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Obsequious play by the Campaign makes sense now.

Ladies and Gentlemen, a seemingly meek play only works if you are really strong. We are so strong that the campaign gave polite deference to the Republican National Convention when they asked if they could proceed as if Romney would be the nominee. Now (after the recent campaign statement) we are seeing the real beauty of this maneuver. The Media will now do our jobs for us. They will announce the end of this race. They will entirely squelch what very little motivation there was for Mitt Romney. It is time now to go to work. It is time for US to elect Ron Paul as President of the United States.

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Obsequious while ubiquitous is the best...then victory!!!

While the campaign may enter a mode of perceived obsequious towards others I desire to see Ron Paul delegates and supporters achieve the nature of being ubiquitous.

No man, party or government will prevent the continued flood of support for this liberty movement. Ron Paul is correct in saying our freedoms are a young idea. So, I pray to God for freedom in the hearts and wisdom in the minds of "We the People". Let not our character be the same of our opponents. When our lips espouse the truth and our motives be for righteousness our hearts will only then properly govern a nation of free people.

I'm tired of the same melody from the Republicans which brings to mind, Amos 5:23,24, "Take away from Me the noise of your songs, For I will not hear the melody of your stringed instruments. But let justice run down like water, And righteousness like a mighty stream."

Have a blessed day!

The night is far spent, the day is at hand.
And those who have not heard shall understand.

Sorry. I couldn't Disagree More

This is about: 1) Rand and the future WITHIN the GOP. 2) Ron is not a confrontational personality which many of us more 'militant' libertarians lament.

Hate it and down vote to your heart's content. But you'll have a difficult time convincing the otherwise.

"Militant libertarians?"

What is that?

John F

Militant libertarian

See: the loud, aggressive, clever libertarians who hijacked the state conventions in AK, OK, CO, etc. They are libertarians who believe that "playing nice" is going to get you nowhere. Libertarians whose understanding is that you have to boo a few fascists off a stage once in a while and raise some hell if you want to affect change.

Okay, I don't mind that.

But I shouldn't have to try to convince you that Ron Paul really is an aggressive personality. Didn't you see the clip of him playing baseball when it was up on this site? The modest, unimposing figure holding the bat still...then BLAST!

That is the way he really is all the time. He picks his spots but he never backs away. You should know that by now, Gnome. There is nothing soft about a man who stands against the power of the Federal Reserve. Nothing weak or feeble about a Congressman who often votes alone and rails against the powers that be without regard for his own interests. No sir, I don't think it is sensible to say that we have rallied behind a candidate who is too "passive." In fact, it is just ridiculous.

John F

Did I say he was "passive"?

I said he was not "confrontational" meaning not one to raise hell with the GOP. I'm not criticizing him. He's done more for freedom than anyone in the last 100 years. But we should encourage more Nigel Farage personalities who can put some fire in the revolution a little. It's going to take many DIFFERENT kinds of voices.




I want more confrontational politicians to start lighting the house up. I'M TIRED OF THIS B.S. DECORUM. Decorum get's you ignored. We are running out of time.


passive as an isolationist which he is niether. big difference between passive and polite.

Opposition to Tyranny is Obedience to God!

This was indeed a VERY clever

This was indeed a VERY clever move! I knew it in my heart that they were putting those great minds to work in the background. When I saw the email, I saw a few more dots I could connect. Then with Doug Wead's latest blog update, I'm more than certain this is the way to go. He said that all money should go towards getting the delegates and resources would go to ensure a strong support at our conventions. Many people felt abandoned to some degree after their hard work in AZ and OK. There was a lot of confusion and conflicting reports. Now, after seeing what's happening at these conventions it is definitely time to shift focus and make sure our people on the ground have stronger support and the best organization possible. They are taking care of everyone working so hard out there in the trenches. For anyone feeling discouraged or disappointed, I hope you can take this into consideration.

If that's true we oughta stop

If that's true we oughta stop talking about it on here.

It's okay, really.

