has always been on delegates. He didn't say he's suspending the campaign, just no more wasted money in beauty contest primaries that frankly he didn't have a chance of winning anyway. I'm just sad that the funds aren't available to really get the word out. I think America is open to the message if they'd just turn their attention from the Kardashians and open their minds.

He didn't have a chance of

He didn't have a chance of WINNING any of them...but most are proportional. This is going to cost him at least 25 delegates. Earned ones that can't possibly be taken away from him.

Even if he DIDN'T spend money on any upcoming state, he still would have done better than he did now. All he had to do was NOT SAY ANYTHING.

I know this will be unpopular, but I think this post brings up a good point. In 2008, there WERE people who were upset that they donated all they could to Ron Paul, and then at the end, some of it went elsewhere. It is VERY possible that the reason why Ron Paul made this announcement (I can't think of any other reason why he would) is to prevent that from happening again. He knows it will result in fewer people donating. And those that DO still donate now know that it is possible that their money might go to causes OTHER than getting Ron Paul nominated.

Bump For Answers

Don't just down vote. If the campaign is no longer gonna actively campaign then where is that $4 million gonna go and why should I donate this upcoming money bomb?


We trust Ron Paul.


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I don't know. A lot of people

I don't know. A lot of people here DON'T seem to trust Ron Paul. They think they know more about Rule 11 than Ron Paul does, so they are still wining that the campaign came out and said that the GOP did not violate Rule 11.

People here seem to only trust Ron Paul when he says EXACTLY what they want him to.

Same thing happened in 2008

I really don't think I can take this site anymore. People downvote everything. You can't question anything. I thought 2008 was a fluke and it was not. I understand he does not want to actively campaign. Why announce this way. Why do anything at all. Oh well. It's sad.


We trust Ron Paul.


I try to change people every day. Do You?