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The truth about delegates, our momentum and the SIX upcoming state conventions THIS weekend!

Seeing a lot of naysayers and negative posts since this weekend and wanted to set the record straight. We ARE on a roll and YES we can win! Romney is losing delegates as we gain delegates. To point you towards the truth and enlighten you I would like to point you towards this weekend's SIX state conventions.


These are the six state conventions being held this weekend and the PRE fabricated MSM projections...

1) Vermont 0G 4P 9R 4S
2) South Carolina 23G 0P 2R 0S
3) Georgia 52G 0P 21R 3S
4) Michigan 0G 0P 16R 4S
5) Minnesota 0G 20P 0R 2S 15U
6) Mississippi 12G 0P 12R 13S

Totals 83G 24P 60R 26S 15U

Now out of these SIX state conventions Romney is likely to only walk away with one. That being Vermont.

Gingrich will likely walk away with SC and GA but with fewer than what is estimated above.

Ron Paul is Likely to sweep Michigan, Minnesota, and Mississippi.

To point you in the right directions here is what is happening. The MSM has basically been fabricating all the numbers to Romneys advantage. This is about to work AGAINST them. Now Romneys numbers are going to start to drop as Ron Pauls rises!

Please bump this for a little visibility and to negate the negativity growing around here.

We are far from done with this! We take this to TAMPA where we will unite and win the BATTLE OF TAMPA!

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VT Results

We were out gunned here in VT but we DID prevent a Romney sweep. Won 2 of 14 delegates for Ron Paul, 10 of 14 Alternates. Former Perry campaign manager is among delegates, so I'm not sure that the other 12 are all Romney guys through and through.

Our team was disappointed with the results, we really wanted to make sure to at least cover our four, but would've needed another 50% of Paul people to do it.

Any word how we fared compared to the other states that held conventions today?

Let's do this!

We can win guys. We really can!


The best way of getting over the recent ruckus is to win as many delegates as possible in these upcoming State Conventions.

"In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all -- security, comfort, and freedom. When ... the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free."

They'll tarnish each other and make room for Paul!

I keep saying if we step away from the middle east they will kill each other and we don't have to bother. Same with our Presidential process. Throughout the past 6 months or so the Republican nominations have attacked each other and dropping like flies. Leaving Paul out of most media may have worked to our advantage: many don't know of him, no one's getting sick of him. With Obama and Romney already going out to tarnish each other, they will both look like idiots to the thinking public (not the hard core idiot-supporters - who are diminishing anyway) and Ron Paul will come out of the shadows with his dignity and reputation intact when theirs is long gone. Even the media proclaiming Paul is out of the running leaves the left and right to attack R & O, still leaving Paul to come out smelling like a rose after all their sewage-slinging. Key thing is, Paul's supporters are still here, doing our duties while the rest of the world is sleeping. Let them sleep!

How come this thread is NOT

How come this thread is NOT on the front page???

Ravel this thread into a rope

The Dino-Media are determined to hang themselves.
We should try to accommodate them.

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
West of 89
a novel of another america

Ravel this thread into a rope

The Dino-Media are determined to hang themselves.
We should try to accommodate them.

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
West of 89
a novel of another america

Allow Me To Speculate About The Campaign 2012 Strategy

Weather we win the primaries or not, it really doesn't matter. Bound or unbound, if we collect the majority of each of the remaining state delegates and then go onto the Tampa convention WE COULD WIN!.

Here's why.

At the RNC most of the delegates bound to Romney are held by Ron Paul supporters. Right? When the first ballot count begins at the convention, the Romney delegates occupied by Paul supporters can vote for Paul or they may abstain. According to RNC rules, the RNC will not enforce or restrict state bound delegates to vote for their respectively bound candidate. In that way Romney doesn't win the nomination on the first ballot...and maybe, just maybe, Ron Paul could theoretically win on the first ballot as well.

If the supporters of Ron Paul who are bound to Romney decide that Ron Paul would make a better candidate for the republican party nomination and at the same time offer the best chance for the party to beat Obamanada in November, then why would it not be possible for Ron Paul to win on the first ballot.

What i am saying is not being able to continue collecting votes per se because of money issues, doesn't mean we are having a setback, it just means that all of the campaign resources are going to be focused on winning the remaining state delegates, because that is the name of the game..DELEGATES, DELEGATES, DELEGATES..


Romney may self destruct

long before Tampa.

