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After The Letter From Ron... Solutions!

OK, I have to admit to being shocked and dismayed by the announcement to not continue to spend where it doesn't make sense. Message received.

So in the spirit of passing along good ideas that the campaign AND VOLUNTEERS can use to keep momentum rolling without spending a fortune, post your low- or no-cost ideas to maintain or bring back excitement to delegates and the campaign.

I keep seeing the message that we should basically ignore what the campaign says and for us to take the ball and get it to the goal.

My idea, first posted here, http://www.dailypaul.com/comment/2458798 , is to implement videoconferencing and screen projection instead of flying or busing Ron and the whole campaign from location to location for those smaller arenas.

I know just enough to get me into trouble, but I believe this could be done very economically and it would allow Ron and the campaign to focus on the bigger fish, while getting Ron in front of the troops at a vastly reduced cost.

Can we make this happen?

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Hold a BIG Ron Paul sign

on the street window behind the Fox Propaganda talking heads.

Solution: Fire Jesse for cause?

Then he and Kokesh can be roomies. Two unemployed buddies.

While I don't necessarily

While I don't necessarily disagree, let's keep this on solutions that can and will happen.

Focus on Local elections

the presidential campaign has fizzled for lack of funds
Liberty does not come from one man

Please subscribe to smaulgld.com

Campus groups

Campus groups and organizations still have free use of campus facilities to host events. Nothing prevents us from hosting events with guest speakers other than Ron Paul. For example, Tom Woods, Lew Rockwell, RP endorsed House/Senate candidates, etc.


check out aws.amazon.com... do a chip in for $30-50k to pay for the bandwidth and let it rip...

chip-in for existing media projects

Support existing projects. We have a number of our own media alternatives to the msm that we can support NOW. More honest media is good, and we should expand and grow. But right NOW we have media that is "doing alot with a little", providing us a valuable service, covering live events and daily developments. Like The Daily Paul, Ron Paul Radio, Freedom Broadcasting Network, etc, etc. They're here NOW, and need our support NOW.

In addition to that, Ron

In addition to that, Ron should increase the output of videos to supporters in lieu of traveling to every state. Keep everyone informed. That costs NOTHING but time.

How about using Justin.tv for

How about using Justin.tv for broadcasts instead? Free. Use Google+ Hangouts for conferencing. Free.

You need to think like a person with holes in their pockets.