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Ron Paul Has Not Quit: It’s the Delegates, Dummy

For at least a year, Ron Paul has been ignored by the media and has been dealing with that resoundingly well. In a move that will give him a little attention in the media – since it fits the message that is often echoed of Mitt Romney being the GOP nominee – Ron Paul announced today in a letter to supporters that he will not campaign for the popular vote in states that have yet to held their primaries.

In his under-reported IDD strategy (“It’s the Delegates, Dummy”), Paul has focused on the fact that presidential nominees are chosen by delegates, not by popular vote. Paul’s campaign has focused to date especially on states that allow committed Republican Party members to have a greater voice in the process. States like Iowa, Nevada, Maine, Louisiana, Washington, and Colorado have been states where Paul supporters have made tremendous inroads in winning party leadership positions and being influential in the national delegate selection process. While many states have yet to finish the delegate selection process, it increasingly looks like Paul could dominate the nationwide delegate process called long ago in Romney’s favor.

Paul’s announcement today fits that same vein, but will no doubt surprise many of his supporters. Not only is Paul saying “It’s the Delegates Dummy” to Mitt Romney and the national media, he is taking it a step further and saying that spending his supporters’ money on winning the popular vote is of such little importance to the campaign that they aren’t going to waste time or money on that any longer.

Does that mean Paul has dropped out? Quit the race? Suspended his campaign? Packed his bags? Returned home to lil ole Lake Jackson, Texas? No, it means quite the opposite. It means that Paul will have more ability to focus on delegate selection instead of the many upcoming winner take all states.

As has been the case from January 3 – the night of the Iowa Caucus – this is a two man race. It’s Mitt Romney v. Ron Paul. Paul, the seasoned campaigner, will be on Romney’s heels through to the RNC in August. If Romney makes 1,144 delegates on the first ballot, Romney becomes the Republican nominee. If Romney slips, the man on his heels will gladly take his place. That’s been the story since Iowa and remains the story today. The decision remains in the hands of 2,286 Republican delegates, many of whom have yet to be chosen. Will it be more of the same or will it be the man who’s spent some 40 years standing on his principle against the GOP establishment both inside DC and out?

Allan Stevo is author of How to Win America for Ron Paul and the Cause of Freedom in 2012.

This piece first appeared on PolicyMic.

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I.I.T.D.D. = "It Is The Delegates, Dummy". ';-)

Good write up!! Agreed - It IS The Delegates! [and let's give some 3VOL to the word "IT" and "IS" [they feel like "uncle ron" (paul) does - ignored by some.... just saying. ]. God Bless.

"In God We Trust"
Galatians 4:16



Potential troll alert.

Potential troll alert.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

Upcoming Conventions...(to further success)

If you are a Delegate Please show up and rally around your peers. (know who they are) and who the other team is more importantly. Get your RRor Skills to the highest level possible. There will not be another chance to nominate RP, this is it, bring out your best game, be a chameleon at your convention, motion and fight for the proper rules in a mellow fashion, you must strike the most important motions and most importantly get your vote to count in a transparent manner (video taped counts), don't ever leave the convention until sinae die and an official closing. Make sure your peeps are taping everything so your votes are not taken away, tossed in the trash or the lights simply turn off without proper decorum. (this is from a nv 08 & 12 state delegate. in 08 they turned the lights off and went home when the GOP knew they lost, in '12 they tried to send us home and not finish the business, the delegation stayed till approx. 12:30am and recessed and completed the rest of the business and went home. We were tired, etc.. Those extra hours made all the difference.

Don't want to post too much more other than reaching out the NV leadership which were well organized and were a formidable group in understanding how things are run. Please reach out to them if your state convention is fresh, this is the first time around etc. We would be glad to assist to make your convention as solid as possible.

In Liberty,