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Paul Did Not Say He Was Ending His Campaign!

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Way to go, Jesse! (Moron)

The campaign could have just done what they were planning to do without issuing a nationwide press release, broadcasting to our opponents that the campaign is (effectively, though not technically) suspending the campaign, cutting the legs out from the grassroots who will be slogging it out at conventions and giving aid and comfort to the other side.

Yes, I know it's about Rand. However, JESSE, you could have done this and just kept your BIG MOUTH SHUT.

Why do you ACTIVELY seek to cut the legs out from your MOST DEDICATED supporters, not the wild hair libertarians, but the ones who slog it out all the way to state conventions and who are running for party offices?

The other view is that Benton cut the deal he wanted with the RNC and was essentially "paid" (via horsetrading) to make this public statement. Did Rand get his speaking slot? Was that the trade for destroying your grassroots efforts in the conventions?

If you are attacking the

If you are attacking the campaign, you are a troll.

Nothing has changed. This is what Dr. Paul has being doing the whole time. He has never intended to spend tens of millions of dollars,

Which by the way just pays the media - the enemy in other words - money.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

99.9% of the voting base isnt

99.9% of the voting base isnt going to know that though , thats why this needs to be retracted immediately

We don't care about voting base.

We are all about delegates and we are still winning on that front... the one that matters


"we dont care about the

"we dont care about the voting base"

kill yourself , seriously. Nothing more retarded has ever been said on this website. You are not going to get delegates if the people that want to be delegates learn that "ron paul cancled his campaign today" on the news. the idea that every ron paul supporter hates the news is rediculous , this is a massive blow to the campaign and will result in our defeat if its not retracted