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Jack Hunter Video: Ron Paul Has Not Suspended His Campaign!

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I feel better after seeing the Jack Hunter video

but I still have a stomach ache.... what a shock tonight when I came here and read the Politico article. I'm still recovering.

Thanks, Jack Hunter, I NEEDED THAT!

Gwen Kraft

"Personal Liberty & Personal Responsibility" -- Dr. Ron Paul

"A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom." -- Bob Dylan

Here you go:)

Read. lol I found a good article on this whole mess. lol


I've no problem with the strategy,

I just feel it might be ill-timed. With California and Texas coming up, we've been struggling to get through to them about the first rumors that he dropped out. Now for sure they will not show up to vote if being told that he "announced" that he has dropped out.

Now we're going to have to work even harder to do more damage control from this. We're running ourselves ragged!

May God have mercy on us.

As a Californian I agree

Sending a mixed message to a already hostile media with California and Texas still in line is not helpful in the public eye, nor does it inspire those working hard on the ground to drum up support.

"This isn't what the govern meant"

"Win the crowd and you will win your freedom"

Strategically Wise Move But A Public Relations Disaster

This new change of tactics by the Ron Paul campaign is a wise move strategically because it will use scarce resources where they will be most effective. But by announcing the change, it is a public relations and motivational disaster. They should have just quietly changed tactics and not have announced it with an admission that they didn't have enough funds. You can't show your opposition this sign of weakness and expect them not to use it against you and exploit it. Sad to see.

Would a Poker Pro - show his cards to another ?

A person sitting on the Romney - Paul, or Obama-Paul fence might now vote against Paul in Texas or California if they tuned into main stream media as most do.

The argument that it will help donations is not true, why bother donating a precious 20, 50 or hundred dollars you cannot make a dent in the "ten millions the campaign said it would take to win".

Sometimes you can win on a bluff or with only a pair of fours.

Watch the media on Romney now .... "Wagons Ho !!!!"

"This isn't what the govern meant"

"Win the crowd and you will win your freedom"

Perhaps it's not all bad

It could have the effect of informing supporters who have been slack on the donations that the campaign's funds are running dry. Hopefully we will see an influx of donations in the next few weeks and he can hop back on the trail. This is a critical time and we need to rise to the challenge!

Love the Four Horsemen photo!

Love the Four Horsemen photo!

Ron Paul needs to do the video

I want Ron Paul to come out and be crystal clear about all of this. A movement needs clarity and a leader to make it crystal clear.

I'm sorry but this just seems to take the wind out of the sails. The ones who say this is some kind of genius campaign strategy are probably the same ones who were just saying that the genius strategy was to take the election by winning Texas and California. So much for that thinking.

With the huge rallies and the recent wins at some state conventions, he could easily paint a winning picture and inspire another money bomb and inspire everyone to keep on working. The diehards will continue but I'm afraid this doesn't do anything to grow the movement. If this is some stealth plan to win it when no one is looking, I just don't see how he's then going to get the masses to vote for a guy that they thought had already dropped out. Just like Romney needs Ron Paul supporters to beat Obama, we need most establishment republicans to vote for ron paul in November.

Tim Maitski
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Ron Paul Needs to be Transparent

It appears that Ron Paul delegates received ZERO votes in Oklahoma, at least that is what MSCNBC is saying. No comments from Ron Paul about this?

Ron Paul needs to come out and speak up on this and other issues and to make things clear for his supporters.

We are like the mechanism of a watch: each part is essential.

I could not agree more!

What happened to the parking lot convention that they had to hold because they couldn't be in the building anymore. This is a terrible injustice and should be remarked upon by the campaign. Why have they been so silent? I really don't understand!


But did the leadership of the

But did the leadership of the OK GOP acknowledge what happened in the parking lot? No. The rules don't matter - they make up whatever rules they want.

Wind in Sails

The problem is that the wind has long since left the sails. Back before Iowa, anything was a possibility; there were 50 states plus the territories to go. Now, there are a dozen left to go. While the biggest prizes (TX & CA) are still technically up for grabs, those large & expensive media markets are far more at the beck & call of MSM. We'd literally need to match Mitt Romney's money to have a chance, but even then Mitt Romney has two very important advantages over us. He has the perception of all of his past wins and he has the relative support of the MSM.

