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Had A Talk With A Romney Supporter Today After Ron's Message Was Released

My brother called me while I was at work to tell me about Ron's latest message. I was not surprised. Over the last few weeks, My brother and I had been discussing the possibility of Ron no longer wasting his time with Primaries.....and focusing solely on state conventions, delegates...etc.

Anyways....Frank the electrician happen to be at the warehouse today. Frank and I have had spirited conversations over the last few months. Frank has constantly brought up the fact the Paul has not won a primary....and I've done my best to explain the delegate process to him. Frank is a Romney supporter. And his favorite line to use is.."we have to unite together to beat Obama. We can't afford 4 more years of him." Ya know....the typical Hannity talking points.

Here's how the conversation went......

Frank: So much for Paul huh? He called it quits. He's finished.

Me: Yeah...just found out from my brother.

Frank: It's best for the party. Romney was going to be the nominee anyway. Your guy seemed like he was already out of the race anyway. Are you going to vote for Romney in June?

(This is where I decided to play dumb for the rest of the conversation)

Me: Probably, not. Maybe I'll vote for Constitution Party or some other party.

Frank: And what about your big plans to be a delegate and go to Florida for the convention? And what about your brother, he's stuck going to the convention right. what state is he in again?

Me: No reason for me to be a delegate now that Paul is out. And my brother lives in Maine. Yeah, he is a delegate. But he told me on the phone that since Paul is out, he's probably going to quit being a delegate. He doesn't want to waste his time and money going down to Florida for no reason.

Frank: Yeah, that would be a waste a time. I'll tell you one thing....my wife's sister is going to be thrilled.

Me: Why's that? Is she a Romney supporter who hates Ron Paul? lol

Frank: No, she doesn't hate the guy. She is a Romney supporter. She told me that she was trying to be a delegate, but that it was a pain in the a**. Now that Paul is out....she doesn't have to worry about it.

Me: Yep. Tell her I said not to worry about it. Tell her I said Congrats on being the nominee.

Frank: Will do.....take care kid.

End of conversation...................

Let's hope all the Romney folks are thinking just like Frank. :)

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Let's hope all the Paul supporters

are thinking just like you.

I like the passive-aggressive play-ignorant strategy.

Hey Soot......

Any Paul supporter who is approached by another candidate's supporter should play dumb as well. Just tell him how sad you are and that you're hoping Rand runs in 2016...:)


encouraging ; )

Don't read Penthouse....

You'll have to explain that one to me..lol

I'm sure There Are Plenty Of People Out There Like Frank........

Frank is, if i have to guess.....late 50's....maybe 60. He is not a computer guy....at all...lol. He is strictly a Fox news and the New York Post newspaper kind of guy. And if he does go on the net for news....its probably Drudge....and that's it.

The Deception is Already Starting to Work!

This is great news. The media has blown it for Romney now. There won't be nearly as much opposition from Romney supporters.

They aren't all thinking like

They aren't all thinking like Frank. The few chatters at Mitt central are very clear that RP hasn't dropped out and they vow to keep their guard up. They see this all as a ruse to help Paul win more delegates. So, no, they aren't buying that he's dropped out, however that's just the 60 or so who frequent that site.

Blessings )o(

the few that have their guard up

won't make a difference. they need the MSM to blast a message into all those thick skulls out there...even if the MSM does a 180 its too late, they will have exposed themselves.

mittcentral is an empty

mittcentral is an empty place, the members probably come here to see what's up aswell so it's no surprise they dont " buy it ", they just came here and saw it themselves. hope this ends up to be a good thing

One Question.....

How many 57-60 year old white males that read the N.Y. Post newspaper log on to Mittcentral?..LOL

Answer: Not a helluva a lot. :)


That's a great conversation you had, ZMan! Thank you.

Wow, this may sound like I'm

Wow, this may sound like I'm joking but I have never yet met an actual person who is a Romney supporter.

Same here. I get a lot of

Same here. I get a lot of that "we have to all line up behind Romney to defeat Obama," but I've yet to meet someone who actually supports Romney or even really likes him.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

Well maybe someday we'll run

Well maybe someday we'll run into the board members of Goldman-Sachs and then we can say we've actually met some real people who support Romney!



Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

Hey Astro

Don't know too many myself. In fact, in the beginning, Frank was a Santorum guy....but switched. So, he's a flip-flopper...just like Mitt. :)

Yea I have met a TON of

Yea I have met a TON of Santorum supporters, especially in the churches.

Whenever I get that "We must line up behind whoever the party nominates in order to beat Obama" nonsense I always ask them "Even if it means supporting a Massachuessetts socialist who's further to the left than Ted Kennedy? Seriously?"

The Team Red vs Team Blue stuff is really destroying this country.

I always say "so you want me

I always say "so you want me to vote for the loser who lost to the loser who lost to Obama in 2008?!"

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.