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Why not wait until Friday?

Regardless of what the true purpose of this announcement was (and unlike what some people want to think, it was not to "stay under the radar" since the Romney campaign knew about the delegate strategy LONG before anyone on this site did), why would he do this BEFORE the money bomb that was just 3 days away? Why not announce it NEXT Monday. Or even Friday.

He just GUARANTEED that he will get much less money for the moneybomb as most of the casual supporters (those that still haven't come close to maxing out) will not bother. And yes...I know he still needs money so people will donate. But to suggest that it won't cost him a significant amount of money is ridiculous.

It is especially surprising that he would do this when donations had picked up considerably in the last few days since he sent out his latest plea for money.

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It is obvious

Two strong reasons:

1) To stop MSM from talking a lot about hughe loss in 5/15 primaries. Everyone now knows that primaries means nothing to RP 'cause he is "out".
2) To put asleep all those RMoneys followers that are preparing to agresively fill the state conventions end of this week. Maybe they decide to stay at home and save some money now that RP is "out".

How about that? Sounds reasonable? To me it sounds like a great strategy (hopefully).

You are acting as if the

You are acting as if the "delegate strategy" was some kind of secret...shared only between the Ron Paul campaign and the hundreds of people on a PUBLIC internet forum. But I hate to tell you...Mitt Romney's people knew about this strategy LONNNNG before anyone on this site did.

This was not some brilliant plan by Ron Paul. You can say it is not a big negative deal...but there is NO way to spin this into a positive. Losing hundreds of thousands of dollars (as this announcement likely will do) is not a good thing. And this only makes it much EASIER for the establishment to play games now that Romney crosses the magic number sooner. There are 638 delegates still left to be voted on by the people. Sure...Romney was likely going to win like 475 or more of them anyway. But now he is likely to win closer to 575 of them. That is just 100 more delegates spots that need to be stealthed by people who ARE actually willing to suffer the consequences.

I just don't understand why he felt he had to say ANYTHING. He had no legal, or moral obligation to make a statement today, or any day. He is already doing well in the state conventions on the off chance that bound delegates CAN vote for whomever they want. So there was no need to try to play games with that.

And you are acting like there

And you are acting like there is a hughe number of educated and well prepared "Romney people". Actualy, most of them are regular "short people" (to use a Randy Newman phrase), i.e. regular "don't bother me" people that just want to preserve their way of life. Most of them get the info from MSM, not Romney camp. Well, thats my opinion ....