The Romnoids already think we're nuts. This really can't hurt that opinion.

Paul supporters ARE

Paul supporters ARE intelligent. I don't even know what obsequious means!

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I don't think that word fits:

obsequious |əbˈsēkwēəs|
obedient or attentive to an excessive or servile degree : they were served by obsequious waiters.
obsequiously adverb
obsequiousness noun
ORIGIN late 15th cent. (not depreciatory in sense in early use): from Latin obsequiosus, from obsequium ‘compliance,’ from obsequi ‘follow, comply with.’
If you want to get ahead with your boss, you might trying being obsequious, which suggests an attitude of inferiority that may or may not be genuine, but that is assumed in order to placate a superior in hopes of getting what one wants (: a “goody two shoes” whose obsequious behavior made everyone in the class cringe).


It's sort of the tone

they took. Remember Benton heaped praises on RNC chairman Preibus. It just seemed weird at first, I admit. Even servile. Didn't understand it until now.

John F



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You're welcome!



it would fit better indeed if it were a term to mean

"FAKED obsequiousness"

think remora

let the sharks have at it...:-)


Speak Softly

...and carry a big stick. This may be our last chance as so many have said. Tolerate no posts criticizing the campaign.

People on the DP are showing their true colors. Becoming apparent who is with us and who is not.


You sound like George Bush

"You're either with us or with the terrists"

I'm not disappointed in RP's ending his campaign. Let's get real. This is what it is. He's a hero. He's taken the ball a long, long way. But he's 76. He can't win the nomination, the GOP will not let him. He has his son's future to think about. I get it.

Let's not get all sectarian and suggest that being disappointed in it ending somehow implies being against the freedom movement.

Speaking softly and carrying a big stick is ONE way. But it is going to take many different approaches and voices to win. We need the rabble rousers, too.

I Liked Your Caucus Speech Better

...in fact, I liked it a lot.

And we need everybody.

I'm only saying...let's not in these last few weeks lose energy to endless debates and negative public *service* announcements.

And, I'm saying to you that we have not lost. This is not over. Right now it is about keeping on track and not losing momentum. It is going to get way more exciting.

And, I like a lot of the rabble rousers activities...especially those exercised with wisdom and many are. We are on the team.

George Bush??? Moi???


The FIRST 3 things everyone should do for their CONVENTION

1)There may still be time to become a delegate. All it takes is one quick phone call to your local county/village office or local Republican Party office and ask if there are still any VACANCIES for delegate or alternate delegate spots. Don't stop calling until you find out for sure.

2) When you get there, know who your Parliamentarian is. To request a professional Parliamentarian to attend your convention with you, either call (888) 627-2929, email hq@nap2.org, or fill out the following form: (http://parliamentarians.org/instantprp.php) I would suggest calling!

3) Make electing a pro-Paul or at least fair chairman a (perhaps 1st) priority!!!

Please everyone find a way to contribute to doing at least one of these things. Either directly or indirectly. You can always call your local republican county office just to check if there are any delegate vacancies or scout out local Parliamentarians yourself using the info above. Maybe your contribution could be just emailing your local grassroots group and letting them know about these 3 points. Use your imagination.

I read that in my post.

I read that in my post. Delegates need to stay informed.

Maybe Romney will not work too hard for primaries?

We are the Ron Paul movement! I am thinking it may be time to win some primaries for ourselves. The money needed to go head to head with team Romney and the Establishment GOP is enormous. However, with the campaign relaxing and no other candidates driving team RGOP to campaign heavily, maybe we can grab a few primaries to keep RGOP from getting to 1144 on round one.

Lessee, Texas would be nice and a wonderful present we could give Dr. Paul. Ron Paul super brochures for Texas? They are not remotely covered yet. Don't forget the phone banks. Sign waving to let people know that Dr. Paul is still running? The MSM will tell or imply that he has dropped out. Our mission (should we choose to accept it) is to get a win or two or three by stealth and grass roots strength. All we need is RGOP < 1144 and we can win this election in subsequent rounds of voting.