Whats with that picture in

Whats with that picture in the background? I started listening, then my eye kept going to that picture.. then I realized that guy has red speedo's on with that 80's beard and gradiated glasses. Is that like an early convention of the Avengers? That picture is pure in-your-face awesome.

Love you Jack.. and I swear you are an identical twin of Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg. You will win my lifelong appreciation if you are related to Gary Oldman.

from what I understand, Jack's a big time pro-wrestling fan;

the picture in the background looks like a poster of signed by one of his fave wrestlers.

And supposedly, back in SC radio station where he used to work, he had this whole schtick where he dressed up like a faux wrestler and would occasionally 'crashed the station' like some wrestling superstar descending upon some 'lowly' tiny radio station.


Creating the moniker the “Southern Avenger,” which was borrowed from popular 90’s conservative talk radio host Ken “The Black Avenger” Hamblin, Jack assumed an anonymous super hero/ pro-wrestler persona, and entertained FM rock audiences with his antics and conservative political views until his departure from 96 Wave in 2007.

I know. the contrast. R3VOLutionaries have the most diverse and seemingly disparate interests and backgrounds. but that variety is what gives us our strength, fervor and ingenuity.

yup. we're all cool like that.D

Here Jack explains his love of pro-wrestling, while ripping the neocon/RINO YAF, after their moronic Likudnik smear vs. Dr. Paul and the R3VOLution.



The Battle for Young Americans

Feb 18, 2011

As a pro-wrestling fan growing up in the South, my favorite brand as a kid was not the World Wrestling Federation or “WWF” but the National Wrestling Alliance or “NWA,” in which grapplers like Ric Flair and Dusty Rhodes served up my favorite male soap opera each week with a distinct Southern drawl. When cable tycoon Ted Turner purchased the NWA in 1991 he changed the name and it became an entirely different brand, relegating the beloved rasslin’ company of my childhood to a special place in time and in my mind. Strangely enough, there still exists a wrestling organization today called the NWA, and its website advertises that “The National Wrestling Alliance was founded in 1948 and is the world’s oldest and largest pro wrestling sanctioning body.” Yet in reality, this contemporary NWA is so minuscule as to almost not even exist, it pales drastically in comparison to the original product, and it is obvious that its promoters now parade around the carcass of an organization that everyone knows died a long time ago.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

You Know, All This Negative Talk Hurts Our Campaign..

Either you are in for the delegates or not. Personal attacks toward the 2012 campaign staff is counterproductive. If you want to say something to Jesse Benton or Doug Wead or Rand Paul, or whomever, then do it in person or in writing. I wouldn't advise making personal attacks on the Daily Paul. Thousands come here and read this stuff and go away thinking we are a bunch of ill mannered children. It looks bad, really bad and this makes Ron Paul upset and nervous. How do you think it makes Ron Paul feel. He loves us and tells everybody what great supporters we are, then we start complaining when we hear something we don't like and make ourselves look bad.

Pleae, put your negative and personal feelings for Jesse Benton or Doug Wead aside. The movement toward liberty is moving very well. We are growing exponentially. If we are going to go out and work hard, spreading the message of liberty, we cannot distract ourselves with these petty attacks or negative comments that make us look defeated.

We are not defeated, we are moving forward rapidly. Look at all the delegates we are accumulating. We have the Romulans on the run. The are scared,.."BIG TIME".

Do what you can to keep our delegate momentum going. I'm not going to sit here and read all of these counterproductive comments and give up the fight. It is all very annoying to me and I'm sure it is to many of you.

We have a campaign to win. So lets go out and work hard, have fun and be respectful of one another. Lets go out and win this thing...

No long faces!



WFAA (ABC8 - DFW) accurately reported Cutback w/Continued Strat

Just thought you'd like to know, WFAA billed Ron Paul's decision as a cutback, but stated he will continued to pursue delegates toward the nomination.

