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Paul Channeling Gandhi

I get it. Play nice. Be respectful. Work within the system.

But then again, that assumes that the "system" is "democratic" or "fair". We've seen how "fair" the GOP is when they 'lose' truckloads of ballots and adjourn conventions when the results aren't to their liking.

I get the "Satyagraha" philosophy. I understand the long struggle. I respect those who advocate for it. But then again, for every Ghandi, there was a Bose. For every MLK there was a Malcom X. For every Jefferson, a Thomas Paine.

It takes many voices. The peacemakers need the rabble rousers. Without them, the peacemakers will be ignored.

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I would have to agree with

I would have to agree with you.

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No wonder Ron Paul is such a popular guy

The rabble-rowzers love him and the peace-niks love him and the educators love him and the education-seekers love him and the penny pinchers love him and the future-lookers love him and the historians will REALLY love him and the rest will all love him when they all get to know him. :)

"Oh, he's very popular Ed.

The sportos, the motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, wastoids, dweebies, d1ckheads - they all adore him. They think he's a righteous dude. "

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

He's not channaling Ghandi...

he's living the word of Jesus Christ.

Personal Question

I've known a few Christians who reflexively bristle at any mention of Gandhi. It's as if they believe that Gandhi's achievement through non-violent resistance is somehow a challenge or an afront to Christ.

Although a Hindu and not a Christian, Gandhi was a student of the teaching of Jesus and that honors him. Dishonoring Gandhi does not increase the honor of Jesus.

It's a sad state in Christendom if Gandhi triggers an inferiority complex amongst Christians.

Now, I'm sure the reflexive psuedo-Christian rebuttal will be: "But Ghandi is in hell because he did not believe Jesus was the Son of God." (as if that is a rebuttal of anything)

The judgement of a man.

..belongs to no-one but God. No "Christian" can make this call. Who knows what goes on between a dying man and God?

But then again...

Jesus went all the way. He turned over the money changer tables in the temple. He didn't fold up and capitulate to the Saduccees. He went all the way.

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Ghandi was not up against a fair system. He won

anyway. I appreciate, as you do, both the rational, disciplined, hard-working Liberty troops inside the GOP matrix, and the wild card creative grassroots with their videos and independent action across the country and internationally too.

I simply hope the MSM's celebration of Dr. Paul "dropping out" will not discourage the many whose hopes were running so high. The campaign needs to be clearer in its signaling to us, especially to the many youth voters and others not here on the DP where we get news more directly.


We're on the same page. It takes all kinds to foment a revolution.

In regards to Gandhi, he did not succeed in a vacuum. There was a militant, nationwide resistance in India that the Brits knew would be their end. Without it, Gandhi the non-violent resistor, provided an acceptable 'out' for the British. Without the threat of nationwide insurgency, Gandhi would have been liquidated or even worse... utterly ignored.

I am not criticizing Dr. Paul. He has done more than anyone could ask. He is beyond reproach. But I am, however, utterly annoyed by Benton's pusillanimous prostration before the GOP.

To be realistic

We just need to grow our numbers.

Keep working at it.

This is a revolution and we are winning. Don't know when, don't know how, but the idea of liberty has been born and is spreading no matter what anyone says.