It is time to see what Free People can do!

Will Paul organizers stay as motivated?

Once Santorum dropped out we saw primary turnout plummet and to the surprise of many here that included soft Paul supporters as well as soft Romney supporters, so Ron's share of the vote did not rise.

Now that the campaign is no longer actively campaigning and the media is spinning it as a suspension, will the supporters who have been organizing caucuses and conventions stay as engaged? That's a big bet. If we now expect the Romney backers who heeded the calls to turn out for conventions in Maine and Oklahoma now stay home, why should we expect differently of most Paul supporters?

One thing you can bet your life on - the establishment hacks will turn out no matter what, because politics is their life and often their livelihood.

This doesn't necessarily worsen our relative position, but pretending it improves our odds of winning conventions is just wishful thinking. I hope this decision means:

1) we have the 5 states needed to get into nomination
2) we've accomplished most of whatever target Ron had for capturing leadership positions this year
3) there is an end-game for the convention that doesn't involve endorsing Romney or splitting the party

Because it's hard to see us improving on the trajectory we already had.

cause when its core romney base vs. core paul base we are

actually in the majority or 50/50!
Our core base is much bigger, more connected and well informed while the Romney base will only move through robo calls and chartered buses and free subs.
They go home early and when we are at our game in a 50/50 situation we are much smarter to push our delegates.

Leaves us with cheating we face..

That is my point - we can't assume our core wins

You have to be real hard-core to keep fighting after your candidate has stopped contesting primaries. Romney's got the party establishment, including nearly all the local chairmen and hangers-on, who show up regardless of the candidate as long as he's the heir apparent. He is not relying on a cadre of people driven by his personality or philosophy. Arguably that is a much more stable core to rely on. We rely on people motivated by love of liberty or respect for Ron. Relatively few will invest all the time and put up with all the immediate crap for a by-no-means-sure benefit of greater liberty in the long-term. But plenty of mouchers will line up behind the apparent winner and put out their hands for some immediate and definite favors.

No more Ron Paul shirts signs

No more Ron Paul shirts signs at the conventions! Dress nice and wear Romney stickers, pins, etc. I know it will make you want to puke, but the establishment will make sure you are not bothered or ejected. They may even ask if you want to be a national delegate! The other participants will be more likely to vote WITH you for OUR national delegates! Smile, say "anyone but Obama", "I am wit Mitt", and "we've got to come together to beat Obama", then strike up a conversation with the nice elderly couple next to you and say, "I am voting for ______ as National delegate/committeeman, he loves Mitt Romney"! As you see them looking confused and supporting our guy, just smile and say "God bless America"!

No lying about being for Romney

Don't pretend anything...that is wrong and not like the example Dr. Paul gives us.

Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don't have brains enough to be honest. - Ben Franklin

Don't lie, just don't put a

Don't lie, just don't put a target on your back, be respectful and keep your opinions to yourself. Wear a Romney sticker or pin and keep your opinions to yourself, that's it. Delegates that have openly shown their support for Paul have had walls closed to close them out, they have had Chairmen walk out and leave them hanging, they have had people actually hit them, and most importantly of all, they have failed to elect some delegates in some places because of the establishment blockades, only because the establishment KNEW they supported Paul. Do you just want to get inside a convention and boo Mitt and cause a spectacle, or do you want to win?

You make it sound so easy.

I sure hope it is. Going to my first state convention this Friday.

Button up shirt, tie, khaki's and dress shoes. Parted hair and a wide eyed, lost little lamb look on my face.

Little will they know that there is Ron Paul supporting gorilla with a ravenous appetite for victory lurking under my pleasant looking facade. A Ronasouras Rex on the hunt for Mittceritops, if you will. (maniacal laughter)

Question: do you think a "Book of Mormon" under one arm is much?

Seriously though, is that a valid strategy of yours? Cozy up to the old folks and lie to them? I would love to go to Tampa as a Ronbomb operative.

"Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters." Benjamin Franklin