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Jesse Benton, I want to shake your hand, brother

After many months of being the "fall guy" for every perceived problem with the campaign, I must say: well played, sir.

As the campaign's grand design begins to materialize, Jesse's "transgressions" are disappearing in a puff of smoke. It is now apparent that this has been a balancing act from the very beginning. He had to downplay our true strengths to the MSM just enough to stay under the radar while simultaneously staying afloat in the eyes of the grassroots, even if it meant damaging his personal image. A lot of people got pissed off in the process, myself included, but in hindsight he and his personality were perfect for the job.

That's not to say there haven't been some real missteps, every campaign has some, but these guys clearly had a long-term strategy and kept it under wraps quite well. This thing is NOT over and thanks to some brilliant minds, we still have a REAL chance to take our country back this summer/fall.

So for all of us now seeing this campaign in a new light, I say "Hey Jesse, we owe you a Coke." :)

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You are kidding right?

I am a delegate and I have not been informed of anything. I got that crazy email just like every one else did. I am still sitting here in shock. If you are in a battle and you are surrounded and out numbered and you say, "there is no way I can win" then you are dead for sure. But if you just hold on to one bit of hope then you still have a fighting chance and might just pull something off and get out of the mess you are in. Jesse Benton slammed a lot of hopes with that email. Sure I knew that our chances would be slim at the RNC but I had that little bit of hope that maybe we could pull something off. But to be honest my hope is now gone because I know we do not have a snow flakes chance in hell of pulling this off especially after the Benton email.

Well at least some media attention..better bad news then no news

..the strategy is laid out in other posts. We cant win the popular vote and our battlefields are the conventions.

Our supporters who show up at the conventions are all reading the net, get mails from the campaign and read the daily paul. We are connected.

They will show up while the Romney/establishment folks once again will feel safe.
The romney camp paid much money, once they realized what we are doing, to inform their delegates to show up informing them that we want to take over

We are much smarter then them.