Debbie's picture

I'm sorry that Jack needs to 'splain this to the folks, but

thank you Jack! Can we please get back to bizness now?


I felt a little bit like Jack

I felt a little bit like Jack was Baghdad Bob there...

If you really want to spread optimism, start talking about the delegates you have, how many you need, what the concrete plan is, etc.

Just saying "oh, the mainstream media(x10) cannot understand us" and "we are a movement" and saying "our strategy is working" without showing how...

Plan for eliminating the national debt in 10-20 years:

Overview: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2010/09/12/my-plan-for-reducin...

Specific cuts; defense spending: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/more-detailed-look-a

Troll Identification Technique

This can be used as an opportunity to smoke out the trolls. Watch for the ones at the Daily Paul that Doth protest too much. Could be they're working for the other side, or perhaps a little thin trusting someone who has demonstrated for thirty years what integrity means.
Keep the faith. Don't let yourselves lose the will to win!

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Jesse Benton is a coward and

Jesse Benton is a coward and wants Rand as VP. Everyone needs to read the Politico article on this. Benton said what we did in Mass, and other states was wrong. What an ass. I put a lot of time into this campaign and they give up. It is over. They won't campaign in any states, they are allowing the RNC to coronate Romney, and they don't want us taking over state conventions other than finishing what we did in Minn, Iowa and Louisiana. I hate Jesse Benton, and the whole staff is a joke. As YFP intern at National HQ in the Spring, it was clear most of the staff were trying to get Rand as VP. They said it numerous times. This is disgusting. Ron Paul hires the most idiotic people to run campaigns.

Jesse Benton

Jesse is not hired. He is Ron's son-in-law. Enough said.


Unfortunately, the more

I hear Jesse, the less I like him, so have to sort of agree.

BUT ...

my focus is on Ron Paul winning, and the DELEGATE STRATEGY pursued by the grassroots -- in EVERY STATE -- is what must happen!

Let Jesse say what he wants. Who cares? If it helps to distract the Romney-lites, good.

DON'T LET IT DISTRACT US from OUR GOAL. We are liberty-minded people, we do not take our cues from our "leaders." We ARE the leaders.

Says what he means....

and means what he says.... Please everyone take a deep breath and remember he didn't say the words suspend, end, quit, give up. He said "FOCUS". We need to focus on our jobs and win with what we have available. Like it or not... Put up, shut up and move it along we can win this... we can do this.

Where's page two?

So the old strategy was focused on caucus states, with special interest placed on delegate acquisition... and the NEW strategy is to not focus on primary states, with special interest placed on delegate acquisition. Ahhhh...is there a second page to the PR that I'm missing here?

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus on On the Record

Coming Up Next on Greta
Should be interesting - Will be watching

It was a non event - Just Obama Fail - Not News

Nothing about Ron Paul other than the crawl that Faux is running saying that RP is effectively out and Rmoney is 177 away from cinching 1144 & the nomination while Paul has only 104 -

Essentially, These are not the droids you are looking for.

Please see that

there is a youtube or something, or if you find it, post it here. I don't have access, and I really want to hear what the d-bag says.

We have an army of active campaign workers,

who will be campaigning for the "votes" in the primaries! However, we will not be spending their hard earned funds donated to the campaign to compete against mega-corporate interests in overpriced media. We will win this battle with delegates where the sheer number of Ron Paul supporters vs. the pitiful number of supporters for the "presumptive nominee" does not reflect the results obtained by voting machines.

I had been trying to withhold

I had been trying to withhold judgment since the original announcement came out, until more information was released... but this made me feel a lot better, as well as hearing from Doug. The press release did seem to have a concessionary tone to it...but I'm not sure if that's just because I saw the news headlines before reading the actual campaign email, and it colored my interpretation/thinking. The media was so quick to jump on this one, I was receiving breaking news alerts before the official email even hit my inbox. That's how disgustingly fast they jumped all over it. But Jack's explanation does help--the official campaign acknowledges this is a movement, while the national media does not, hence the very different take on what "beyond the 2012 election" means.