He is a criminal and who knows what might happen?

Maybe God, aliens, whistle blowers or whoever might intervene and just help us a little. Or even billionaires like the Paypal founder that came out today!

Keep up the good work and keep increasing our numbers. More of the brainwashed people will wake up before August and some of them may just be delegates for Romney at the moment.

Truth will win, people are waking up in droves now. It is only a question of time.

I agree

But two issues.
It is true, according the the RNC the delegates are not bound. But the states still have binding rules, and we better be careful.
Also, why in the world did Jesse Benton send that email out this am? All we have done is won way more than they thought we could. And now he says we are not going to win? Confusing

Yes, & by August Obama will have knocked Romney off GOP Pedestal

The attacks have started -- Obama is tarnishing Romney's image (what little image he has.) We've seen how quickly the public has tired of the other GOP candidates and what happens when their past records come to light. By the time Tampa comes into the picture people will be desperate for Ron Paul!

Gwen Kraft

"Personal Liberty & Personal Responsibility" -- Dr. Ron Paul

"A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom." -- Bob Dylan

Yup, in a way by Obama

Yup, in a way by Obama attacking Romney, Obama is actually helping us, while at the same time inadvertently hurting himself in the long run.


Is there a specific forum for delegates to organize and learn from each other? If not there should be

Look, Dr Paul has sent us a stealth msg today

Winning delegates because they know something that collectively we don't know for sure but think 'might' be possible'

To not follow the messenger at this point is certain death and that is exactly what the Elite Est wants us to do.

This is no longer just Romney Trolls, these are professional Obama trolls here as well.

Do Not Underestimate them

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul


It's something people are losing site of recently. Yes.. I said site grammar nazis. it's a play on words. As in this site.



Ron Paul - Intellectual hero

This post should be top of

This post should be top of page 1.

Glad you like it...just

Glad you like it...just trying to get the message out!

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

Ron Paul 2012

No one but Ron Paul ! Dr. Paul if I have to write you in then that is what I'll do But my vote is going no where but to you, although I do not believe they will be counted right as they are going to Spain to be counted and 3 X employees from Goldman Sach are included in the counting the votes, I do not believe the machines have been fixed of the program set in them that He stated under Oath in court that he had created with a 49-51 % offset, I do not know if this off-set includes the write in I think only the button push, Dr. Paul please fight for any recounts you think your campaign won for you have many backing you , There is some thing I know and I'll just keep them to myself but out of all that are running you are the best for the job, Obama is great at speeches to bad not as good at keeping his word and doing action , Please do not let Obama enact Martial Law to stop this election due to the economy, especialy when they just got 60 Trillion Yen for not to use the HAARP and the fact that media blocks every thing out even the fact that Bush Sr. and Bill Gate are arrested, yes I look toward Ben for updates now an again , well Dr.Paul you are the man for the job and you have more of America behind you than what is reported and we don't just need to be fired up but we need some thing done and laws over turned, Like I said no one else get my vote , Delegates be strong your fighting a great fight , Love Ya all God Bless !!!

Our delegates are driving 7

Our delegates are driving 7 hours to represent at the convention. I don't understand the negativity every weekend it seems like we pick up a few states.

I Just Joined The Daily Paul

I have been a Ron Paul supporter since 2007, donated to every moneybomb, donated to the Daily Paul, ron Paul Country, the blimp, I have a Ron Paul bumper sticker on both my cars, give out bumper stickers, share videos and I read The Daily Paul everyday (usually several times each day)

I had been planning on joining for a while but have had paypal problems (what a PIA)

I live in NJ, I am a registered Repub (because I needed to vote for Ron 4 years ago), am a Medical Doc. How can I best help in NJ. Can I become a delegate?

I of course will continue to donate (in my wife's name because I maxed out months ago), give out bumper stickers and tell anyone who will listen that Ron Paul is my hero.

Check out my new book; Edibolic Stress-How the Lies you are Being Fed are Making you Sick. www.edibolic.com

Same here...

This is what I do...I choose 1 delegate a week and send them 100 dollars to help them get to their convention...I love it and I meet all kinds of cool people...Just got off the phone with Ken Suitter...the other guy arrested in St. Charles...He needs 200 more for him and 3 other delegates to make it to their state convention...Also...I am always open for suggestions for things I can do...I live in Vancouver now so I can't do a lot...Peace and Liberty buddy!

