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"RP Out" is Genius Delegate Strategy

Remember the Oklahoma GOP letter that went out asking the rank and file to show up to keep the RPers from taking over the state party?

Obviously not enough showed up to stop the Liberty Express there and even fewer will show up now since the MSM talking point is that RP is out which means there's no longer a threat so no need for the GOP regulars to even show up for their state conventions.

Meanwhile, the effort that went into phonebanking, campaign stops, etc. will now be solely concentrated into packing state conventions with delegates.

Romney has 100 state convention attendees? We'll have 1000 and completely take over the State GOP going forward.

This is using the MSM blackout to our advantage!

Clever indeed...

[update - reposting comment here from below]

For all the doubters out there, consider the costs of state conventions.

First you have the $30-60 to attend as a state delegate, then you have the cost of commute (which often requires taking a day off), and finally you have to factor in food and lodging.

Without RP as a perceived threat, how many GOP "Q-tips" are going to pony up the $300-500 to attend?

I'm now really excited to attend our own state convention!

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it is

it is a lil confusing for some people alright, too bad some ppl dont understand the real strategy of this, this can make rp supporters to give up the fight

pure genius indeed

They just played right into RP's hand.

The God who gave us life, gave us liberty at the same time.
Thomas Jefferson

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You may be onto something...

...the announcement is really not news for anyone who's been following the campaign. We knew from the very start that they wouldn't be spending much if anything on the big primary States, so it should be no surprise that they aren't going to start spending on big primary States now.

Which brings me to the OP's point. Why would the campaign make this non-announcement, which doesn't give us any new important info, and which seems to do nothing but give the MSM a chance to announce that Paul is dropping out? Surely they knew that the MSM would spin it like this...so, maybe that was intended, lulling them into a false sense of security and so forth. Hmmm...

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Like a voice in the wilderness!!

Everyone, go here and BUMP!!


"For Life, For Liberty, and For Freedom, OUR MOVEMENT IS ONE... And We Will Change The Course of History!!"

Free copy of The Art of War for Kindle


I think people should probably read this. ;)



I Agree

Here is what i wrote about that and some interesting info on the SIX state conventions coming up this weekend!


To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

Isn't it counterproductive

To be announcing this as our "genius delegate strategy"?! Shouldn't we be downplaying this, even on the Daily Paul so that those who come here from other camps don't see us patting ourselves on the back, giving up our strategy?!

At least not until after ALL the MSM has incorrectly announced he's dropping out?!

doesn't matter

You could put this message on blimp and fly it around the country and no one would take notice.

We're using the MSM brainwashing to our advantage.

How to Help Rand End the TSA - TSA Agents pose potential public health threat. Support Dr. Burzynski's Cancer Cure

Now that I think about it you're right!

The MSM just told the sheeple to go to sleep and don't worry about a thing. The RP delegates aren't going to give up. At least I hope not. :) "They could put it on a blimp and fly it around the country and no one would take notice"!!!!

And I love it :-)

I just want to make sure we've thought of everything to make it work! The only negative I see to this is the Super Brochures. Are those donations all for naught? I suppose we should be giving all our donations directly to the campaign now.


Paul just slapped MSM and the establishment in the face with their own hand, and they don't even know it. LOVE IT!!!

Please Front Page This - We Need to Keep People Motivated!

This needs to be on the front page. This is genius and too many people are getting discouraged because they don't understand why it was done. We need to keep people excited and motivated to attent their state conventions.

Front page?

It'd be great if a mod put this up on the front page to squash all the other threads bemoaning this move obviously not understanding it's the best play to make given the MSM blackout.

How to Help Rand End the TSA - TSA Agents pose potential public health threat. Support Dr. Burzynski's Cancer Cure

State Delegates

We need you.

If you have plans, break them. If you need money, get it.

Nothing else matters.

Wouldn't it make more sense if Dr. Paul named the strategy

the Protect Children and Romney Delegates from Online Predators Act?

I could see that selling really well to the general public.

Keep America Safe from Freedom Act is another that comes to mind.

Accurate $ for how much it

Accurate $ for how much it costs.........

Cost me $475 for the NV state convention, travel, room, food, entertainment.


OK, how much without the entertainment? :)

Thanks for attending your convention and doing your part!

I've said it for years! Dr.

I've said it for years! Dr. Paul knows how to play a mean game of Chess!

Grand Master Paul


"Political False Flag"

This is the best term I can think of to describe this strategy.

It's done wonders for the sales of body scanners so I'm looking forward to seeing this boost our efforts.

Once again PURE GENIUS!

How to Help Rand End the TSA - TSA Agents pose potential public health threat. Support Dr. Burzynski's Cancer Cure

I love this strategy!! But...

does this mean any donations to the Super Brochure would be for naught?! Should we instead be giving all that money to the campaign?

good point

Yeah, that is probably a better use of resources sending money directly to the campaign UNLESS the brochures are going to states that haven't had their county conventions yet (not sure if there are any who haven't yet).

Of course, then you'd want to narrow the field to target Repub/Libertarian voters.

How to Help Rand End the TSA - TSA Agents pose potential public health threat. Support Dr. Burzynski's Cancer Cure

I would say concentrate fully on california and texas..

for the popular vote!

In all other states where he wont show up it might not make so much sense right now.

Register Republican in California by May 21st.

The GOP Presidential race is a closed primary FYI to those who don't already know it.

Playin' 'possum.

Playin' 'possum.

It could also

possibly help in the primaries that are left over. Now people will really think Mitt has it and not show up to "stop" RP!!

Assuming there is no vote fraud

And that's a BIG if.

Interesting take on this

Interesting take on this announcement.