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first-time poster, and NEW alternate delegate!

I've lurked on the Daily Paul since around the 2008 election, but never felt the need to post anything. I considered becoming a delegate, but then hubby had been laid off for 6 months and money was tight so I didn't think we'd be able to afford a trip to Tampa (and that is, of course the goal!) ... well hubby's been back to work for a month, and I recently found out that our STATE CONVENTION is going to be about 20 miles from my house?!?!?

Though I have never before in my life been involved in politics (besides voting in presidential elections and when referendums are involved), I am now (as of about 30 minutes ago) an alternate delegate for our state convention!!!!

I am so pumped and excited. And I don't think the email that came out today is bad news. I think it's good money management on the campaign's part :-)

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See you in Tinley Park

Hi Heidi. My wife and I are both delegates headed to the State Convention as well. See you there!

The FIRST 3 things everyone should do for their CONVENTION

1)There may still be time to become a delegate. All it takes is one quick phone call to your local county/village office or local Republican Party office and ask if there are still any VACANCIES for delegate or alternate delegate spots. Don't stop calling until you find out for sure.

2) When you get there, know who your Parliamentarian is. To request a professional Parliamentarian to attend your convention with you, either call (888) 627-2929, email hq@nap2.org, or fill out the following form: (http://parliamentarians.org/instantprp.php) I would suggest calling!

3) Make electing a pro-Paul or at least fair chairman a (perhaps 1st) priority!!!

Please everyone find a way to contribute to doing at least one of these things. Either directly or indirectly. You can always call your local republican county office just to check if there are any delegate vacancies or scout out local Parliamentarians yourself using the info above. Maybe your contribution could be just emailing your local grassroots group and letting them know about these 3 points. Use your imagination.

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Wonderful, Heidi!!! Congrats and thank you!

Do get together with other Ron Paul supporters. The camaraderie & friendship among the like-minded RP supporters are what I cherish most in this liberty movement. Looking forward to hearing more about your adventure at the State Convention.

Congrats Heidi..

Congrats Heidi..


See how that works - already stacking up delegates & alternates w/o the campaign having to spend a dime ;) And if you make it all the way to Tampa, give those Veterans for Ron Paul some love - they're the ones who lit the fire under me when they marched to the White House on President's Day.

Thank you!!

Ron Paul 2012

May I ask which district you

May I ask which district you are in? A friend and I have called our local county chairman 3 times and have yet to hear anything back. He even called the Chicago office. I won't even get into the number of emails He's sent. Although he did get a hold of Mark Mossman (Chief Deputy Clerk) and he was nice enough to give me the phone number of the DEMOCRATIC Party headquarters!!! He's banging his head against the wall as we speak, lol.

Welcome aboard..

..and thank you. DP is the best site for brainstorming, sharing experiences, and brotherhood/sisterhood united by a common ideology.

Am so happy for you. Make

Am so happy for you. Make certain your state coordinator has you on the list. Yes, those state conventions are very interesting, and if anyone has read the new platform, especially that about Homeland security, there may be much to discuss there.
Good luck.

Congratulations! It's guaranteed to be an experience you won't

soon forget!!!

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

Dr. Ron Paul is winning, Romney should just drop out.

Hope to see you in Tampa.


Thank you for being the Few the Proud the tireless minority.... I applaud your efforts today and in the future... We can do this, we are the vessels of the Ron Pauls message... Now show up and stick it to em'... Or ummmmm speak softly but carry a big stick..... of knowledge on the rules of the conventions....