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Idaho Primary Tomorrow (May 15)

Tomorrow there is a non-binding primary in Idaho. Precinct Committeeman positions are up for election. PCs go on to participate in Legislative District and County conventions, which select delegates to the state convention. I'm not sure how to find out who to vote for as a PC, but it's important to get out and vote so we can take Idaho.

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ID4L.com is your source for

ID4L.com is your source for all Ron Paul style candidate information in Idaho.

Jason Robinson
Republican Liberty Caucus of Idaho

Does anyone know anything about how we did...

... in Idaho yesterday? Thank you!

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand


Legislative, Ada County Commissioners, Sheriff, and US House of Representatives results are here:


The PC race results are here:

Former Gov. Phill Batt and all the current big politicians threw $30,000 in bulk mailers to kill all our PC candidates. They probably had a >60% success rate unfortunately. They also have a very well organized Mormon church network that was able to mobilize a large percent of the registered Republican base.

There was a new twist this year... closed primary party registration. This meant that a lot of the constitutionalists & libertarians that refused to affiliate with the GOP, stayed home and did not vote.

Turnout was nearly a record low of all registered voters.

I did door knocking an flyer canvasing and can attest to the sour attitude of what was the GOP base.

Jason Robinson
Republican Liberty Caucus of Idaho

Paul supporters did not enough precinct committee positions

Just saw this today (sources below): Max of 145 precinct committee chairs in Ada county, Romney won 78 and 5 are vacant. Without two-third to suspend the rules, Paul has virtually no chance to win the 32 delegates from the state.



What I haven't been able to find is why Ada county in particular was such a determining factor for the whole state. Anyone?

Precinct Committeeman Winners

Aren't those just the PC results for Ada county? The candidates for Latah county are available here: http://www.latah.id.us/elections/2012gen/candidates-log2012p...

I haven't found a good comprehensive source of all the wins and even then I'd have no idea if Paul supporters came even close to the 2/3 needed to suspend the rules at the state convention in June.

I see that there a several cases where nobody filed to run...

... So, what happens to those open slots? Thanks.

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

I have no idea since it's

I have no idea since it's really hard to find good information on this. I would assume that the two-thirds margin is just for those that are actually present.

Just voted

My husband and I just got to fill in the bubble next to my name for precinct committeman... my name was the first listed, so hopefully that is a + (you know, for those who don't know who or what they are voting for!) Here's hoping!!

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Idaho is a must win!

RP 2012

Bump! Important.

Bump! Important.

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Please bump this. This is

Please bump this. This is more important than what is happening in Oregon and Nebraska tomorrow!


I was born

in Mountain Home AFB. Idaho, you need to go Ron Paul. At least I can say my birth state made the right decision. Also, don't do that scorched earth strategy *wink wink nod nod*

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Bump for Idaho win!

Bump for Idaho win!


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