Bad food, worse weather, please rEVOLution the states so I can bring my family back home!
Rosa Koire for for President!

Thank you! I know you

Thank you! I know you relocated, but for folks who aren't from this country looking for a way to help maybe finding a delegate who needs funding to the convention is the way to go!

Dear LibertyDoc


Can I dare to ask why you support Ron Paul?

You're an educated Doctor, please tell me specifically why you support the Good Doctor

There have been so many Obama/Romney trolls with a similar story lately, tell me why and how you came to discover the message.

I do NOT accuse you of being one, But all true Dr Paul supporters tell their stories here

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

Why I Support Ron Paul

I have been a truth seeker my whole life. I was a physics major in college, was diagnosed as having an "incurable disease", called Crohn's disease. After doctors told me I would be sick my whole life, need to be on drugs, be at high risk for cancer..., I never believed what these docs were trying to tell me. I was able to help myself through various mind-body techniques. I decided to go to medical school and very quickly realized what I was learning in school was mostly "brainwashing", learning to diagnose and treat disease, but not really learning what causes these diseases in the first place.
I now practice what many refer to as "alternative medicine" I prefer to use the term metabolically directed medicine. Check out my website www.mdwellnessmd.com. You will see that my medical practice is truth driven, not the same old mainstream stuff, diagnose and treat diseases with drugs.

My political history/leanings:
I voted for the first time in 1988 (for Mike Dukakis - what did I knwo?) this is the only time I have ever voted for a "mainstream candidate" in my entire life. I did not know at that time about other choices. In 1992 I became interested in other parties when Ross Perot ran for Prez. In 1992 I started researching other parties and decided to vote for the Natural Law party candidate (some physics guy, I do not recall his name) In 1996 I voted Libertarian (I believe Harry Browne was the nominee)

In 2007 I was driving and saw a Ron Paul sign for prez. His name seemed familiar and I googled him. I had recognized his name because of my interest in the libertarian philosphy and because he ran for prez in 1988.

After googling Ron in 2007 in became hooked. I started googling him every day. I followed the 2008 election very carefully and contributed to my first money bomb (the $4 million dollar one) I also contributed to the original "Tea Party" 6 million dollar bomb.

I started reading the Daily Paul about a year ago. When Michal Nystrom asked that we help to maintain the site a few months ago, I chipped in. I was going to join the Daily Paul at that time but had trouble because I had a Paypal account that I had not used for years and the site would not allow me to use my credit card.

I finally joined today. It took me quite a bit of time, because I had to remember my Paypal password, change my credit card info....

Why do I support Ron Paul? He is honest, sincere, a warrior. He is brave, a true American. I am not a troll.

I understand I need to be vetted on this site. I am a big picture person. I see the "big picture" in medicine. Unfortunately mainstream medicine is profit driven and controlled by Big Pharm. I support the decriminization of marijuana. I believe the governement should stay the heck out of my private life, should allow me to practice medicine any way I choose, and should stop stealing my money (through taxes). I do not believe that our tax dollars should be used to kill people overseas. I am afraid that our country is going to go bankrupt if we continue on this course. Most of my retirement plan is linked to precious metals.

I believe in freedom.

Ron Paul is my hero. He is a throwback to Thomas Jefferson. I want to help spread his message of freedom and liberty.

Thank you for responding to my post and asking me to tell my story.

Check out my new book; Edibolic Stress-How the Lies you are Being Fed are Making you Sick. www.edibolic.com

Nice post - an outside of the

Nice post - an outside of the box thinker! You summed medicine up well too - my doctor wanted to give me a steroid shot for some early arthritic pain in my knee, but we have a physical therapist in the family who watched how I walk, my muscle, etc who gave me some exercises that ease the pain. One is looking to help the symptoms, the other to discover the cause of the pain.


Because the proper role of government is to defend Individual Liberty, not to manage the affairs of citizens. If the Constitution were followed, we wouldn't be in this mess. We need a return to proper ideology of what government should be doing for us, and a return to the Constitution. I support Dr Paul because he is the only candidate to speak in these terms, and to act (through his personal example and by a long consistent voting record) with this philosophy and these principles in mind.

Here's a Start

This was a recent post re: NJ Strategy, etc.


There are links and a map..GodSpeed!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!


I just chipped in $50 for the NJ money bomb.

Check out my new book; Edibolic Stress-How the Lies you are Being Fed are Making you Sick. www.edibolic.com